The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


9. Chapter 9: What Are You Thinking



I got into bed still crying a bit when I heard a knock on my balcony window. I quickly got out of my bed and grabbed the closes thing to me which sadly were my shoes. I walked to my balcony door ready to beat the carp out of whoever was outside but I couldn't believe the figure in front of me.


I nearly fainted as I saw a black figure standing outside. I thought it would have been a tree branch or an animal, but it looked like a person. It just stood there, I was going to run when I noticed something familiar about it.


The figure was tall and looked like a guy, he seem to be wearing all black. And... And his hair. I can notice that quiff from a mile away.




"Are you going to open up or do I have to break the door down?!" Justin said with a smirk on his face.


I was in shock. He was being really loud and I knew if I didn't let him in he probably would break the door down. He was about to knock again until I came out of my shock faze and stopped him.


"No No No No. I'll open it." I said in a small whisper. I'm surprised he heard that.   I slowly walked up to the sliding door and unlocked it. I slid it to my left letting Justin walk in.


"Hey Ba--" I quickly put my hand over is mouth so he didn't finish his sentence.


"Ssssssssshhh. Your being to loud. Someone could hear you" I whispered and took my hand off his mouth.


"Sorry? Why do we have to whisper though. Oh wait parents, forgot" If only he knew.  


"What do you mean you forgot?"  


"I don't live with my parents" He simply shrugged.  


"So you moved here by yourself? You live alone?" All these questions about him. I mean if he wanted me to trust him he would have to tell me about himself right?  


"Uhh, Yeah. I guess"  


"You guess?" I whisper.  


"You guys have a nice big place here" He changed the subject. Maybe he doesn't like to talk about his parents. So, I'll let it slid... for now.  


"Yes. Thanks, it is a big hou... Wait how do you know I live here" I asked raising an eyebrow. I just met this kid and he already know where I live. I made Tyler wait for almost two weeks to come over during I friendship.


He smiled innocently. "I have my ways"


"Did you follow me?!?"


"Haha, You catch up pretty quick babe" he whispered walking towards my bed and sitting at the end looking around. His eyes then landed on the objects in my hand.


"Where you going to hit me with a shoe?" He chuckled. Pointing at the shoe in my hand.


I looked away embarrassed then back up at him. "Well I had nothing else. It was the first thing I grabbed" I shrugged.


He smiled. Aw his smile. It was the most beautiful thing. It lit up the whole room, even though it was a little dark. The only light was coming from the moon outside. My stomach did flips and my heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach.   


I guess I was staring to long cause his smile turned into that sexy smirk he does. Sexy? Where did that come from.  


"What are you doing here?" I change the subject to save myself from the embarrassment.


"Well since you left me at the cafe back there and you never let me finish to ask you something."


"Couldn't you wait til school tomorrow?" I roll my eyes.


"Oooh, yea I guess I could have" He looked at the ground and had a thinking face. It was so cute. I don't know if i wanted to kiss him or lay him in my arms and rock him til he fell asleep. Wait! No forget that last part... It was to creepy. Kiss him! Yeah! That's it... I wanted To kiss him.   WAIT WHAT!!? 


"So then if its not that important can you leave?" I try to get his attention again.


"Mmmmhm... On one condition" He looks into my hazel eyes as I look into his soft caramel.


"Ok what is it" I quickly answer before he realizes I was getting lost in his eyes.


"Let me get your number"


Damn it. I don't have a cell phone, Thank to Tyler *Sarcasm*. Ugh, stupid Tyler. Will he make fun of me if I told him I didn't have one. I only had an iPod and a Laptop. Nothing else. I gathered up all the courage in me, not really caring what he'll say or think about me, before I answered. I looked away shyly. "I-I don't have a cell phone"


"You don't have a cell phone?" His shocked expression scared me. Maybe he will make fun of me. Everyone has a cell phone these days. Damn it, even toddlers! But me? A 17 year old, high school. senior doesn't have a cell phone? 'Wow, Lame' He must be thinking.


"No" I bit my bottom lip nervously.


"But you did back at the Cafe?" He said. Right... but that's not mine to keep.


"That's for Emergency's" I whisper even lower then what we are already whispering. He probably thinks i'm some loser. He'll probably laugh in my face and leave me and what nothing to do with me anymore.  


 Just the thought of him leaving me or ignoring me made my heart stop and ache from the pain I would lose. Wow he's really growing on me. AND THAT KISS. He acts as if it never happened. Did he even care? Did he fell the way I did?... Does he want to kiss me right now as much as I want to kiss him? 'Your losing it Sky!' I thought.


"Mmmh that's to bad" He bring me back from my own crazy thoughts.


"Ok can you leave now!" I whisper-yelled. He really has to leave before Tyler comes to check on me.


"Well since my first condition failed, I'll leave with a new condition" He had an evil look on his face. A cute evi- No Stop!


"Ok what is it"


Justin got up from the bed and walked up to me. He was getting closer and closer. Every time he stepped forward I stepped back. Until I ran out of room and bumped into the wall. Are bodies where close and I mean close. There was no oxygen between me and him. No gap. Nothing. You can place the thinnest piece of paper between us and that still wouldn't compare how close we were. Then he shocks me by putting his hands on my hips. 


"Kiss me" he whispers in a small seductive voice.


My eyes widen.   What!? Did he really just ask me to kiss him?!? So He Did Want To Kiss Me As Badly As I Wanted to Kiss Him!


"What?!" I try to clarify so I heard it right.


"You heard me" he said leaning in. Well I guess I wan't dreaming it.


I was beginning to shake a bit and I'm guessing he felt it. "Calm down baby. I won't hurt you" he said in my ear. God his hot breath on my skin made me want to kiss him so badly but I knew I couldn't cause he HAD to leave.


"Justin, you--"


"Sssh, don't say anything" he took one of his hand and put it on my cheek. And it happened are lips connected. I hesitated at first but soon kissed back. I melted, died, then revived. It was a crazy good feeling. Are lips moved in sync. Like before his soft warm lips felt AMAZING on mine. I wish it never ended.  


Then I dropped the shoe I was holding, causing a loud bang on the grand but that didn't stop me nor Justin.   I put my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Causing the kiss to deepen. He placed both hi hands on my waist and wrapped his arms fully around my petite body as I wrapped mine around his neck pulling on the small hairs on the back of his head. He moaned into my lips causing me to smile. he pushed me further into the wall and began to kiss me hungerly... and I let him. We kissed for a while until I heard a door open outside. I quickly stopped kissing him.


"Aye. Baby I thought we whe--" I cut him off.


"Justin SHUT UP" I whisper-yelled. I heard foot step and I think Justin did to because we both turned to looked at each other.


"You gotta go NOW!" I push him away from me and towards the balcony door.


"What but we wher--" I cut him off again. 


"Justin please leave. I'm begging you." We'll both die. Tyler's THAT crazy. 


He nodded and headed out the balcony door but stopped half way.


"I'll see you tomorrow" His eyebrows raise in a cute way wanting me to kiss him again.


"Ok, goooo" I urge


"Promise me or I won't leave" the footstep where getting louder.


"I CAN'T promise you that but we'll see, but Justin please leave" I was literally about to cry and he noticed.


"Ok ok. I'm gone" he looked at me and kissed me hard one last time. He pulled away and went down the tree around the gate and was soon no were to be seen.  


I closed the door, closed the curtains. Then ran to my bed and got into bed acting like I was sleeping. Just on time, my bedroom door creaked opened and footsteps were heard coming to the side of my bed. I felt someone's warm lips on my forehead. So I quickly turned around as if I was sleeping. A minute later I heard the door shut. 'Thank god' I thought. 


I mind clouded up with what just happened. Justin showed up outside my balcony window and I led him into my bedroom and kissed me.  


He kissed me again. Shouldn't I be pissed? I have a boyfriend. 'A shity one' a voice in the back of my head says and surprisingly... I agree. It wouldn't be bad if i blocked out Tyler right? I don't even care about him. He can die in a ditch. Well no that's to mean. I want him to be careful. Is it bad if I see Justin behind Tyler (and everyone else) back?... Naaw!  


'One of the best Mondays that I've had in years' I thought.


Soon after my creepy fan girl-ing, over the hot new kid who kissed me twice in one day, I decided to get some sleep which I did.








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