The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


8. Chapter 8: Thank You



(Skylar's POV)  


Holy Crap! It was Tyler and his gang. 


The hell am I supposed to do.  


I quickly got up from my seat leaving Justin behind  confused as hell. I  squatted and walked on the tip of my toes  until I made it to the back of the counter were  Diana (my manager) stood. She looked down at me and gave me a strange  look . "Skylar? What are you doing" 


"Sshhhh, Diana please don't say anything. Just... Just..." I had to think of something fast so I could get back to the piano without Tyler knowing I was in the back. That would make him suspicious and he'd probably try to find what i'm hiding... in that case Justin. "Um... Just make me a Caramel Frappuccino real quick, you can take it off my pay check" I whispered. One of my favorite Coffee Drinks. She nodded and finished it in less then two minutes.


I thanked her and appreciate that she didn't ask why I was hiding. I got up slowly and walked to the Piano where Tyler was sitting with a smirk on his face.  




"What you doing back there doll?" Tyler asks casually.


"I-I... I was just getting Coffee" I said raising the coffee in my hand to show him. My voice is soft and innocent hoping he wouldn't pick up on my nervous facial expression.


He squinted his eyes at me as if he was trying to see if I was lying or not, so I played it cool. Or at least tried.


"Mmmhm" he sat on the pianos bench, patting his hand on the bench for me to sit next to him. I hesitated at first but I knew if I didn't move quick people around us would grow suspicious and I would cause Tyler to freak.


"What are you doing here?" I said taking a seat next to him but not to close.


"I wanted to see my doll. Can I not do that" he says while grabbing my waist and pulling me closer to him.


"No, I guess you can"


"That's what I thought" he leaned in and whispered in my ear, his rough hot breath by my ear. "Kiss me" I looked at him and gave him a 'What-The-Hell-Are-You-Thinking' look.  


"Tyler I'm working"


He raised an eye brown. Damn, wrong answer. I quickly changed my answer. "I mean... ok"   I put my drink on the piano and grabbed Tyler's checks with both my hands on either side of his face and kisses him. He pulled me closer to him and deepen the kiss. I was on the edge of crying when I felt his hands slide down to my bum. I was not expecting him to do this in public and I hated it because I wasn't able to stop him. I can't stand him taking advantage of me like that, it made me feel sick.  


Suddenly someone cleared their throats and I pulled away to looked up at the person who saved me.


"Don't you have something else to do" Diana said crossing her arms and lifting an eye brows at me. She looked from me to Tyler (who was sitting to my left) to his gang members that surrounded the piano. 


"Yes, Diana. Sorry I was just..."


"I know just get back to work" I looked at Diana and mouth the words 'Thank You' to her when Tyler wasn't looking and she gave me a weak smile in return. She doesn't know what Tyler does to me but by the look on my face she probably knew I felt uncomfortable. Hopefully she doesn't suspect anything from my strange reaction towards my boyfriend but  isn't it obvious when someone freaks out, cause they places their hands on 'their' ass, something has to be up.


I faced Tyler who looked pissed. I didn't know what to do so as an instinct of what I normally do to calm him down I placed my hand on his face again. I slowly and softly touched his cheek and gave him one of my best fake smiles. But like always my plan never works. He grabbed my wrist, yanked them away from his face forcefully and scowled at me.


"Your going to have to pay for that tonight" he said getting up and walking out of the Cafe with the others.


I looked down and felt a tear fall. i can't believe i'm crying when he hasn't even touched me yet. I guess i'm just scared to know what's coming to me. Just being around him causes my old scars and bruises to burn like if they were just made. He's my worst nightmare who once was my 'Knight In Shinning Armour'.    


I guess that makes me pretty stupid for thinking someone like him could treat me like their princess and i'll hate myself everyday for allowing my self to fall for his different yet charming personality.


"Skylar, I said today!" Diana said behind me causing myself to come back from my thoughts.  I turned to look at her and nodded.  


I faced the piano putting my hands over the keys but as i'm about to begin I feel someone's eyes on me.   I turned to my right and saw Justin there and when he saw me look at him he smiled. I gladly gave him a small smile back. He winked at me and I turned back to look at the keys of the piano as I felt myself blush.  


I don't know what it is about that kid but he makes my whole body tremble and shiver... in a good way. It's a strange yet nice feeling that I crave more of. The way he looks at me and the way his soft warm skin feels on mine. His skin causes a warm and fuzzy feeling to go through my body and I hate to admit it but it warms my heart. Just from his dazzling smile my knees go weak and from his playful winks my heart melts. I don't know what it is, but i'm sure as hell it should stop before I cause more problems in my cruel life.   


I closed my eyes and began to play the piano again. I played "Letting Go' by Isaac Shepard (A/N Guys You Should Really Search Up The Songs, You'll Get A Better Idea Of The Way Skylar Feels And Acts). Forgetting about everything that just happened and feeling as if I'm the only on in the room. I play my heart out on the song and feel the melody of the notes run through my finger tips to my whole body. Making me feel safe, making me feel at home, in the arms of the ones I love. My Mom and Dad.




(Justin's POV)



I heard a bell ring and turned around to see Tyler and three other guys walk in. They were all pretty tall and looked strong. From the looks of it, i'm pretty sure this is the Westside Cali gang. 'There's gotta be more' I thought to myself. The first one that walked behind Tyler had dark brown hair and I think brown eyes. He looked like the biggest compared to the others. The second one also had dark brown hair but green eyes. He was probably around the same height as the first guy. The last one was around Tylers height, he had brown hair and blue eyes.They wore dark jeans, plain white or black t-shirts and the one with green eyes wore a leather jacket.


 I quickly reached towards the back of my jeans, ready to grab my gun. I turned back to look at Skylar and she's gone.


The Fuck!


 I turn and see her squatting behind the counter talking to I guess her boss. I quickly look back at Tyler and his gang and they've moved to the piano but I can't see them as well anymore.


I get up and sit across from the piano on the other side of the room with a perfect view of Tyler and his gang surrounding the piano. Suddenly Skylar popped out of the back counter and noticed Tyler. I bet he's the one causing her pain.


I can see her facial expression change from worried to frightened. But of what. Tyler?! He Has To Be Hurting Her For Her To Feel This Way Around Him! Just wait til I find out the truth. he won't know whats coming his way. Wait! Why the hell do I Care! Jeez this girl is doing something to me. 


I can't get away from her. I want to help her, protect her, be with her. I won't to be close to her. I need her. And I hate to admit it but... there's something inside that wants me to... to kiss her. I've never wanted to hold or kiss someone this badly before. It's kind of scary.


Me?! Scared?! Ok something defiantly wrong with me.



I watch closely as she sits down next to him and he wraps his hands around her before whispering something in her ear. I tense up right way but I don't know why. I just don't like it. 


I shrug it off and watch as Skylar puts her drink down, places her hands on Tyler's face and kisses him... My blood boils. My teeth clench as I begin to reach for my gun as I see his hands travel down to her butt. I get even pissed by the way she's feeling uncomfortable and before I can even place my hand on my gun Skylar's boss walks up to her and breaks up the kiss. Thank You Boss lady... Haha. Woah- What wrong with me. For some reason i'm actually relived that he stopped kissing her.


Diana, I guess, walked away and when she did I say Skylar mouth something like a  'Thank You' but I'm not sure. She turns to Tyler and places her hand on his cheek. Which just pissed me off but when I see him grab Skylar wrists and forcefully pushed her away from him... The way he treated her then and there causes me to fume with anger. I feel as if smoke is coming out of my ears. Then he gets up and walk towards the door and leaves. 'Thank You!' I give my gratitude to the universe, who seems to be on my side today. 


I can't help but notice the sad look on Skylars' face. A beautiful girl like her shouldn't be upset. She should be with someone who can care for her, hold her, kiss he- Ugh I need to stop I'm freaking myself out now. 


She turns to look at me and I smiled. She smiled back and when she did I winked. Haha, causing her to blush. Damn I'm good. Then she began to play the piano again with her eyes close. She looks gorgeous better then ever. She's amazing.  




(Later That Day 'Closing Time')


  Skylar just finished playing a song when her Boss lets her go. When she gets up and grabs her things, she doesn't even notice me sitting at the table watching her (like the creep that I am). I quickly followed her out the door and grabbed her arm. She turns around and faces me.


At first she looked scared but then noticed me and her features soften. God the way she smiled caused my heart to pop. Wow that was cheesy. "Ooh hey Justin"


"Hey, you weren't just gonna leave me behind, right?"


"Um!? Well I though you left so I didn't bother. I didn't think you would wait"


I don't know why but I had to... I HAD to feel her lips on mine. It's just so tempting. I got closer to her and said "For you I'd wait Forever"


Her checks turned bright red and looked down to her feet. I stepped even closer and put my hand under her chin and lifted it up slowly. She looked in my deep caramel eyes and I looked into her amazing hazel ones. I moved one of my hands to her waist and place the another on her cheek as I begin leaned in slowly. 


I took my time just to make sure I was doing anything stupid that would cause her to freak and never talk ti me again. I couldn't be able to live like that... Without her.   


It took her a while to find out what I was doing but then she began to lean in as well. it surprized me how comfortable she felt around me and how she wanted me to kiss her. I felt her hot breath on my lips and finally I connected our lips causing this strange felling in my stomach. WAOH! I can't even describe it but it feels amazing.



(Skylar's POV)    


He leaned in and kissed me.  


I can't believe I was stupid enough to kiss him back but for some reason I liked it. I liked the way his lips fit perfectly with mine. How warms and soft they felt. How he held me.  


I felt all jiggly inside. Our lips moved in a slowly in sync. Its the best I've ever been kissed. My stomach feels like the fourth of July just erupted. My heart melts from the way he kisses me softly as if I was a fragile piece of glass that can break any minute. Or maybe he was just afraid I would stop him. To be honest... This was way to good to break.   


We kissed for what seemed like forever when in reality it was just a few minute until the emergency phone started to ring. I quickly pulled away and he looked upset so I smiled shyly at him, he smiled back. I think he probably thought my smile was just an invitation for him to kiss me again and I only pulled away for air (which I really did need). He leaned in for another kiss but I quickly turned and got the phone Tyler gave me for him to call me and  'no one' else, so I answered it knowing who it already was. 




"Hhhmmm, weren't you supposed to be home ten minutes ago?"


WHAT??!!! Damn it!  


I looked at the time and it was already ten o'five. To be saying I was freaking out wasn't even half of what I felt.


"I'm sorry I'm actually on my way home right now... I was just caught up on the piano I lost track of time." I lied.


"How Stupid Do You Think I Am Skylar" Shit.


"I don't, I don't at all"




I saw the time. 10:12 I GOT TO GO NOW! I turned to run but felt someone holding me back. I turn around and almost forgot all about, Justin!


"Justin! I really have to go!!!" I panic even more when he tightens his grip around my waist. He looks confused and it's so cute... Shhh! No he does NOT! 'Lies' a voice says. Whatever!


"Why babe, I wasn't done" he smirks. Damn that's hot. Shit! I did it again.


"Justin Please, I'm Begging You! LET ME GO!" I can feel tears forming in the corner of my eyes and i'm sure Justin can to because his grip loosens.


"Ok, ok, but can I at lea--"


I ran before he could finish his sentence. 'i don't have enough time'. I got into my car before driving off. I passed the corner of the Cafe and I see Justin standing there confused as hell. I hate to admit it but... Damn that kiss was amazing. Better than Tylers. My lips are still tingling. I would so kiss him again if I ever go the chance... You wouldn't have to ask me twice.  


But right now I just needed to get home before 10:20 (pm). I drove off and arrived around 10:18. Thank goodness.


I walked in the front door smiling like an idiot for two reasons. 1) Justin Kissed Me!!! Not only that I felt butterflies. I haven't felt butterflies since me and Tyler where actually a 'normal' couple. And 2) I got home two minute to spear so I don't have to get a bad punishment from Tyler.


I smiled to myself thinking about it as I walked up to my room. nut mostly about Justins' kiss.


  I walked up the stairs and into my room before turning on the light to see Tyler siting at the end of my bed. My frown quickly faded away into shocked and frightened when I saw a pocket knife in his hands.


"Well someone sure is happy" He says sarcastically.


"No... Not happy... Just... Just remembering old things" 'That was a lame excuse!' I thought to myself.


Tyler stood up from the bed and walked up to me grabbing my wrist and throwing me on the bed... Hard. I quickly sat up and look at him as he walks up to me and grabed my wrist again pulling it out in front of him.




"Please Tyler!!! Don't plea-- AAAAAAAAHHHH! Tyler STOP! It hurts" I cry as he cuts my wrist, not deep enough to kill me but deep enough for blood flow like a river down my hand to the floor, leave a scar on my wrists.


"Next time you'll learn to behave and this probably won't happen AGAIN!!!" He screams then turned around and shut the door behind him.


I get up from the bed and run to the bathroom crying trying to clean the blood without hurting myself even more. It stung at first under the cold running water but after a while I got use to it.  


Once I was done I put ointment and a bandage over it before going to my closet and put on a tank top and short fuzzy PJ shorts. I tuck myself into bed still crying a bit when I heard a knock on my balcony window.  


I jumped out of fright. 'What the hell was that' I thought.   


I quickly and quietly got out of my bed and grabbed the closes thing to me which sadly was my shoe. I walked to my balcony door ready to beat the carp out of whatever or whoever was outside but I couldn't believe the figure in front of me.






*************** (A/N)


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And for those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving... Happy Thursday. I decided to write a long chapter today since it is Thanksgiving and I wish for all of you to be thankful for all the shit you got and others don't.




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