The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


7. Chapter 7: I Don't Know If I Can Trust You



(Justin's POV)



I walked into my English class. God I'm terrible at English I guess literature is just not my thing. I walked in and saw Skylar in the back of the class looking at her phone. Then I heard the teacher speak up to me. 


"Mr. Bieber? Am I right?"


"Yea, that's me" I said coolly.


She looked up from her phone and saw me staring at her. I decided to play a little with her so I winked and her eyes got bigger, she turned to face that Tyler kid, I'm guessing her boyfriend. I Am Not Jealous!! Whatever. But the scum was staring at me. His eyes where full of anger. But I didn't give a fuck.


"Alright then Mr. Bieber please take a seat next to..." He said while looking around, I noticed a seat next to Skylar and I knew he 'has' to seat me there. She looked afraid. Of me? She doesn't even know me? I think?


"... Miss Rezaime back there" He said pointing towards the back.


I walked over to the seat and I heard her sigh. She turned back down to her phone not caring that the teacher had started the lesson. I didn't care either, I just wanted to know why she looked at me with fear. Most girls drooled over me and my body.   She then turned and faced me, then back to Tyler and he looked pretty pissed. 'Haha good' I though. She looked to the front of the class and just closed her eyes. Something was up between those too. She didn't look at him with love and all that lovey dovey shit. She had the look of fear, regret, and what looked like pain. No happiness in her eyes. 'But why?'



There was about five minutes left of class so the teacher decided to stop the lesson and gave us a little break til the bell rings.


He told some of us to start reading the book he passed out earlier. Romeo and Juliet. Hell no am I gonna read a stupid play about a dumb ass guy who saw a girl at some party and fell in love with 'Love At First Sight', as the girls say in class. That's stupid, how do fall in love with someone when you first see them. 'Idiot, You just fell for some chick this morning' a voice in my head said. Was it right? Ha! Fuck No.. I think.


I took the advantage and l stared at her beauty. What the fuck did I just say... Fuck my feeling right now. Then the unexpected happened.


"Why do you keep staring at me" She said in a small whisper for only me to hear then turned her head towards Tyler and kept them there.


"Is that a problem?"


"Actually yes it is"   "I'm sorry you fell about that, babe." I winked at her. Damn me and my good looks.


She looked taken back. As if no one has ever flirted with her like that. 


"Don't call me that"




"Don't act 'stupid' with me you know exactly what I'm talking about" She whispered-yelled at me while turning to face me. Of course I gave her a small smile letting her know that I'm interested. 


"Aaah, feisty I see. Mmmhmm just how I like my women" I said while licking my lips and winking at her.


She turned back to Tyler and saw him looking at us. I looked at her and she looked frozen not knowing what to do or say. Her face showed no expression but shock, then her eyes began to get glossy. Was she about to cry! 'The hell?' I thought to myself. Girls are so sensitive. 


"Thanks a lot" she said a tear running down her check. Yup definitely sensitive. But what did I do? I have no idea what to do when a girl crys. I sort of just leave or hug them but shes a stranger to me and has a boyfriend. 'You wish she WASN'T a stranger and had NO boyfriend" the voice said again. 'Pssh, like you would know' I thought back.


"Woah! Baby is it something I sai--" The bell rung before I could even finish and she sprinted out of the classroom. Of course I followed worried that I said something wrong. Wait what did I say. Worried? Fuck My Feelings. But seriously I can't help it. She doesn't deserve to me fucked around with. Then again why do I care.


"Skylar" I said behind her but didn't bother to look. The fuck, did she really just ignore me. Who the fuck does she think she is. I could kill her in a second. But I won't. Don't have my gun, but also because there something this chick is hiding from everyone. But what?   "Skylar I know you can hear me" I said now standing right beside her opening my own locker. I was a little pissed. No one has ever treated me like this. ESPECIALLY NOT A GIRL.


"What do you want?!" She spat at me. Seriously, what the hell did I do?


"Was it something I said back there? Why did you begin to cry?... Why are you crying now?!" I said while whipping away a tear off her soft pink cheek with my thumb. It was strange when I felt a little tingling sensation go from my thumb to my whole body when my skin touched hers. I ignored the feeling and saw her wince in pain from my touch. She whipped her tears off with the back of her hand then looked up at me. My eyes widen as I saw a huge purple bruise on her cheek. I was pissed, anger clearly in my eyes as I tensed. My blood boiled with disbelief and anger. I don't know why I felt upset... no PISSED, I just was.


"Who did that to you!!!"


She turned to her locker so I couldn't see her face. I placed my thumb and pointer finger between her chin (There goes that fuzzy feeling again) turning her head towards me so I can get a better look. And just what I expected, she had a nasty purple eye.


She shoved my hand off her face. "Why the hell do you care. You don't even know me! Why the fuck do you even give a damn about me if you don't know me or what happens around here.."  She said with tears in her eyes.


The way she said that 'or know what happens around here' stuck out the most in my mind. What does she mean?


"I-I... I just... I mean.." I was speechless. Never has a girl talked to me like that. I liked it in a way but on the other hand she doesn't know who's she's messing with. Whats wrong with me!


"That's what I thought. You'll probably try to make me become friends with you. Maybe even more so you can just stab me in the heart once you got what you wanted from me " Damn... The chick has balls but she's right. Damn she can read me like an open book. No one can. I'm cold, dark, heartless, and hid my emotions from the rest. But she can see right through me. She slammed her locker shut and walked in the opposite direction. 


"What the fuck just happened" I whispered to myself.


"She doesn't like talking about it, especially to strangers" a voice said behind me. I turned and say one of the tan girl who whispered something to Skylar during lunch. She was taller then Skylar, darker, long blond straight hair. She looked good but not all the perfect features like Skyl--- Woah calm yourself Bieber, don't start comparing your targets! Something about this chick is making me turn... Soft? Fuck no. I don't get soft.


I looked at her confused. "What?"   "Sky, the girl you were just talking to? She doesn't like talking about it. I wouldn't bother her if I where you. She has been through a lot and is still going through a lot now" she said crossing her arms over her chest, putting most of her weight on one side of her body. Of course I glanced at her chest and licked my lips. But then remember what I was focused on. I looked up at her face and saw her sending me a flirtatious smile.


"Sky?" Who the hell is she talking about. Ha, I was just playing stupid, not giving to much interest.


"Yes, Sky short for Skylar" Obviously. I mentally rolled my eyes.


"Why do you care" I spat at her. Man these Bitches gotta stay out of my shit and just do what I want them to do. California girls...You can dig but you can't commit.


"Listen pretty boy..." 'Ooooh, I'm pretty' I thought to myself and smirked. "I'm one of her best friends I know whats best, so unless your gonna make her feel any better, I suggest you leave her alone. Your just trouble to her. You probably just caused a bunch of shit with her and her boyfriend. Fuck around with someone else." I'm pretty sure she meant that last part in two ways. Hold up! Wait what! Her boyfriend? Tyler?! That bastard has no heart. That probably means... Is he beating her?


"Alright, and if I don't" I said stepping closer to her.


"Then your just wasting your time with someone as plain and already UNAVAILABLE as Sky. You know Tyler? Here boyfriend Tyler will finish you. Just ask the last kind that stared at her to long" she said stepping closer to me. What does this chick mean 'Wasting my time with someone as plain as Skylar?' She's not plain, she's one of a kind... 'Who you wish was yours' Damn that voice.


"What do you mean"  


"Listen, just stay away from her. Find someone else to mess around with" then she turned around and walked away... The way she shook her hips didn't stop me from gaining a free show of her ass.


I got home about thirty minutes after talking to--- The hell was her name. I don't remember, the blond chick. I walked into the kitchen and got myself a beer. I sat on the couch in the living room watching whatever was on.


I was lost in my thought thinking of Skylar and her friends words when my phone began to ring.




"Bieber. Did you find him"


"Listen Chris. I have some people in my mind who could be the possible dirtbag but imma need more fucking time. I just got into this stupid school and already got into problems" I lied of course. But still had problems.


"Whoa whoa?!!! Problems? What kind of problem Bieber. You better not be fucking things up"


"No not any important shit just drama with some stupid girl"  




"You don't think I know that!!!" I yelled back.


"Just hurry up and find him and his puppets so we can kill him and move on. I don"t want them with the satisfaction of stealing our shit and killing... Nick... While getting away with it" Then Chris hung up without letting me say anything. Man Chris could be such a dick sometimes. But I get it, he hates talking about Nick, we all do. He was my boss but I was second in command towards the others. 


I was torn out of my thought when I got a text from and unknown number.


-From: Unknown-

"I now WHO your want and WHAT you want"


"What?" I whispered in confusion.


Does this person know about the drugs? Not only did they turn their back on us but they killed Nick. Nick was our boss before Chris. After his death Chris was second in command so he became the boss and made me second in command. Now where looking for these asshole to get our money and revenge.


-From: Unknown-  

"Have fun"


"The fuck... IS GOING ON!" I yelled and pulled on my hair. How does this asshole know? Who is this asshole.


I grabbed the beer bottle I was drinking that was now empty and threw it across the room. I was just so frustrated I needed to get my mind off things so I decided to go out and cool down. Since Jake hasn't sent me a pound of drugs yet I had to get my mind off things other ways.


I walked around town and found myself at a little Cafe and I noticed a familiar face in the corner by a piano. I walked in a saw Skylar with her eyes closed playing the piano with so much rhythm and peace. When she was done I spoke up.


"Wow, your really good shawty" I didn't mean to startle her but she jumped and looked at me as if she saw a ghost. 



(Skylar's POV)  


Justin scared the crap out of me. How did he find me.


"What are you doing here"


"I went for a little walk and something caught my eye" he winked at me. 


I rolled my eyes at him "Well then go get your eye checked. Don't want to go blind now do we?" Note me my sarcasm.


He chuckled "Calm down babe, I just wonna talk"


"Fine" I said standing up.


I turned to face Diana the manager. "Hey i'm going to take my break now, is that ok?"


"Yes of course"


"Thank you" I smiled at her and walked to one of the tables in the back of the cafe so no one could see us. Justin followed close behind and sat in front of me smiling like an idiot.


"Ok so...?" I said


"Well to start off i'd like to star again... Clean. I'm Justin Drew, last name Bieber" he said smiling putting his hand out for me to shake.


I shook his hand but he brought it up to his mouth and kisses it. My skin burned from his touch. A small fuzzy feeling was forming in my stomach when he touched me and it scared me a little. I took my hand back and put it down under the table so my hands where intertwined with each other on my lap. "Skylar Lou Rezaime... and I know your last name". What was I doing? I don't tell anyone my middle name. I don't even think Tyler knows. It's just something about him.


He looked slightly amused it was kind of funny and cute. "You do? "


Such an idiot. "I have literally all my class's with you at school... Plus your the new kid. Everyone talks" I said rolling my eyes. 


"Ooh right" he began to blush a little. Wow I embarrassed him. Not so tough know huh?! 


I sighed "It's ok don't worry about it... But I'm pretty sure you didn't come in here to tell me your last name"


"Right, Sky I just wa--" I cut him of before he could finish.




"Ugh yea? Isn't it short for Skylar?" He said causing my stomach to flip. I loved the way my name escaped his perfect pink heart shaped lips.


"It is... It's just... No one really calls me that but the people close to me. Which are my best friends" 


"Well get use to it babe cause I'll be around for a while" he said with a wink.  


"Can you get to the point"


"Mmhm feisty,  like always I see" I rolled my eyes but said nothing. "Ok listen I know it's none of my business but I just 'have' to know" he said. 


"Know what?" I was confused as hell. But seriously when wasn't I?


He stretched his hand towards my face and lightly rubbed his thumb on my check and said softly "You know what I'm talking about" 


Oh My Cheese And Rice, he knew about my bruises and scars. he KNows My Secret. I'm Dead! Tyler's going to kill me. But how does he know? I'll just play the dumb card.


But I wouldn't think he would actually give a damn but could he? I felt a tear run down my cheek. Looking him in the eyes made me feel... Different around him. I don't know what it is but I like this feeling. He wiped the tear off my cheek with his thumb and looked deep into my eyes. Damn I think I melted.


"I-I can't." I whispered softly looking down at my hands that where on my lap. 


"I can help you" he said removing his hand off my face.


"You don't even know me"


"But I want too" I looked up at him and looked into his eyes trying to find some kind of sign telling me he was lying and just wants to hurt me like Tyler. But I saw none of that. Just his beautiful eyes... His sweet beau-- UGH! Gross. Forget I said that.  


"I don't want anyone getting hurt" My excuses are terrible. He chuckled with my response.


"Then you must not know me at all"


"What do you mean?"


"Sky, lets just say I've had a terrible pass and I've done some pretty bad things"


Another Bad Boy?! Was he in a gang too? He looks like the type. I'm so lost.


"Ok" that's all I could come up with.


"So will you tell me"


"I don't know yet"


"What do mean"


"I don't know if I can trust you, what if your one of Tyler's guys?" I was afraid he'd tell Tyler I told some stranger.


"Well I'm not and I don't care how long it takes but I'm going to wait til you feel safe around me" He said with a serious and demanding tone. Surprisingly it made me smile, a real smile. He wants me to trust. He didn't know me, yet he was so protective. 


He smiled back "Ok, but that might take a while" I said.


"Trust me... for a beautiful looking girl like you I'd wait forever" he winked at me and I could feel my cheeks heat up from his flirting. Was I really blushing over this guy I just met? He had an effect on me, I can't help it. He seems different, but seems like trouble. 


Yet he was so into me and the way he looked at me... I just couldn't describe it. Like in the book 'Romeo and Juliet' maybe, just maybe, there is such thing as 'Love At First Sight'. But seriously Love. 


Me?!... Love... Him?!


Then that's when the bell of the Cafe rung, signaling that someone had walked in. I looked over Justin's shoulder and couldn't believe my eyes.





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