The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


6. Chapter 6: The Pain



Once I was home I sighed and unlocked the front door, then locking it behind me after I entered. As I took a few steps into the house, I was already on the ground in pain crying.


"You little bitch didn't think I heard your little conversation with the whore of your friends... Huh?" Tyler spat while kicking me in the stomach. I'm guessing he's talking about when me, Jazz and Bonnie left to our lockers and where Bonnie just 'had' to asked me about Tyler beating me (sarcasm intended)...


Tyler was about to kick me again when I stopped him. Or better to say... Tried. 


"I DIDN'T TELL THEM ANYTHING I SWEAR BUT PLEASE... Don't kick me... Stop... PLEASE!!!!" Tears ran down my cheek, like a none stopping river. I was now spitting out blood on the nice shiny wooden floor by the front door.


He kicked me in the stomach again even harder then before. I could feel the burning pain from my rib cage. It stung and I knew I couldn't do anything about it. I tasted the awfully familiar taste of metal in my mouth... Blood. Not only from my mouth but i'm pretty sure I had a bloody nose and a cut on my cheek. 


"NOT ONLY DID YOU TELL YOUR FRIENDS (*Kicks My Stomach*) BUT YOU DECIDED TO FLIRT (*Kicks My Stomach*) WITH THE NEW (*Kicks My Stomach*) FUCKED UP KID." (*Kicks My Stomach*). Tyler yelled while kicking my stomach which caused me to gasp for air with every kick and hold my stomach in pain. I rolled up into a little ball on the floor trying to block him from hitting me where, I was sure, I was already bruised. But not just from tonight but also from the weeks before.  


"I wasn't f-flirting with him-m, he just wa-anted to know what hi-i-is classes (*Cough*Cough*) whe-ere and what wee were learn-ning" I whispered also lying. I squealed suddenly as I was slapped across the face. My hand instantly rose to where I was hit and held it their while shutting my eyes and crying quietly.


"Don't lie to me you little slut. I saw the way he looked at you and you at him. The way he touched your face and you just stood there like the idiot that you are!!!!" Tyler roared while slapping me over and over again. It was obvious that not only was Tyler hitting me because I talked to the new kid but also because he was beyond jealous. But of what? Justin? Why? So yeah... He's good looking... Ok, Ok, Yes. He's hot but still. I mean- Why the hell am I thinking about what Justin looks like when I'm dying in pain here!? The things that boy does to me.


Damn... Why did he have to see Justin whipping my tears away earlier today, instead why couldn't he have seen our fight?! I opened my eyes and dared myself to look up and meet Tyler's, once to be soft green (now dark), eyes and chock out a very quiet whisper. "I'm sorry"


"You better be fucking sorry you bitch" he said kicking me one last time before heading towards the kitchen and grabbing a beer.


I slowly got up (trying not to hurt myself anymore) and ran (stumbled) to my room , up the stairs. Once I got into my room and locked the door behind me I did the first thing that came to mind whenever this happened. I cried my eyes out. I knew that sooner or later I had to do something about Tyler beating me. But how would I do it without killing myself or the ones around me? Tyler was tricky, he'd kill be weather he was or wasn't in jail. He'd still find the way. He's The The Top Guy From His Gang For Crying Out Loud. He could do anything without you even knowing what coming.


  After fifteen minutes of crying and mopping around. I cleaned myself up in my bathroom (connected to my room). I wrapped my stomach ion a gauze, cleaned some of the blood, put 'disinfection cream' on my open cuts, and put a cold wet cloth on my burning face. I went into my bedroom and laid under the covers in my bed to take a quick nap before work. Thank the universe I had not homework.



When I woke up, I turned towards the clock and noticed it was now six-thirty PM and I had to be at work at seven o'clock. 


I lazily and painfully got up from my bed, cleaned the dry blood off my mouth (that I still had before) and applied make up to cover the new and old bruises. 


I walked out of my room and down towards the front door once I had Tyler's emergency phone, iPod, and a small plain black sweatshirt, before I was stopped.


"Where the hell are you going"


"To work" I whispered turning to face Tyler. he seemed more calm, with of course a cigarette between his fingers. He knows I don't like him smoking in the house, but when he gets all tough on me, he does whatever pleases him.


"Mmmhm you better be. Be here before ten or there will be consequence" I warned as I quickly nodded and headed out the door. Once I got into my car I drove off to work.   


UGH! My life is so messed up. Why can't I live a normal teenage life. With a mom and dad, no bulling or being treated like shit at school and home, and a normal boyfriend who wasn't in a gang and instead played a sport to keep him occupied. But not everyone can have a fairy tail beginning, middle, and end. Or at  least not me.



I got to work ten minutes early so I parked my car by the front and walked in hearing the small bell *Ding* signaling some has entered. I checked in and said a quick 'Hi' to all the late night workers before going up to the beautiful piano. I sat down and just places my fingers over the keys. I loved playing piano.  


When I was younger (about 9 or 10) my mom wanted me to play the violin, I did at first but I couldn't take it. It was not my specialty, so I told my mom I wanted to play something else. She came up with me playing flute or guitar but neither one actually grabbed my intention. Until one day my dad took me to his office (where he worked, at his management company) and in the lounge their was a beautiful black piano sitting there. At first I just hit random keys every time my dad took me to work with him, he later then realized that the piano was the instrument I craved. Ever since that week my dad taught me how to play, though he never bought me my own piano at home. He thought I would quit just like the violin, but he was wrong. Turns out I was born to play the piano. My dad even told me himself... 'The piano was always in your heart, so play it with your heart'. And I always have, I play the piano and give my heart out while doing so.  


Now a days I loved coming to work. It calmed me down. Took my mind off thing especially the pain I got from Tyler. Playing piano helps me forget and think but I never miss a key even if i'm not concentrated.    I began to play 'Letting Go' by Isaac Shepard, on the piano as I felt  and heard the beautiful sound of the keys ringing. I closed my eyes and got lost into the beautiful melody. 


Once I finished the song, I took my fingers off the keys, my eyes still closed as I took a big breath of air. Suddenly my eyes flew open to the sound of a calming yet husky deep voice.


"Wow, your really good shawty."



***************** (A/N)


I know it's sort of short, but it's only because you guys aren't giving me any motivation to write. You may not think that the comments mean nothing to me but in reality, they do. Your comments let me know if its good or not. I don't know if I should continue or not, if it's not good then what's the point of continuing and wasting my time. 


Let me know, i'm curious about what you guys think of my story.


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