The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


5. Chapter 5: Confront Him



(Skylar's POV)



Thank God it was lunch, I couldn't stand being in the same room with the new kid 'Justin'.


Every once in a while, Justin, would look at me like if he was trying to look through me and find something. But I kept my eyes away from meeting his. His beautiful caramel eyes that i stared at this morning. The caramel eyes that belonged to that God like human... Woah! Woah! Woah! stop yourself there Sky! So not happening. 


Something about him did make me interested in him though. He was tall, muscular, dirty blond brownish hair that was up in a quiff. He also had a great face structure, damn I can't believe i'm saying this but, he's hot. Really good looking... Wait! What the hell am I saying I just saw the kid this morning. He's probably just a big asshole just like Tyler.




I went to the cafeteria to get lunch. I got a 'PB&J' sandwich, wasn't really hungry. Actually, I'm never really that hungry anymore. I stopped eating a little less after my parents incident and Tyler abusing me. At least he didn't let me starve. But I didn't stop eating so much to become anorexic, that kind of stuff scares me.


 As I was getting my sandwich and a bottle of water, someone whispered into my ear. It made me want to turn around and slap him but I knew that wasn't the answer.


"Come on Doll. Sit over here with me and the guys" Tyler had the nastiest smirk across his face.


"Ok" I whispered with no emotion in my tone of voice.


As we made our way to the table with Tyler's gang... friends... Whatever the hell they were. I felt left out when I was with them. Like always, since i'm the only girl and if there ever was a girl, they's all be trashy, sluty, and fake barbie look a likes. They's flirt with Tyler's friends and say a shit loud of bullshit just to get into their pants but the guys already know they got them when they just wink in their direction. 


I was awkward cause all there guys there now what Tyler does to me but act like nothing happens or happened. And when they're all at my house drinking, I have to stay in my room to avoid being touched or raped. I was close to it once but Tyler was able to hear my screams for help and get the asshole off of me. He wasn't mad at his friend but he also wasn't happy.


Once I was seated I took a small bite of my lunch then Tyler decided to put his arm around my shoulder, pissing me off, he only held me to prove to the people around hum that I was taken. he treated me like shit at home but at school I was nothing but a puppet. I soon lost my appetite and just looked around the cafeteria room. 


A couple of minutes later passed and I saw the new kid walk into the cafeteria and I wasn't the only one who noticed him. Some girls around me began to hyperventilate and gasp. Hey began to say things about getting him and running their sluty hands through his hair, down his shirt, and into his... Yeah I guess you got the picture. I guess Tyler noticed him to become the second Justin walked through the cafeteria doors, he tensed up. I tried not to make and eye contact with Justin but for some reason I felt like he was watching me. 


I decided to look up at Justin and saw him talking to Ryan and Chaz. They where in one of my classes, that's how I knew them. I felt stupid thinking that Justin was looking at me. I looked back down my hand, that were in my lap, and just prayed that someone to come and rescue me and take me away from this terrible table... From this terrible room. Luckily my prayers were heard.


"Hey, you don't look to good sitting hear with them. Come with me and Bonnie to our lockers." Jazz whispered. God I love her. I couldn't be any happier. I looked at them and nodded before looking towards Tyler and whispering into his ear, only for him to hear. While I whispered into Tyler's ear all his friends started saying cocky things towards Jazz and Bonnie like 'Hey baby. You gotta sec, I wonna show you something' or 'Hey sexy, want to do things to me I don't let others do to me' they would wink and it was beyond disgusting, to the me and Jazz at least. Bonnie didn't mind, being the sluty type in out group, but hey all I can say it's Bonnie and I love her in a friendly way.


"I'm going to head out to the lockers with Jazz and Bonnie, ok?" I whispered, a bit scared of what he'd do. But he simply nodded and let go of me.


As I got up to from my seat, we started walking away. I rolled my eyes when I heard a bunch of 'Damns' and 'God, the things I'd do to that' coming from Tyler's friends. They whistled and howled like dogs, causing me to roll my eyes again cause I knew they where staring at our asses. I was just a couple of feet away from the doors when I looked back and saw Justin looking at where I was sitting. I also looked at where Justin was staring and saw that Tyler was gone. Just in case I stood closer to Jazz and Bonnie.


Once we made it to Jazz's locker she began to talk. "So how you've been"


I shrugged


"OOOh! Oh! Oh! Have You Guys Seen The New Kid!!" Bonnie cheered.


"Oh My Gosh! YES! He's gorgeous!!" Jazz replied. 


"He sure is something" Bonnie smirked and that can not be any good.


"Have you seen him Sky" Jazz asked me.


"Uuuh... Yeah, I have most of my classes with him" I replied like it was nothing.


"WHAT!" They yelled in unison causing me to cover my ears with my hands.


"Oh My Gosh! Yea... Calm your hormones guys"


"You have to introduce me to him" Bonnie urged.


"I barely even talk to him. I just ignore him... You know. I have a boyfriend." I replied like it was the most obvious thing ever.


"Has he hit you recently?" Bonnie asked.


"SSSSSHH!!!!! Don't talk so loud. Anyone can hear us" I sighed. Both Bonnie and Jazz looked at m with an intense gaze waiting for me to answer their stupid, obvious, question. "Yeah" I whispered.


"THAT LITTLE PIECE OF SHI-" Jazz tried to say but was interrupted by the school bell. 'That was fast' I thought.


I looked at them and smiled "I'll be fine I've been dealing with this for almost a year"


"You should really turn him in" Bonnie states.


"She's got a point" Jazz agrees while nodding her head.


"And have you thought of what would happen when he gets out of jail? He'll kill me. Who knows maybe he'll send his gang to kill me for him BEFORE he's even out!" I whisper yell.


'She has a point" Jazz said agreeing with me this time. "Just try to get a hold of either one of us if you need anything" Jazz smiles at me before we hug each other and say our good-byes before heading off to our last classes.



Jazz really is something. She's sweet and always there for me, ever since elementary school. She's tall, tan, curvy, brown eyes and has long black hair. Every guy wants her but she know which ones want her for sex and which ones would treat her like a queen. They buy her a tone of things she doesn't need or already has. But she turns them down nicely.


Bonnie on the other hand is... something. She's also tall, tan, think and curvy. But instead of brown she has blue eyes and instead of black she has blond hair. She doesn't care if the guy she's with wants her for sex, she takes the opportunity, especially if he's God damn sexy. If he was hot, she'd totally bang him, no arguing there. She's a party animal and always bring me and Jazz with her. We would go crazy at clubs and parties. Forgetting everything, even Tyler. I would even sneak a few dirty dances with a few good looking guys. Call me a bad-ass or ruler breaker, but eventually I'll regret my acts once Tyler find out. which doesn't happen often.



Anyways, sadly my next class was the worst class, I mean don't get me wrong, I love English, it's only because of 'him' of course. Bot only is Tyler in that class but also his gang/friends. I walked into to class and sat in the back of the class while Tyler sat in the middle with his gang. i kept looking down at my iPod, looking through Twitter and Instagram. When I heard the teachers voice address someone.


"Mr. Bieber?... Am I right?"


"Yeah... That's me"


I looked up from my iPod, with wide eyes, and saw Justin staring at me. Then he winked causing my eyes to widen twice their regular size. I was shocked at first but quickly turned towards Tyler but he was glaring at Justin. All the girls drooled and pulled their shirts down while popping out their chest out to expose themselves. Wasn't a big shocker, I mean they do it to Tyler and his gang every day but to then doing this towards Justin made me feel... strange. I'm not sure. Most guys glared at him too, either wishing to be him or because he was able to get all of the girls attention in just the first day of beginning school. Tyler stood out the most from the guys, he looked towards Justin with pure anger in his green eyes.


"Alright then Mr. Bieber, please take a seat in the back by..." Dear God No! Please No! Tyler will kill me. 'Say someone else's name' I tried to say through my eyes as the teacher looked at me. "...Miss Rezaime" 'Lord I pray to you that my death will be fast and quick so I feel no pain" I prayed.


I sigh knowing what was happening tonight once I get home. I was getting the beating of the century. I turned back down to my iPod, not caring that our teacher had already started the lesson. I felt a pair of eyes on me and turned to see a pair of caramel eyes stair into my soft hazel ones. I turned towards Tyler and he looked furious. Maybe even... Jealous? I looked to the front of the class and closed my eyes trying to block out the thought of Tyler hurting me tonight.


The whole hour of English, not only did I feel the soft caramel eyes on me, but also the harsh yet soft green ones coming from Tyler. Our teacher talked about us having to have to do a skit from Romeo and Juliet. We were to read the book he handed out and tomorrow he would randomly assign groups to act out a specific scene. That didn't really bother me. I liked to act, it was a way of getting away from everything and focusing on the persons life you where acting.  


There was about five minutes left of class so out teacher decided to stop the lesson there and give us a little break til the bell rings.


Not to my surprise I felt the same eyes on me so I decided to face my fear and turned towards Justin and confront him and figure out what his problem was.


"Why so you keep staring at me" I hissed in a small whisper for only him to hear as i watched Tyler so he didn't turn around and see me talking to Justin.


"Is that a problem" He smirked causing my heart to flutter... When It Shouldn't!!


"Actually yes it is" I said after I could trust my voice from cracking.


"I'm sorry you feel about that, babe." He said with a wink.


God he has to fix his eye or something, he has a serious eye twitching condition. Note my sarcasm. Wait what... Babe? No one calls me Babe or any name period. Beside Tyler of course, calling me his stupid 'Doll' which I'm starting to think I actually was. Then I felt my checks burn. Was I seriously blushing! Damn It!


"Don't call me that"




"Don't act 'stupid' with me, you know exactly what I'm talking about" I whisper yelled at him while turning to face Justin.



"Aaah, feisty I see. Mmmhmm, just how I like them" he said while licking his pink lips, which I bet were warm... Dear God someone stop me. I looked up into his eyes, only to see him winked once he noticed me staring at him lips.


I turned to face Tyler and saw him looking at me. I froze in my seat not knowing what to do or say. He smirked at me before turning back towards his gang. I already felt the water begin to form, ready for a water fall to escape my eyes.


"Thanks a lot" I whispered to Justin while a silent tear slipped out of my eye.


"Woah! Baby is it somewthing i sai-" THankfully the bell rung and I sprinted out of the classroom in record time, heading straight towards my locker.



"Skylar" I heard someone say behind me. I didn't bother to look, I just kept putting my books away into my locker.


"Skylar I know you can hear me" Justin said now standing right beside me while opening his own locker. That right... I forgot his locker was next to mine.


"What do you want?!" I spat at him getting frustrated. He has just made this day worst then what it already was.


 "Was it something I said back there? Why did you begin to cry?... Why are you crying now?!" He said while whipping away a tear with his thumb as I winced in pain from my bruise last night. I didn't even realize I was still crying. I whipped my tears off with the back of my hand, carefully, trying not to hurt my bruised face and I guess I washed off some of my make up cause Justin'e eyes widen with anger and... fear?


"Who did that to you!!!!" 


I turned back to my locker before he could take a better look but I was wrong. He placed my chin between his thumb and pointer finger, turning my head to my right so he can get a better look at my purple eye.


I quickly shoved his hand away. "Why the hell do you care. You don't even know me! Why the fuck do you even give a damn about me if you din't know me or what happens around here..." I let more tears fall and my anger boils inside me.


"I-I.. I just... I mean.." Of course he was speechless. I guess he didn't see me as a bitchy type. Guess again Bieber.


"That's what I thought. You'll probably try to make me become friends with you. Maybe even more so you can just stab me in the heart once you got what you wanted from me" Wow... I didn't mean to say that to him. Most;y wanted to scream it into Tyler's face. Although he already got that from me. After my little speech I slammed my locker shut and walked in the opposite direction.


I felt a little bad  for him, for acting the way I did. I'm sure he was trying to help me but either way I wouldn't be able to trust him. Plus I'm sure Ryan and Chaz told him I was with Tyler. I'm sure he saw us this morning together. And i'm definitely sure he saw us together during lunch. So why the hell is he even trying?!


Once I was home I sighed in relief and unlocked the front door to mine (and sadly, still Tyler's) house. After walking in and locking it behind me I took as few steps towards the stairs. But I was harshly pulled  back and on the ground sobbing in tears with a jolt of pain running through my body.





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