The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


44. Chapter 44: Taking What's Not Yours



(Justin's POV)


Yes I'll admit it, I'm jealous. She's mine and that douche bag just can't put her hands over my love. Ok maybe they're still together but she says he can't leave him because she's afraid he'll hurt her and me. I can handle myself and I can take care of Skylar but she just keeps insisting that I give her time to talk to Tyler to finish it with him. Saying that she doesn't want to hurt him because he's hurt her before and it's not the best feeling in the world. Hopefully I never feel that.


They guys have been telling me I'm different around her. I treat her as if she were a scared child. I'll admit I have changed but I wouldn't say I treat her like a child, I'd say I'm just taking care of her the way any man should treat the women they're in love with. Well I've never been in love but I'm sure that's what this feeling is. Well that's what Nick says.


He's been in love once but the slut sleep with another guy while they dated and he was heart broken for weeks. Drugs, sluts, and alcohol was all that ran threw his mind during his heartbreak. That's why I wanted Skylar to handle this with Tyler her way because I wouldn't want Tyler on my ass for steeling his girl.


Ever since me and Skylars date I couldn't believe how I acted around her. I've never called a girl beautiful but it simply slipped and I loved the way she smiled and blushed so I continued to call her so, not because I liked the way she reacted to my words but because she was surely without a doubt beautiful.


I love to see her smile and that one of the biggest reasons I have changed around her. I try to always keep her happy around me and not sad. I don't want to be Tyler to her, I want to be Justin.



When she told me she would talk to Tyler tonight during their date or whatever I only agreed cause I think she'll finish it with him. Not because I wanted to, if she didn't say anything about breaking up with Tyler I would have never let her leave. Especially in that dress that just made her so... Damn... Beautiful and sexy! 'Control your hormones Bieber' I thought to myself.



Once Skylar left with that asshole I decided to head home and check on the guys. Just to see what they got on the money that Tyler's gang owed us. That's why we're here for. Now knowing that Tyler lived with Skylar I could ask her to show me his room and I can find things on where our money could be. The thought of Tyler living with Skylar really angered me but know that she slept in her own bed was reassuring.


When she had told me about her parents I would have never guest. To have someone as sweet and innocent as Skylar herself be left alone in such a cruel world made a weird foreign feeling burn my chest. I wanted to be there and show here that there were people out there that could live her that weren't exactly family. I wanted to show here that I could... Love her.



I walked out of Skylar's balcony to her backyard. I walked around to the front and headed two houses down where my car was parked across the street. I got into my car and about twenty minutes later I parked in my front drive way. I walked to the door and unlocked it before stepping in.


"Bieber!" I heard Chris yell.


"Yeah" I replied closing the door behind me.


"Get in here"


I walked into Liam's room where I saw Lucas, Chris, Nick, and Jake standing around Liam on his desk staring at his laptop.


"What's going on" I said getting their attention.


"We found out where Tyler lives" Lucas cheered. But I already knew Tyler lived with Skylar.


"Yeah so" I said.


"What do you mean so!?" Chris growled.


"We found the scum now we just break into his house, take the money, kill the bastard and whoever house lives there for fucking with us" Nick said.


"No" I suddenly said without thinking. Skylar lived there I couldn't let these idiot hurt her and if I tell them she's with him they'll thinks she's with me just to get information out of me to tell Tyler. But they don't know her, they don't know her past like I do.


"No?" They all said in unison staring at me with confused expressions.


"I mean we can't... Do you guys even know if he has the money there" I didn't lie completely as to why they shouldn't. They still didn't know that he hasn't been here for a month and Skylar still doesn't know where he's been either. If they break in they'll know that Skylar is living with Tyler and Chris will not approve anymore then what he already does.


"Who cares. It's either take the money and kill him, or just straight up kill him and the others" Liam spoke.


"Couldn't we just figure out where the money is first and if its in the house we'll stick with the plan and if not we can just keep looking for it" I said.


"Either way we're still killing him and the others that are with him" Jake said. 'Even Skylar' I thought but I won't let them hurt her.


"Ok ok... I'll sneak to his place and check it out tomorrow deal" I said.


"Ok... The place isn't actually that far from here just a few blocks maybe fifteen, twenty minutes away" Lucas said but I already knew that.


"Fine. I'm going to bed" I left with out letting them say another word.


When I got into my room instead of going to sleep I decided to have a smoke to calm my nerves. I stepped out of my window and on to the roof top where I lit up a cigaret and took a big puff and left in my mouth before blowing it out slowly. That instantly calmed my nerves. But I couldn't stop thinking about what kept playing threw my mind...


'What if I find the money in Skylar's home and they go with the plan and kill her?'








(Tyler's POV)



I never noticed how much I missed Skylar until I saw her beautiful face when she first stepped into the house.


She was gorgeous... Her brown hair that fell down lower down her waist now that it's grown, her hazel eyes, and her smile. God did I miss her so much and now I'm going to take her to a fancy restaurant where we can talk.


Sadly when I mean talk... I mean about her money.


Lately Zac and Mark have gotten ways to hack into Skylar's bank account and take it all without being caught and I hate the idea of steeling form the girl I've been in love with since my 10th year in high school. I even talked to Zac and Mark about it and they threatened me. Me!


Who the hell do they think they are!




------------- Flashback-


"So your saying when Skylar's officially eighteen her fathers lawyer will call her in to discuss about her fortune that has been passed down from her grandparents, to her parents, then down to her" Luis asked.


"That's right and we'll have the money, get out of the state, leave the Canadian gang confused about our were a bouts, and leave Skylar like we planed" Zac said looking at me on the last sentence.


"I don't like this. I can't steal from Skylar, she means to much to me" I confessed.


"We finally have the money we've been trying to get our hands on and thanks to your girlfriend we can take it like a piece of candy from a baby" Mark insisted.


"I don't care about the money! I don't want to break my trust with Skylar. I finally got her back and you want me to ruin it all" I raised my voice to let them know I wasn't kidding.


"You weren't supposed to fall in love with her" Zac said through clench teeth.


"Oh well that's to bad because I love her and you have no right to take away anything from her. Not while I'm with her" I growled.


"Tyler you either stick with the plan or we tie you up by your own will until we have the money and give you off to the Canadian gang cause we all know they've been looking for you" Mark threatened.


"Are you threatening me" I growled.


"We'll Do Anything To Get Shit Through That Thick Skull Of Yours" Zac yelled.


I stood up from the couch and headed toward the door.


"Where are you going" Mark said from behind me.


"Out" I said before getting out of the house, into my car and called Skylar. I got out of my drive way and began to drive to California in record time.


Hello?" I heard Skylar say.


"Hey Doll" I said.


"Hi Tyler" Skylar said.


"How are"


"Good you"


"Yea good... I actually have a little surprise for you"


"A surprise? For me?"


"Yea Doll... I need you out of the house in the next hour and I will text you when you can come back... Ok"


"Ok" She sounded confused which made me smile for some reason.


"Go with your friend to the mall or theaters or something while I set the surprise up... Got it"


"Are you back!" She sounded surprised but I tried playing it off.


"Sky just do what I told you and you'll figure it out later... Ok?"


"Fine" she replied.


"Ok then... Remember be out of the house in an hour and come back when I text you" I chuckled.




"Alright... Bye Sky"


"Bye" she hung up.


I was going to try to spoil her with the one thing she loved and I wouldn't let her have. A piano.


After a while I got to California in less than seven hours without getting pulled over. I went to a music store and got her a black piano and got a bit of help to take it to our place and set it up. Once I set it up I got ready, texted Sky, and waited.


I wasn't letting Zac and Mark get her money. Not while I'm in love with her, she trusts me and I can't break that trust that I've waisted to long to get back. So tonight I'll take her to dinner and talk to her about the plan.



-End Of Flashback-------------



About an hour later I parked my car outside of a nice restaurant in San Francisco, since we lived in the Bay Area. I got out of my car and helped Skylar out as well. She thanked me and we walked into the restaurant. Once we entered a lady sat us down by the back were it was a bit quieter which I appreciated. I pulled Skylar's chair out and sat across from her.


"Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight" I asked Skylar once the lady gave us our menus and walked away.


"Yes. I'm sure." she smiled and looked down at her menu.


"You're wearing the necklace" I say as I eye the pink Simons necklace I had given to her all those years ago.


"I never take it off" she says while placing a hand on it.


I looked down at my menu and a waitress came by to take our drinks.


"Hello my name is Megan and I will be your waitress for tonight..." She suddenly stopped when she saw me and actually pushed out her chest for me to look at. It didn't work I simply looked back down at my menu. "... Um, what can I get you to drink" she continued.


"I'll have water" Skaylar said in an annoyed tone. I guess she saw it too.


"And you..." I looked up and saw the waitress 'Megan' wink at me.


"I'll have a Corona beer" I glanced over at Sky and smiled at her which she returned.


"Ah... Yea. I'll be right back" Megan said and went to get our drinks. She didn't even ask for my ID, I have a fake one so I would have gotten away anyways.


"I don't like her" Skylar mumbled.


"I can tell" I said and put my menu down in front of me. I looked over at Skylar who was looking at her menu but suddenly stopped when she saw me staring at her.


"What" she asked.


"Your beautiful" was all I said. She smiled and Megan came back with our drinks.


"Here you go" Megan said. She gave Skylar her glass of water and my beer. I gave her a small smile to thank her. She winked before saying...


"And what can I get you to eat" she flittered her eyelashes.


"I'll have the Chicken Alfredo Pasta with a side of mashed potatoes, and a caesar salad" Skylar said getting the waitress attention. Causing me to smile. Of course she would order Alfredo pasta, it's her favorite dish. That's why I brought her here.


I reached out across from the table and held her hand before answering the waitress.


"I'll have the same just changed the mashed potatoes to French fries and add a side of garlic bread and seasoned chicken breast, thank you" I said without leaving Skylar's hazel eyes.


"Ok... I'll be right back" Megan said annoyed that I wasn't giving her attention. She took our menus and went to grab out orders.


"Your so sweet" Skylar sighed while looking down almost in thought about something.


"And why is that"


"You know she's flirting with you but you don't give her any attention and I think that's sweet"


"Well I'm glad. I only have eyes for one beautiful girl and she is siting right in front of me" Skylar blushed causing me to smile.


I hate to ruin the moment but sooner or later I'm going to have to tell her. Even though Zac and Mark threatened me not to.


After a while Magen returned with our food and left right away seeing that I wasn't interested. Half way through our meal I decided to speak.


"Sky I have something to tell you"


"What" she asked. 'Here goes nothing' I thoughts


"It's about... Your parents death and... The gang" her face fell when I mentioned her parents death, but it hurts me to know my parents died from the same incident.


"What about them and your gang"


"When your parents died... It turns out you get all of their money when you're officially 18... Am I right"


"Yes" by now Skylar has stopped eating and is now giving me her full attention.


"Your grandparents passed down their riches when they died down to your parents and now since your parents are dead all of the riches, including your grandparents, are being given down to you when you are officially eighteen. Which is in a few months"


"Wait... Your saying I'm about to have more then what I had expected when I'm eighteen" her expression was clear shock.




"Wow. That's... Interesting. But what does that have to do with your gang"


"Ok well... A couple of years ago we had to sell drugs and hand the money back to the gang that we had gotten the drugs from. But Mark and Danny got caught. They where sent to jail for a while and we didn't have time to do anything. We never paid them back and now they are here to kill us and take the money" I said and Skylar had a look saying she knew exactly what I was talking about.


"Oh my god... Wait! So what does my money have to do with this"


"Sky please don't be mad... But the boys told me to be nice to you and get your trust back. Once I got it back they would sneak into your bank information and when your eighteen they'll take the money, flee the country and loose contact with the other gang... BUT I told them I wasn't going to go with the plan I sai-" but Skylar cut me off.


"You lied to me! I trusted you and you lied to me... For My Money! That I Didn't Even Know About!" She began to yell.


"Sky... Please you don't understand...-"


"No Tyler I understand perfectly well" with that Skylar stood up and said "Tyler I trusted you and you played with my feeling just so you can steal from me. I can't never trust you again. I Hate You! This is... This Is Over!" She yelled the lasts sentence and stormed out of the restaurant.


"Sky wait" I followed.


"No Tyler what's done is done. I don't want to see you ever again in my life. You Will Not Take Me Money Just So You Can Pay Off Drugs You Didn't Pay For When Mark Went To Jail!" She yelled. She began to take off her heels.



"Skylar. For give me. I told them I wasn't going through with the plan. I told them it wasn't worth it if I couldn't have you... Sky I-"



"Save It Tyler! Don't Even Bother, I'm Done With Your Shit! I Hate You! You've beaten me since the death of my parents, you've forced me on to you, Zac's almost forced me to be with him, and you want me to forgive you" she spat.


"Zac... Almost had his... way with you" I was shocked. That's why she didn't want to be alone with him.


"Good bye Tyler! And I won't be home so don't look for me" and with that she ran out and left. I was still in shock.


I couldn't move. The love of my life just slipped out of my finger tips. She's gone, she broke up with me. Zac Almost Raped Her!



After I realized what just happened I quickly got into my car and tried looking for Sky. By the time I gave up it was three in the morning. I drove back to our place and saw that it was empty. No sign of Skylar. I walked into her room and smiled remembering some of the memories I had with her when we were in 10th grade.



-------------------- Flashback-


"Tyler what are you doing here" Sky said while letting me in through her balcony window.


"I just had to see you"


"Well you've seen me... You have to go before my parents find you"


"Sky I have something to tell you"


"Ok" she said.


I walked up to her and held her by the waist.


"I love you" I said and pressed my lips onto hers. My stomach twisted and turned with the warmth of her lips on mine. She soon kissed back and snaked her arms around my neck. I licked her bottom lip for entrance and she gave it to me. Are small kiss soon became a long make out. After a while she pulled away both of us breathing heavily.


"I love you too Tyler" she whispered. I smiled and I kissed her again.



-End Of Flashback-----------



I told her I loved her just a month after I asked her to be my girlfriend. She was surprised that I even asked her since I was a 'bad boy' and she was all 'innocent and sweet'. She never even thought I would talk to her but I had a feeling about her. She was different. I had to have her and I did, now everything is ruined. I lost Skylar...







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