The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


42. Chapter 42: One Month



*** One Month Later ***


(Skylar's POV)


It's been a full month. A month since we won the Championship game. Everyone has been treating me and the girls soccer team with respect and have been noticing us more. It's really changed a few of the girls- who were on the teams- lives. Susan Kings was now dating Stephen Mack, footballs quarter back and he never once paid much attention to her and now they've been dating for two weeks.


Anyways it's been a month since Aaron Rodgers, the basketball jock, had tried to finish was he started and turns out after the party he had to go to the hospital and was in a small coma. I felt bad for him but then again I'm glad Justin tought him a lesson. He probably got into the coma from the beating Tyler and Justin gave him in the same week.


Speaking of Tyler it's also been a month. A month since he's left. He's called me every week, he emails me when he's off to do business letting me know he'll be ok and will text me when he's back, he also texts me everyday. A little good morning, good night, what are you doing, who are you with, are you safe, how are you felling, etc... He's just been very caring and I love him as a brother for that. Nothing more, nothing less.


I can finally admit it. I'm over Tyler and seriously fallen in love with Justin.


He's been with me ever since the incident at the party. We sneak around at school, during lunch, before I go to work. Why? Because people still think I'm with Tyler. Well not Jazz, she knows that I'm hanging around Justin. Bonnie has a clue and she doesn't hide hating it. She was really upset that I had gotten the new kids attention and I was glad because I couldn't think of Justin the same if he ever got with Bonnie.


Whenever someone mentions Justin, Bonnie just glares at me and tells them to talk about something else. She's been very moody and mysterious all of a sudden. She should be happy for me, I mean her and Jazz wanted me to get away from Tyler and find someone else who makes me feel happy and safe. Justin is that person.


It's been a month and me and Justin have learned a lot from each other. Especially after our date but also from all those days we've hung out together. He definitely is from Canada. His whole family lives back in Canada but he doesn't visit them much because, and I quote, 'of the gang shit he's in'. I don't mind about the gang stuff (cause of Tyler), I just stay out of it unless it involves me. He told me about Jason being his cousin and how he's always creeped out when he sees him cause they look alike. But he's also learned a lot about me... Color, foods, soccer teams, how long I've lived in California. But he hasn't asked about me and Tyler's passed relationship.


Jason has come to see me every once in awhile when Justin isn't around. He's probably the moodiest person I've ever met. One second he's nice, sweet, and caring. Next thing you know he's aggressive, mean, and creepy but Justin told me not to bother or worry about him.




Today is Saturday. Justin and I are laying on my bed just cuddling.


"What are you doing?" I ask as he lifts one of my hands up to his lips. He kisses the faded scars I have on my wrists from when Tyler had cut me, many months ago.


"I hate seeming you like this" He grabbed my other hand and kisses the scars.


"Justin... This was months ago. And I didn't even know you then"


"I know and can you imagine what it would be like if I never showed up? Or ever laid my eyes on you" he said huskily.


"No" I whispered.


He looked me deep in the eyes before turning our bodies so I was lying on my back. Justin hovered over me as his hands were on both sides of my head, holding himself up, from crushing me.


"Your beautiful" he suddenly whispers.


I look up at his golden caramel eyes and then look away saying "I'm not"


"You are... Sky look at me" I look up into his eyes again "You are so beautiful, I'm so glad I met you, even when you where with someone" he chuckled "I'm still glad you gave me a chance"


I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck "Me too"


I brought his head down closer to my face as our lips pressed together. His lips were warm and soft like always. The kiss was soft and sweet but soon became rough and heated. He dropped his hands down and was now carrying most of his weight on his forearms, bringing him closer. This deepened the kiss causing a small moan to escape my lips without me being able to stop it.


I pushed Justins shoulder and turned us over so I was now on top of him.


"God... I love when you take control" Justin mumbled into our lips. I decided to tease him and began to grin my hips into his crotch. Causing him to let out a husky growl. He licked my bottom lip but I denied his request. I felt his hands move from my back down to my bum. He squeezed it causing me to gasp, he took advantage and forced his tongue into my mouth. I felt him smile into the kiss only wanting me to be more in control.


I released the hold I had around his neck and as slowly and as sexy as I could, I began to slid my hands down his body to the end of his shirt. I heard a moan escape the back of his throat making me very satisfied with my actions.


I put my hands under his shirt feeling his tone stomach and chest. I traced his six packs and broke the intense kiss just to bring them down to his neck. As my hands rubbed around his tone stomach, I nibbled and bit his neck slowly. My hips still grinning on his crouch as he moaned and squeezed my bum again.


"Skylar" he moaned quietly.


Once I finished my purple masterpiece on his neck I slowly licked over it twice causing him to shiver lightly. My lips then hovered over the hickey, I just created, and blew lightly on it. The cool breeze causing him to shiver again and growl.


"Damn baby" Justin moaned.


Then it hit me. I think I was leading him on way to much. I wasn't ready for any type of sex. At least not yet. I haven't had sex since the last time Tyler... Got out of hand and tried forcing me. Just the thought of it me made me want to throw up. It was a nervous and disgusting memory.


I felt Justin turn us over so I was lying back down on my back while he hovered over me.


"I like when your in control baby" he mumble huskily into the crook of my neck and laid a wet kiss on it. "Tell me what you want me to do to you" he continued seductively.


"I want to play a game" I said calmly.


"Mmmhmm... What kind if game" he continued to kiss my neck.


"Let's play 20 questions" I suddenly said. It was the only thing that popped into my head.


He lifted his head from my neck to look into my eyes. He raised an eyebrow at me "20 questions?"


"Yeah!" I put a hand on his chest and pushes him lightly off me so I could sit crisscrossed in front of him.


"What?!" He asked still confused.


I give him a puppy dog face that works all the time "Please"


"Damn! Your such a tease! You know how hard you got me just a minute ago"


I just smiled innocently at him before I begin to play 20 questions.


"Favorite color"


"You already know all of this, Purple" he sighs while going along with the game. "Dream date" he continues.


"In London, England... Near the Big Ben. I've always wanted to go to England" I said cheerfully.


He just laughed at how silly I was acting.


"Favorite... Sport"


"Hockey, basketball, socc-"


"Just one"


"You know I can't pick one"


"Very true"


"Can I ask something personal" he asked calmly, watching my reaction.


"Of course" I trusted him. I'm sure it wasn't anything to horrific for me to answer.


"How..." He gulped "... Did your parents die"


Spoke to soon. Throughout this whole month I have tried to avoid the subject about my parents. But I knew one day he would have to know.


"You don't have to answer if you don't want to" he answered when I hesitated.


"No. I think you deserve to know" I sighed.


Justin had moved closer to me as I talked to him about my parents and soon had me in his arms.


He brought me closer to his chest for a big warm hug. I hugged him back and tried holding back more unwanted tears. My parents three year death anniversary is in a few month and so is my birthday. Because they died that night... On my birthday.


I told him everything from the begining. Talking to Jazz on the phone. Then Tyler not being with me the day of my birthday and the next day, the lass time I heard of my parents and talked to them (a tear streamed down my face on that part), how they bought me my black Audi R8. I showed him the dress I wore (yes I saved it, memories), how I drove to pick Jazz up, waiting and waiting and waiting for my parents to show up for my birthday dinner but they never did. I told him we left thinking their plane got delayed and the next morning a police officer arrived at my front door. How the police officer explained what happened and what I needed to do. How I was alone and only had Jazz and Tyler at that time (I didn't know Bonnie then, I met her my Junior year, 11th grade, last year).


When I finished Justin pulled me into another bone crushing hug.


"I'm so sorry. I never thought... Or knew that that's what you've been through" he whispered. I smiled and told him "it's ok. I'm fine now. I have you" I told him honestly.


He pulled out of the hug and looked down at me. "Yea... You do" he pecked my lips.


"So then you've lived here all by yourself the whole time" he asked confused.


I have also been trying to avoid that topic. He hasn't the slightest clue as to where and why Tyler has been staying with me.


"You don't live with anyone" he asked again when I didn't reply.


'How should I tell him about Tyler?' 'Should I tell him about Tyler living here' 'Justin has the right to know... Right?' I thought. I had no choice when Tyler decided to move into the biggest guest bedrooms we had. He had written a bunch of papers and signed so many things so it seamed that Tyler aS somehow related to me so I wouldn't have to go into a foster home since I had not family relatives.


It was for the best.


I gulped loudly before whispering "Yes"


"What... Yes? As in you DO live with someone" I nodded and he continued "with who" he asked a bit confused and angry. At what?


"Tyler" I whispered. He suddenly tensed up and balled his hands into fists. He stood up from the bed and walked towards the desk.


"How long" he said through clench teeth, back towards me.


"Ever since my parents died..."


"And during that time he beat you?!" He raised his voice.


"Justin... I thought he cared about me. Yes he beat me almost every night and told me that it was my fault his parents died-"


"Wait!" Justin said cutting me off now facing me "His parents died too?" He asked confused, thinking what I have just spoken.


"Yes... And I'm not sure why. He never told me. He just said it was my fault and he would beat me and come home drunk and try things-" I stopped myself before I said anything I would regret. But I knew Justin had caught on.


Justin's eyes widen before he said "Finish. That. Sentence." he hissed.


When I didn't say anything and just stared at my hands in my lap he continued "Skylar Did He Touch You When He Was Drunk" he yelled louder than I've ever heard.


I nodded slowly to scared to look up into him eyes. I felt my eye water at the memories. Tyler physically trying to force me into something was something I never wish to speak of.


"Mother Fucker" Justin mumble. "Holy Sh-..." He mumbled "...Is that why you stopped us just now?" He whispered a bit worryingly all of a sudden..


"Ah... kind of" I whisper before continuing "But Justin... Forget About What Tyler Did! It's over, nothing ever really happened anyways. Tyler's changed and he isn't here. You are... and thats what matters to me... As long as your here I'll be safe" I stood up and walked closer to him.


He sighed before nodding. His face soften coming closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I snaked my arms around his neck and he placed his forehead on mine, staring into my hazel eyes.


"I'll always be here... And I'm sorry... For wanting to go further... You know" he said shyly and lowered his lips so they connected with mine. I pulled away and said "it's ok"


He kissed me passionately and licked my bottom lip for entrance and right when I was going to give it to him until the phone Tyler gave me rung from my night stand.


I pulled out of the kiss and out of Justin's arms walking to the night stand. I smiled at Justin who groaned as I answered the phone.


"Hello?" I said.


"Hey Doll" Tyler said from the other end of the phone.


"Hi Tyler" Justin suddenly tenses but I mouthed and 'its ok' and he slowly relaxed.


"How are"


"Good you"


"Yea good... I actually have a little surprise for you"


"A surprise? For me?" I smiled.


"Yea Doll... I need you out of the house in the next hour and I will text you when you can come back... Ok"




"Go with your friends to the mall or theaters or something while I set the surprise up... Got it"


"Are you back" I smashed a bit shocked that he had not called before so I can get my things together just in case things go wrong and I can leave with Justin.


"Sky just do what I told you and you'll figure it out later... Ok?"


I sighed before answering "Fine"


"Ok then... Remember be out of the house in an hour and come back when I text you" he chuckled.




"Alright... Bye Sky"


"Bye" and I hung up.


"What surprise does he have for you" Justin asked clearly annoyed.


"I'm not sure but he wants me out of the house in an hour" I looked at the time on the phone and added "It's two o'clock... Where should we go"


"Well were do you want to go"


"Umm... Lets go to the movies?" I asked him taking Tylers advise.




And with Justin saying that we headed out of the house and walked to the theaters to give us more time to waste.


After about half an hour of walking we got to the theaters and decided on watching the latest movie out... Of course it was a scary movie, thanks to Justin, clear sarcasm if you didn't notice.




When the movie ended it was almost five-thirty and Tyler still hasn't texted me. So we just walked to a park near by. Me and Justin fooled around, talked, stole kisses every once in a while. We acted like an actual couple I guess you could say.


When I got a text from Tyler it was already seven.






'Hey Doll... You can tell your friends to drop you home now... The surprise is waiting for you (;'


I texted him back






'Be there ASAP(:'


"Come one Justin... Tyler says the surprise is ready"


"I don't like this whole surprise shit from this guy" Justin said while grabbing my hand and beginning to walk home.


"I'm sure it's nothing" I reassured him. While swinging our arms together.



When we got to my street Justin thought it would be best if I went through the front door and he snuck through the back. He said he would come in if he thought I was getting hurt. So we went with his plan. As I went to the front door Justin walked around to the back quietly.


As I opened the door the lights were off and it was pitch black.


"Hello?" I called out.


Suddenly the lights turned on.


"Hey Doll"


My jaw dropped when I saw what was in front of me...










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