The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


40. Chapter 40: Never Again



(Justin's POV)


When I got to the party it was already loud and reeked of alcohol... Also teenagers.


I know they don't go to school nor do they give a fuck about the girls soccer game but I brought Chris and Nick with me. The others would have came with us but they thought it was best if they researched more on Tyler, since I literally told them everything I knew about him and well... Just what he looks like, same school as me, a few others from his gang... But I don't know where he or the others live. So that's why they stayed behind to figure out.


"Damn... The Girls Here Are Smookin!" Nick said as he eyes one in particular. I didn't bother to see who. I had my eyes searching for another girl. 'Where is she' I thought while looking around.


"Come on... Lets get a drink" Chris said.


We headed towards the kitchen and grabbed a beer. I was drinking my beer when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and came face to face with that girl who told me to stay away from Skylar. 'God... What was her name?' I thought.


"Yes?" I asked her.


"Hi... Your Justin right? Remember me... I'm Bonnie. We talked last week?" She said while fluttering her eye lashes at me.


"Oh right!" I tried to act interested "Skylar's friend" I added.


She rolled her eyes before putting a hand on my arm.


"Yea... But she's not important right now. Um... Why don't we have a few more drinks and you can come dance with me" she asked.


"Ah, actually I'm looking for someone" I said looking around. I noticed Nick eyeing Bonnie. Maybe he had a thing for her?


"Well while you wait we can just dance for awhile" she tried to convince me.


"Ah...-" I was about to answer when Chris butt in.


"Justin lets go" Chris grabbed my arm and pulled me away from.... Beaky? Britney?... What was her name? Fuck it!


"Thank man" I said while patting his back.


"No problem..."


"Yeah... You looked like shit there" Nick tried holding back his laughter. I glared at him and he suddenly stopped.


We went out to the backyard for a quick smoke and kept drinking until we saw a few guys literally sprint back into the house.


"What's going on" Nick asked, clearly confused.


"I'm not sure..." I said.


"Let's go check it out" Chris said.


We put are beers down and headed inside. People were dancing but most of the guys where eyeing a few girls dancing really close. Even a turn on if I may say, even more of a turn on when I realized the girl in the middle was Skylar. 'Just the girl I've been looking for' I thought to myself.


She was looking hot as hell in the dress. Her curves, those legs, hair, eyes... Just everything. She was absolutely beautiful. They were dancing and singing along to Chris Brown. 'Damn' I thought.


"Damn..." Nick drooled over the girls. I turned to look at Chris and smirked at him. He turned to me and smirked back, clearly thinking the same thing I was thinking. Then Nick caught up with our little plan.


We walked up to them... I pulled Skylar's back onto my chest and began to dance with her. Nick danced with the girl from earlier... Briana?... Why do I even bother. Anyways Chris danced with Skylar's other friend. The one who caught us in the locker rooms. Skylar reeked of alcohol but I probably smelled the same with a bit of cigar.


I looked down at her, since shes about a head size shorter than me, and she suddenly looked at her drink and chugged the rest down causing me to chuckle. 'This girl has many hidden talents and a lot that I still have to figure out'. I looked up to see Nick wink at her I quickly looked at Skylar and saw her... Blush. The Hell.


I gave Nick the same death glare with a little Back-Off look and he turned away quickly. Once I cooled down I decided to speak.


"You checking out one of my boys while I'm dancing with you?" I whispered into her ear. She turned around smiling at me with the empty red cup still in her hands.


"No. Well. Just his eyes" She said looking into my eyes.


"What about his eyes" I asked a bit annoyed.


"They're just beautiful to look at... But not as amazing as yours" she smiled shyly.


"Really..." I couldn't help but wink.


The new song began to play and she danced a little faster and closer. Fully wrapping her arms around my neck.


"Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight" I whispered into her ear.


She looked up at me and shook her head from side to side signaling a 'no'.


"Well you do" I continued. Pulling her even closer into my chest.


I leaned in and smashed my lips onto hers. She instantly kissed back tugging the back of my hair. 'Damn' I thought.


The kiss became fast and hotter. My hands sliding down from her waist to her bum squeezing it making her gasp. I took advantage and slipped my tongue into her mouth, both of us fighting for dominance but I won.


Before things could go any further someone pulled her away from me towards the kitchen.


'Stupid Britney-... Or whatever' I thought as I watched Skylar turn around and bite her lip. 'Damn' I winked back and I barely saw the blush on her cheeks before she turned away. I walked around for a while and decided to go into the kitchen, after ten minutes, after not seeing Skylar walk out.


I walked in and she wasn't there. I checked the whole down stairs area but still nothing. Could she be banging someone upstairs? No! 'Stop thinking over her like that! Dammit!' I hissed to myself. She can't. She probably just left. Either way I went upstairs.


I ran into a few people getting it on and apologized before checking the rest. I had two doors left I opened one to see a guy in his boxer and a girl with no dress, just underwear and bra. Her face was covered by his back so I couldn't see who she was.


I was about to close the door when I noticed the white dress with beads on the floor... 'Is that...' I thought.


"Skylar!" I yelled.


The guy stopped kissing her and looked up at me.


"What the fuck!" He said.


I looked at Skylar and she was... crying.



"Justin! Please H-" she got cut off when the guys put his hands over her mouth.


"What The Fuck!" I shouted, completely outraged.


"Get. The. Fuck. Off. Her" I growled. Stepping inside the room and pulling him back before punching him straight in the face, causing him to fall off the bed completely.


Skylar quickly got off the bed and ran towards me. I couldn't help but wrap my arms over her trembling figure.


"Skylar Get Dresses... I'm Not Done With Him" I told her as I let her go to get dressed and walked over to the guy.


"Don't You.." I punched his jaw.


"...Ever..." I punched near his left eye.


"...Touch Her.." I punched near his right eye.


"...Agian!" I punched his nose. Which cracked.


"You..." I punched his jaw again.


"...Sick..." I punched his cheek.


"...BASTERED!" I punched him in the nose making sure it was fully broken this time.


I continuously punched him in between my sentences.


My knuckles were blood from a bit of my blood but mostly his. I could feel my gun burn my back, as I fought with myself to now pull it out a kill him, with Skylar in the room.


I got up from him and left him bloody and unconscious on the floor.


"Justin" I heard a small whisper behind me.


I turned around and my face soften when I saw a scared and fully dressed Skylar.


"Let's Go" I demanded as I grabbed her hand gently and pulled her out with me.


When I got into the living room I spotted Chris and Nick drinking a beer flirting with some blonde chicks. I walked towards them and told them we were leaving. They looked behind me to see Skylar crying and whipping tears with her free hand. They nodded and we all headed back to my place.


Once we got there I lead Skylar into the kitchen and sat her on a stool. She stopped crying but was still very quiet . I handed her a glass of water and she took small sip.


"Are you ok" I said- my jaw still clenched with the thought of that asshole straddling her waste and kissing her- while standing across for her.


"Yes" She whispered "Thank you" she added.


"Anything for you" I smiled at her which made her smile and blush back. My stomach flipped as I saw her smile for the first time since the incident.


"Justin-... OH Hey... And This Gorgeous Sexy Lady Is...?" Lucas said walking into the kitchen, checking Skylar out. She blushed but looked a little shaken. I don't blame him she's revealing A LOT of skin.


Suddenly Liam, Jake, Nick, and Chris walked in. Nick and Chris looked at me with confusion while Liam and Jakes eyes scanned all of Skylar's body. Skylar looked uncomfortable with all the eyes in her and I did t like the way they were looking at her.


I walked next to Skylar and put an arm around her waist smiling at her before turning to face the boys and glaring at them.


"This is Skylar... And I DON'T Want You Guys Bothering Her" I said through clench teeth.


Jake, Lucas, and Liam put their hands up in surrender. Liam walked to the fridge to get a beer for Jake and Lucas.


"So. Skylar. What brings you to our beloved home at..." Jake looks at the clock on the microwave before continuing "... Two in the morning"


"Don't you guys have school tomorrow" Liam added.


She nodded to Liam before answering. "Well I was actually just about to leave" she said getting out of my grasp and off the stool.


"Where are you going" I asked while grabbing her wrist.


She smiled shyly and replied. "I should get home... He..." She said pointing at Liam "... Has a point. I have school tomorrow"


"Let me take you home" I said.


"So this is the girl huh" Lucas said.


"Ooooh" Jake, Liam, Chris, and Nick said in unison.


"The girl?" Skylar asked looking at them then at me.


"Aaah-" I said before getting cut off.


"That he's been around...-" Liam said "softening for...-" Nick continued "slacking around With" Chris glared and spoke through clench teeth. All three completing each others sentences.


"What?" Skylar asked. "Been around?... Softening?... SLACKING off with?" Skylar asked clearly confused.


"Oh Justin hasn't told you?" Jake said but soon shut up when I glared at him.


"Told me what" Skylar said pulling her hand away from my grasp.


"Nothing" I gulped.


"No... She should know..." Chris starts "... Since he's been her he's been around someone. This someone has been making him soft AND causing him to slack off on his job... That someone is YOU" I can tell right away Chris doesn't like Skylar one bit. Like I Give A Fuck About That Though.


"Justin... Is it true" she whispered.


"Yes... But I swear there's nothing bad about it" I assured her. "Trust me" I added and put my hands in both of hers before intertwining our hands together.


She smiled at me. "I trust you..." She whispered. Causing me to smile and tech down to peck her lips.


"I'm taking her home" I said glancing at the guys one last time before going to Skylar's place. 'I hope here parents don't mind' I thought.


I parked the car in her drive way and walked her to her front door.


"Thank you Justin" she said "For everything" she added.


"Anytime babe" I said and pecked her lips about to walk away until two small hands grabbed my one large hand.


"Please stay.. With me"


"Are you sure" I asked. Would her parent hear us? Since when did I care though.


"Yes... Please" I could see the way she couldn't get what happened off her mind. From the looks of it something more must have happened for her to be this shaken up.


I smiled reassuringly and stood next to her.


"Anything for you... But what about school"


"We can ditch" she said. I smirked and nodded.


She opened the front door and we headed up the stairs and to what I supposed was her room. We got comfortable, taking clothes off and changing, and Skylar fell asleep in my bare chest.


"Good night Justin" she whispered.


"Good night babe"








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