The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


39. Chapter 39: Party... Gone Wrong





Once I got home, I got straight to getting ready.


I took a quick cold shower, dried my hair and curled it. I wore a tight dress that hugged my body perfectly. It was like a second skin on my body with beads on the side. The dress really complimented my bum, chest and legs (Pic Under A/N). My make up was simple and natural. I had a bit of mascara, eye liner, and a dark smokey eye shadow. The first time I looked at the mirror I knew right away I was going to knock a few guys socks off! I wore black wrap-around-ankle heels for the final touch (Pic Under A/N).


Once I finished it was almost nine and the party started hours ago. I got into my Black Audi R8 and made my way to Bonnie's place. I don't know why but I had a bad feeling about this. I shrugged it off as I drove up to Bonnie's street.


You could hear the loud music blasting through her windows. Tons of wasted teenager hanging around her front yard with red cups in their hands. A few already passed out and some sucking their faces off intensely.


Once I found a parking spot about two houses away I made my way to Bonnie's. The first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was the ton of teenagers dancing, drinking, making out, and some actually already heading up stairs. 'You got to be kidding me' I thought while shaking my head.


"Sky! Sky!... Over Here!" Jazz said from a far taking me out of my own thoughts. I made my way towards her probably giving some guys the wrong intention since I was to close to them... If you know what I mean. My bum would actually rub against a guys front or back without me attending to.


I managed to get passed all the sweaty drunk dancing teenagers and found a clearly wasted Jazz by the kitchen were all the other drinks were.


"Here! Drink This" Jazz yelled passed the loud pounding music.


"What Is It?" I yelled back.


"Does It Matter?!... Just Drink It!" She said taking a shot of what I think is tequila. I stared at the half full red cup for a while before shrugging and chugging the whole thing down in less than ten seconds.


"WOOOOOOOOAH!" Jazz yelled as she took the cup away from me and filled it up. I didn't mind. I mean we won the soccer game, Tyler isn't here, my life if kind of shity, and I'm here to have a great time.


Once Jazz finished my drink she handed the cup back to me and just like before I chugged the stinging but satisfying liquid down my throat.


"Damn!" I turn around to see Bonnie with a huge grin out her face


"What can I say" I shrugged. "We Won The Damn Championship Game!" I yelled and raised my cup in the air causing a few others that were in the same room and heard did the same thing and cheered.


"Yea yea... Give me you-ur c-cup" Jazz slurred. I did as I was told and faced Bonnie.


"Where'd you get all the drinks" I asked out of curiosity.


"Let's just say... I know people" she winked at me.


"Okay" I laughed. I could feel the liquor getting into my system. The buzzy feeling getting to me but I was still sober enough to know, think, and see what's going on around me.


"Come On Let's Daaance!" Jazz said giving me my cup filled with the same liquid again. She dragged me and Bonnie to the dance floor as we began to dance.


Being the crazy best friends we are we decide to play a bit with the boys and decided to dance in a row. Jazz in the front, her bum grinning on my women area. Me in the middle, grinning my bum on Bonnie's women area, who was on the end. We got a few guys staring... Bitting their lips, licking their lips, and just eyeing are every move. I kept drinking out of my cup, every once in a while, while still dancing.


Once 'Turn Up The Music' by Chris Brown blew out of the speakers me, Jazz, and Bonnie danced our bums off like there was no tomorrow. We threw are hands in the air and sang along.


"Tu-turn up the music

Tu-turn up the...


Turn up the music cause the sun just came up


Turn up the music, if they try to turn us down


Turn up the music, cause i'm trying to hear the speakers blow


Turn up the music, fill your cup and drink it down


If you sexy and you know it, put your hands up in the air


Put your hands up in the air girl, put your hands up


If you sexy and you know it, put your hands up in the air


Put your hands up in the air, girl, put your hands up


And Turn up the music, just turn it up louder"


Me, Jazz, and Bonnie sang and danced along.


Out of now where all three of us where pulled away from each other and held tightly into someone's strong arms. I didn't know who he was. I just like the way his arms felt on my hips. My back on his chest and my bum on his crouch. We moved together to the music, my bum to his crotch, like our bodies where meant for each other.


By the way the heat of my skin burned I had a small feeling on who it may have been. Those stupid butterflies were runnin wild.


I looked at my cup and saw I still had a bit left. I quickly brought the cup up to my lips and chugged the last bit of it down. It stung my throat at first bit soon satisfied my taste buds. Almost craving more.


I hear the person behind me chuckle. A very cute chuckle, may I add. I looked up and saw Jazz dancing with a tall boy with dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He's pretty cute. I turn to see Bonnie dancing with a tall boy with black hair and grey beautiful eyes. Wow his eyes.


I think I was staring at him for to long since he looked up and winked at me. I blushed a bit and looked down at my dancing feet. When I looked back up at him he was looking away... Fear covering his face, yet a slight smirk still playing on his lips. Did I do something wrong?


"You checking out one of my boys while I'm dancing with you?" The boy behind me whispers in my ear causing my stomach to flip. I smile and turn around to face him. He had on a black v-neck t-shirt with black jeans and black shoes. He was looking as handsome as ever... Sexy even... If I may say.


"No. Well. Just his eyes" I smiled looking up at Justin's beautiful caramel golden eyes, no one can compare thier eyes to his. If it was a competition, he would win, without a doubt.


"What about his eyes" he asked sounding annoyed.


"They're just beautiful to look at" I said. "But not as amazing as yours" I smile shyly at him.


"Really..." he says smiling down at me and winked. I swore my face was burning red from embarrassment.


As the song 'Where Them Girls At' By David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj And Flo Rida bursts though the speakers I quicken my dancing speed and wrapped my arms around Justin's neck with the now empty red cup still in my hand.


"Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight" he whispered into me ear.


I looked at him and smiled while shaking my head from side to side signaling a 'no'.


"Well you do" he continued. Pulling me closer into his hard tone chest. Everything was cleared from my mind. Our fight, him practically calling me a slut, leaving me at the field but that's ok he was there for me after the game and he's here now. No Tyler, no one from Tyler's gang. Just me and Justin.


He leaned in and pressed his lips onto mine. His breathe tasted like cigarettes and alcohol. It didn't bother me much. I instantly kissed back wrapping my fingers around his hair tugging lightly at it. The kiss soon became fast and more heated. His hands slid down from my waist to my bum squeezing it making me gasp. He took advantage and slipped his tongue into my mouth and just for se fun I fought with him for dominance and not to my surprise he won.


Before things could get any farther someone grabbed my arm and pulled me roughly towards the kitchen.


I looked over my shoulder, to Justin to see him licking his now swollen lips, as I bite mine which caused him to wink and make me blush while I turned away.


"What the hell are you'd doing" Bonnie yelled once we were in the kitchen and a way from the pounding music.


"Kissing Justin" I shrugged, my mouth taking over itself as I was a bit to drunk.


"Why?!" She gasped in absolute outrage.


"Because I wanted t-to" I said reaching over the counter grabbing a bottle of what I think is vodka. I opened it up and drank straight from the bottle.


"Your dating Tyler!" She spat.


"He's not here" I said while gesturing to the people dancing. "And I want some fun" I continued taking a huge gulp of the vodka.


"Well not with Justin!" She spat again.


"What's wrong with you? I'll Dan-ance with whoever I want" I said walking out of the kitchen to the backyard to get away from the music that was now giving me an awful headache.


I noticed a few people in Bonnie's pool but besides them the backyard was completely empty. I walked down to where a small bench was and sat down. Taking another gulp of vodka I crossed my legs and put my elbow on it while resting my head in my hands. I breathe in the nice cold air until I began to cough out of control.


I turned to my right to notice... Someone. I'm not sure everything looked sort of blurry. A stranger. A male, I was sure.


He was smoking leaning on the wall next to me and when he saw me and realized I was staring at him he turned a blew a cloud of smoke in my face.


"Hey! S-stop that" I slurred while waving a hand in front of my face to clear up the smoke.


"Sorry babe" he said. I could practically hear the smirk on his face.


"Who are you" I asked. 'Why would you care. Seriously.' I thought to myself, instantly regretting the words I had asked.


"Don't remember me huh?" I took in his features. Tall, Blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular... He did look familiar but I just can't seem to remember.


"No... Kind o-of" I hiccuped.


"Well I sure as hell remember you and your sexy legs" 'Wait just a minute' I thought. It can't be.


"Wha!" My eyes widen as I remembered the school jock who tried to get his hands under my skirt on Monday. I hadn't seen him all week and now... Just my luck.


"You heard me and I like I said..." He said while pudding away from the wall before walking towards me and grabbing my wrist yanking me to his chest roughly, the vodka bottle barely being held in my hands "... I get what I want" he continued while putting his hands around my waist.


"No! Stop it! Let go! Did You Learn The First Time You Idiot!" I yelled dropping the bottle and slapping his chest repeatedly. Though the music was to loud and everyone else was in their own world.


"Shut up! You deserve this for what your boy did to me and half my team" He slapped me across the face causing me to tear up. 'What Is He Talking About' I thought.


He had slapped me and the shock had numbed me for a second. I felt as if I was i front of Tyler all of a sudden.


He roughly pressed his lips to mine. I put my hands on his chest trying to push him away again but he was to strong. He walked towards the wall and pushes me hard against it. He slid one hand up my dress as the other one held my head in place so I didn't move. His body tight up against mine.


He held me tight and lifted me off my feet walking inside the house.


'How Is No One Noticing This' I thought looking around for someone... Anyone! But... Nothing.


"Get Off Me" I growled as he removed his lips from mine and made his way up the stairs.


Next thing I know I'm being forcfully pushed onto a bed. The jock stands up and begins to take his shirt off and unbuckles his pants before dropping them completely. I crawled to the up the bed until I was leaning against the head board. By the looks of the room I was in one of Bonnie's many guest bedrooms.


He was now left in his boxers. He quickly grabbed my ankle and pulled me so I was closer to the end of the bed, and hovering over me, holding my hands down so I don't hit him.


He held both of my hands with one of his while the other goes up my thigh slowly.


"My friends and I had a little bet about me getting with you. And I thought I did that day in school but your boy had happened to be looking for you but from what I've heard and seen... He isn't around anymore. So like I said... I always get what I want and I like it better when your legs aren't being covered"


I must have a sign in my forehead saying 'Take Me' or something cause it's only been two weeks and it's happened more than twice! I don't want to be touched by this bimbo! I want someone to come and look for me before it gets out of hand. I want Justin. God knows where he is. No Tyler! No Bonnie! No Jazz! Ugh! I cried more and more just thinking of what he'll do to me knowing no ones here to help because no one saw me leave with him.


I should have listened to Tyler. I should have stayed close to the ones I know... Now look at me. I'm going to get what he's been wanting for being as stupid as I can be by letting my guard down. I'm scared... Terrified. The last person to actually get on a base with me was a drunk Tyler and the last person to TRY to jump my bones was Zac.


I just had to let Bonnie pull me away from the man who owned my heart. Now look at me.


Please hear my silent cries for help Justin.









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