The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


38. Chapter 38: Those Eyes (Part 2)




"You took a pretty hard hit back there" I knew that voice. To well if you ask me. I first felt like I wanted to get up and slap him but what he said made my heart race.


"Why is such a beautiful girl like you crying"


I looked up to only melt in the eyes of his. He looked happy but also upset... I can't really describe it.


I stared at him as he took in my features. I probably looked terrible, all sweaty and red with dirt covering my body. I still had my messy pony tail, cleats, shin guards, and knee high socks on. I felt insecure by the way he eyed me which made me cry more but knowing he had come back made my heart warm.


Did he care?


I got up from where I was sitting and slowly approached him until I was a foot away from him, just staring at him.


He was looking as handsome as ever. He was wearing black jeans, black shoes, and a white shirt. You could see his tattoos from where his shirt stopped at his biceps... Which was definitely a distraction, may I add. I looked up at his face and when he gave me a weak but warm smile I took that as my signal to hug him. Which I did.


It took Justin by surprise since he stumbled back a bit but once he got his balance back he hugged me back even tighter. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head between his neck and my arm. He wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his head in the crook of my neck. I cried again of happiness. 'He came back' I thought and I promise myself to keep it like that. I never want him to leave again.


My skin warmed at where his skin met mine. My heart was thumping in my chest like crazy and I could swear Justin could feel it too. Those stupid butterflies fluttered at the feeling of his arms around me.


After a little while longer I felt Justin's hot breath on my neck as he whispered "You didn't answer my question"


I sniffled but didn't reply, so he continued.


"Why were you crying?" He whispered. I felt like he might have known why but wanted to hear me say it of just make sure he was right.


"I thought you-you hated me... A-and you l-left" I stuttered and began to cry a little harder. It was truly a stupid reason to be crying my eyes out but you haven't the slightest idea of what it feels like to have absolutely nothing. To not have a reason to move forward or even have someone for you to pick you up when you fall.


"Hey. Hey hey... Don't cry I'm here and I would never hate you. I'm so sorry. For everything. For Monday. I'm sorry" he said pulling away so he could look at my tear stained face.


"You left" I whispered while looking down at the ground. If he only knew what it felt like to have the ones you love walk away like nothing. Like leaving you behind and forgetting all those times you had together meant absolutely nothing. He put his pointer and thumb finger between my chin and lifted up so I was looking into his eyes.


"Please don't cry..." Justin said while whipping a tear away from my cheek with his thumb as he cupped the side of my face with the hand that had been holding my chin "... I only left cause I though YOU were mad at ME for Monday night I mean and I couldn't live with that, knowing you're mad at me for something as stupid as what I said and did..." he continued.


"Justin I can never be mad at you. You mean so much to me" I spoke softly and he smiled genuinely until he suddenly remembered something and frowned.


"I know... But you and Tyler. I mean... You lov-"


"Justin I don't love Tyler" I cut him off quickly, not wanting him to get the wrong ideas of what I've been feeling these past weeks.


"What?" His voice sounded just as shocked as the look on his face.


"I don't love Tyler like that. He's hurt me and yes I love him but not like I did a years ago"


"I'm sorry"


"Why are you apologizing" I asked giving him a confused look.


"For what I said on Monday" he whispered and looked down.


"Justin?..." He looked up and I continued "... Don't be. You made me realize that Tyler has hurt me and yes I love him but not like before. You mean so much to me Justin I mean it... I really like you" I smiled shyly.


"Really?" He said with a smile that showed his perfect white teeth.


"Yes Justin. You mean so much to me it's scary and I've barely just met you but I really like you, I do" as I said that Justin rested his forehead on mine both of us staring into each others eyes. I smiled at Justin as he smiled back. He looked down at my lips them back at my eyes. He licked his lips and pushed me further into his chest. I bit my bottom lip which caused him to look back down at my lips.


I really wanted him to kiss me. Just the thought of his lips moving against mine caused fireworks to go off in my stomach. I blushed at the thoughts of our pass kisses. They were something I thought I'd never get tired of.


Without any hesitation his lips landed on mine. The moment I felt his lips on mine I immediately kissed him back.


His warm sweet lips were nothing like Tyler's and I actually felt like exploding from all the fireworks that erupted in my stomach. My head was spinning from just his lips on mine. Are lips moved in sync as I pulled him down closer to my lips, deepening the kiss. He slid his tongue into my mouth forcefully while tilting his head to the side to deepen the kiss. I loved when he did that.


The kiss soon became something else and the next thing I new Justin twirled me around and pushed my back agents the wall. His body pushed up agents mine deepening the kiss more than what it already was. His hands feeling ever part of my body, as my own hands pulled on the back of his hair causing him to let out a small moan. I didn't even know what air was or feel as if I needed it, my body was numb from his touch. His warmth. Him.


I pushed Justin away from me when I heard someone clear their throats.


"Care to explain?" Jazz asked with a raised eyebrow and her arms cross in front of her chest.


"Jazz I-"


"It was my fault..." Justin cut me off.


"I just... couldn't resist" he added as he looked at me and licked his already swollen lips. I blushed and looked at Jazz who had a smirk on her lips. She was smirking at me? What?


"Ah-huh. But she kissed you back" Jazz protested.


"Yea but... You se-"


"Don't work yourself up about it Sky. I'm glad you're moving on" Jazz interrupted me.


"What?" I was clearly confused by her words. My face was showing exactly what I felt. Confusion.


"Your moving on. You know. From Tyler" she whispered the last part and even winked.


"Um. Yea?" I sighed. I didn't think of it like that. My feeling we're finally clear as to what I felt for Tyler and what I feel for Justin. In a way I have moved on. My heart has moved on and maybe for the best.


"You idiot" she mumbled while shaking your head. "You'll leave Tyler for someone who won't hurt you..!You won't hurt her..." Jazz said pointing at Justin with narrowed eyes.


"Of course not" Justin smiled at her.


'Leave Tyler' those words will haunt me to the grave. Knowing I'm the one who's braking someone's heart, I hate it. My hearts been broken by him before and it's the worse feeling anyone can face in their lifetime and now that he's changing will only bring him back to the person he was before.


"Good... And I'm sorry for interrupting your little 'get together'..." Jazz said wiggling her eyebrows bringing me out of my thoughts and making me blush "... But if you haven't noticed the girls will be here soon to change and then we're off to the party cause... Well. You know." She said casually and walked up to me. "We Won!" She suddenly shrieked while running up to hug me and jumping up and down.


"We Won! We Won! We Won!" She repeated. I smiled and hugged her back also jumping.


She suddenly stopped at looked at me and smiled widely "Because of YOU!" That made me smile even wider, not only did we win but I'm the one that scored are winning goal. Conceded? Yea I guess but once you score the winning goal to a championship you come back and try not to brag about it.


"Ladies get dressed and go home! You ALL need a good night rest... Well done ladies!" We heard the awfully to familiar thick british accent... Coach said from outside the locker room followed by multiple foot steps and cheering.


Suddenly I realized Justin was in the girls locker room. I looked at Jazz and she had the same face expression. We turned to Justin and he was pacing back in forth looking for any exits.


"This way" I said and grabbed Justin's hand. I pulled him to the back of the locker rooms were the emergency exit was. I opened the door and the cool breeze fit my face like a ton of bricks.


"I'll see you at the party" Justin said and pecked my lips before running off around to the front of the school.


I sighed and soon came back to reality. I walked into the locker room and began to change to go home and then head straight to the party.





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