The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


36. Chapter 36: The Money

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(Tyler's POV)



I'm done... I've fallen back in love with Skylar and now I know that no one, including me, will hurt her.


After Danny explained to me what I did and had said to Skylar Saturday night, I felt absolutely terrible. I've tried so hard to work on my actions toward her. But I then remember of the reason as to why I continue to hurt her and everything falls back into place, she must feel the same pain I have. Even though I love her.


I still feel terrible for making the guys use me to use her just for her money but I'm doing it because I love her and what scares me is that she probably won't be saying she loves me anytime soon. I'm ok with that, as long as she's mine.


That school jock should really know not to mess with me nor my girl. I told the boys all about it before we left and when we found them with their basketball team out by the locker rooms, I finished what I ad started and anyone else who tried to help them got a piece of what was coming. We left with a few cut lips and bloody knuckles but I'm sure those idiots won't be messing with Skylar ever again, nor will they play as well as they use too.


When I told Skylar I was leaving I wasn't just saying that to see if she did anything I wouldn't approve of but we were actually leaving.


She doesn't really know anything about why we are so suddenly leaving but she knows not to get involved.


We decided not to go to far just Seattle, Washington up north from California to the new place we call home, at least for a few weeks, maybe months. We've hidden our supplies; drugs, guns, secret information about the us and the pass members in the gang, etc. It's become our shelter, for when the gang from years ago, finally showed up.


Turns out Zac saw some gang member down by the beach when he found Skylar. He said he saw some Canadian North gang and Eastside gang talking. We're pretty sure that they're the ones out for us.


Marks theory is that the Canadian gang hired the Eastside gang to help them get the money we owe them. I have to agree with him because we have hired the Eastside gang ourselves for a job to big for us to handle. The Eastside gang only gave us three men but to be honest that all we needed. There tricky bastards, always making deals that never even fit.


We once had a shipment that had to be sent out towards San Diego but couldn't get it pass Sacramento due to the extra security they had checking through the bridges. We had hired the Eastside to help us sneak it pass Sacramento and Los Angeles to San Diego without any difficulty. Our only problem was their sneaky leader, Jason or something, that had asked for almost fifty percent of what we would get for the delivery but we were able to drop it to twenty-five. We lost a shit ton of money because of that twat but we got it done and over with.


Another one of my problems right now was Skylar's soccer game which was this week. She's been staying for thirty more minutes during her soccer practice because of her game Thursday. She then goes off to work and comes home late to do a bit of homework then heads to bed.


I told her Monday that I was leaving but we still haven't left just yet.


Mark wanted us to hack into a few of Skylar's private accounts such as bank information; so when she turns eighteen we can just take the money out without her even knowing it.


Her birthday is coming up in August, which isn't that far, just about half a year left. When the boys get the money, they won't give it to the gang, they'll keep and save it for themselves or emergencies but they'll trick Skylar into thinking that someone else took it.


I feel absolutely terrible... I feel horrible. She's my high school crush, my first love, and always will be but if we get caught and don't have a back up plan we'll all die. And that's why we decided to find a small house about 824 miles up north.


When Danny got all the information we needed, Thursday morning while Skylar was at school, we left and were now off to the warehouse/hideout.




About thirteen hours later with to whinny babies, two cranky babies, and an air head we arrived to our destination.


"We're Here! Now Shut The Hell Up" Mark yelled to Luis and Kevin as I parked the car in the driveway.


Luis kept complaining on being tired and bored while Kevin continued to inform us that he was hungry every ten minutes.


Mark lost his temper about five times in the car, every time someone crossed his line, Mark would literally pull out his hand gun and threaten the two whinny bastards that he'd 'swear to shoot them if they didn't shut up'.


Danny and Zac were just cranky that they had to sit in the back with Luis and Kevin. I wouldn't blame them, they were getting on my nerves and I was the one driving. I could have kicked them out by the curve by now, but that won't help us very much after.


"Thank You Jesus!!!" Luis yelled as he stepped out of the car and put his hands in the air while looking up at the night sky as if he was actually talking to Jesus.


I shook my head from side to side as I glared at the idiot.


"Hallelujah!!" Kevin yelled as he also got out of the car and got on his knees and kissed the ground.


"That's disgusting" my eyes narrowed at the second idiots, as I got out of the car and walked towards the trunk.


"Who knows what could have been put or spilled there" Danny commented as he also got out of the car with a look of disgust.


"Come on guys. Really... It's Kevin. What did you expect" Zac said as he got out of the car and came walking towards me.


"Hey! What's that supposed to mean" Kevin protested.


"It means your gross!" Mark yelled at him. Looks like he still hasn't dropped what had happened in the car.


"Whatever" Kevin mumbled and came to the trunk to get his own bags.


Once we all got out bags from the trunk we headed towards the front door. I got out the key and inserted it into the key hole. I twisted the key until I heard a *click* and pushed the door open.


"Damn" Luis gasped as we all stepped into the house.


"Damn is right" Danny said while also looking around the new home.


"How'd you afford such a nice place?" I asked Mark since he's the one who bought the house and everything else in it.


"Let's just say... Savings" he smirked. Which caused everyone else to smirk. He obviously meant the money we've stolen from houses and people we've killed before, plus the drugs and weapons we've sold.


The house was truly nice. When you walked in there was the living room towards our left and a hallway straight down. The stairs being towards our right. By just standing in the doorway I could see a massive flat screen television hanging above a fireplace. Hardwood floor under the sofa, table, it had nearly everything we needed for a living room.


"Is there any food" Kevin asked as he passed by me into the kitchen.


"Yea, I got everything. The furniture, food, some clothes-"


"Beer?!" Zac interrupted Mark.


"Yea there's beer" Kevin said walking back from the kitchen with six beers and a bag of chips under his arms. We all took a beer and headed towards the living room that had white painted walls and a coffee cream colored 'L' shape couch in front of the tv (Pic Under A/N). Leaving our bags near the stairs.


"You got any movies" Luis asked.


"Yea I think I brought a few..." Mark trailed off.


"Do you have any scary movies" Danny asked.


"Yup." Mark said and pull a few scary movies out before putting one on.


Half way through the movie I dozed off into my own thoughts. About Skylar.


'What was she doing'

'Had she finished her game'

'Did they win'

'Who's she with'

'Is she ok'

'Is she safe'


I had loads of questions and I wanted to call her to make sure she was fine but I didn't want to wake her up if she was asleep. It must be pretty late back home.


"Alright guys I'm heading to bed" I announced and once Mark told me where my room was, I walked up the stares took a right down the hall to the last door on the left.


There was a queen sized bed. And en-suit bathroom, walk-in closet, a dresser, and a window that had a perfect view of the enormous backyard.


I quickly unpacked my clothes and realized that Mark did buy us clothes, since we only brought clothes for a few days.


Once I settled in I took my shirt and pants off and was only left in my boxers. I lifted the covers from the bed and got right in. Once my head hit the pillow I instantly fell asleep.


Of course with thoughts of my first love.





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