The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


35. Chapter 35: Win Or Die Trying

(Justin's POV)

"What do you want" I spat.

"Justin, I wanna talk"

"About what!" My voice rising.

"Please Justin"

"Skylar. There. Is. Nothing. To. Talk. About!" I yelled slowly for her to get it through her thick head.

She probably only came to play with me emotions so more. Maybe Tyler didn't want to give her any tonight an decided to come to her plan B... Me. 'I wouldn't mind having sex with her' my drunk thought clouded my mind, but for some reason it felt wrong knowing that I loved her... Yes Loved... ED... Pass tense.

Actually, I don't know how I feel right now about loving her. She's probably the first one I even though to love so quickly. She was different to me. Something I've never wanted to fight for so much in my life before. I've never actually love before. At least I think that's what this foreign feeling in my chest was.

But her being in front of me right now, and me being drunk, had my head buzzing and I couldn't think straight. She remind me of her and Tyler... And that just pisses me off.

"Justin please... I need you to listen to me" she whispered. Her eyes watering with tears at the corner of her eyes. Damn my chest aching at the painful expression she was giving me. But I wasn't forgiving her that easily. But I decided to give her a chance.

"Fine... Come in" I stumble back a bit pulling the door wide open for her to enter.

"How did you find out where I live?" I slurred as I shut the door and lead her to the kitchen. I never remember bringing her here or telling her. Could someone I know given it to her? Why?

"Um... The day at the beach Ryan asked Jason to give it to me" she mumbled as a small blush covered he cheeks. She walked pass me sitting on the stool I sat on before I had gone to open the door.

"Why" I slurred standing across from her.

"I was going to confront you after leaving the beach but I guess you beat me to it..." She trailed off, her eyes bright at the memory only to be changed into a look of confusion. Her eyes landing on the object being held in my right hand.

"What?" I slurred.

"Nothing... Um but that's not what I came her to talk to you about I actually wanted to know if you're ok" The gun probably didn't bother her very much since she was around Tyler, for who knows how long, and he'd kept guns in him, only an idiot that was in a gang wouldn't. But had she ever been at the end of the barrel of one?

I wasn't sure if this was part of her messing with me. I couldn't fall back into her trap. Act like she cared only to turn back to her pathetic excuse of a boyfriend.

"Why do you care" I spat.

"Ah... Well I do." She whispered. "Are you sure you're ok?" She added

"Why wouldn't I be?" I spat.

"Cause I... Just though..." Was she thinking of what I saw today? I could care less. 'Could you really?' The small voice in my head spoke.

It was quite for a minute and I could see her debating something with herself. Either she wanted to tell me something or leave the subject alone.

"Will you be attending the game Thursday?" Right when she had finished I saw her regret it. She probably thought why she would ask suck a stupid question.

Because it truly was. One that only changed the subject of her and Tyler today.

"Did you think that I would seriously come to support you" I pay in a slurred voice and went towards the fridge for another beer.

"Justin are you drunk..." She had finally caught up but she probably didn't smell the alcohol on me until I walked passed her.

"Why The Fuck Do You Care" I yelled this time as I opened my beer and chugged a bit of it down. The taste was bitter and only caused my mind to buzz more then it was a second ago. I was getting a massive hangover after tonight.

"Why are you talking to me like that! What have I done!" She yelled back, clearly frustrated. She was being calm and gentle with me but she had finally cracked and had enough.

"Because Your Just Like The Rest... You Don't Give A Fuck About Me! No! You Just Want To Mess Around With Me Like All The Other Fucks!" I yelled.

"What" she gasped in a whisper. Disbelief written clearly on her face. "Are... Are you-Justin I care about you and no I don't want to just 'mess around with you' I'm NOT a slut" she whispered the last sentence. She was hurt by my words. I could tell by the way she looked down at her hands that were intertwined together on her lap.

"Well I Don't Fucking Care!... Get The Hell Out Of My House!" I had enough. I listened but got us nowhere. The thought of her playing me was clear. She didn't bring up what had happened between her and Tyler and if she didn't then why would I? She didn't want to prove my thoughts wrong so I'll continue to follow through with them.

"What... Justin Don't You Understand I-"

"That You're With Tyler? Yes! NOW GO!" I interrupted her. She had what she wanted. She didn't need me. She had Tyler. A pathetic excuse of a boyfriend. I shouldn't have brought him up but it was the only way I could make her see why I was doing this. Ending this.

The thought of letting me go caused me chest to tighten. It wasn't a pleasant feeling but I was going to go with my head not my chest.

"Justin... Tyler means not--"

"Just. Shut. Up. And. Leave!" I shouted loudly, the veins visible of my neck. I stood in front of her, face to face. I could practically hear her heart beating frantically and her breathing uncontrollable.

"Ok" she whispered. Tears falling out of her eyes. She's given up.

I didn't want her to. I want her to fight. But I'm afraid if she continued to fight... I would give in to easily and only lose the battle. She would finally destroyed me, completely shatter me.

It kills me to see her like this but I can't let her know that she made me weak and helpless, like some stupid lost puppy.

"I'm not a whore... And I DO care about you. Your the only person that I truly care about in my life and I need you in it" she whispered sadly before leaving the kitchen to the front door and shutting the door behind her.

Did she mean it? Does she care? The only person she truly cares about? What about her parents!? What about Tyler? Somethings up with her but I can't figure it out. All this shit is distracting me from my work.

I was walking up the stairs when someone knocked on the door. As pissed as I was I went to answer it anyways.

"What The Fuck Did You Forget Sky... Oh it's just you guys. Where's Your Damn Key!"

"Damn shut up!" Liam said.

"We left them here" Jake follows behind him.

"Why are you yelling" Lucas slurred. I just noticed Chris and Nick support him up.

"Is he drunk?" I said.

"Yea and by the smell of it and the half empty beer in your hand I can tell you are too... So get the hell out of our way so I can drop this kids ass in his room" Chris spat. I moved to the side allowing them to enter.

"Where'd you guys go" I said sipping my beer and shutting the door.

"First we were doing business but then we decided to drop it since we didn't find shit" Jake shrugged.

"Yea... Those guys are really deep under" Liam added.

"Idiots" I mumbled walking into the living room with Jake and Liam. Soon followed by Chris and Nick.

"His names Tyler" I started...


*** Thursday; After School***

(Skylar's POV)

Justin wasn't at school all week and I felt bad. I knew Tyler was a big threat to this 'thing' me and Justin had. Now I regret everything. Justin has my broken heart that Tyler distorted and only could have Justin can fixed. But I guess broken hearts aren't meant to be fixed.

Monday night played again in my head. It's been the only thing I could think about this whole week and now that I've replayed it over and over again I realized it was a bad idea.

Justin was surely drunk and you know what people say 'You Really Get The Truth Out Of Someone When They're Drunk' and I feel as if its true. He basically called me a slut. I don't blame him, I would think the same of myself.

Today's the big game... Well actually the big game starts in ten minutes. The whole team is sitting in the girls locker room listening to the coach's speech before we head out. Everyone but me of course, being one of the teams captains really doesn't set a good example. It's not really my fault, no ones going to support me after this and it killings me to know that I don't have no one. My parent came to all my freshman and sophomore games until they died and since then Tyler took their place but now I had no one. I felt lost and lone.

I hoped, that by help of a miracle, Justin would show up, even after our fight. It would mean the world to me and I don't care what he says because I do care about him.

"Sky you ok" Jazz brought me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see her in her white jersey and blue shorts with white socks, since that was our school colors, basically our team soccer uniform.

"Yea... Why"

"Cause we're all heading out but your still sitting here staring at the wall. What's up with you? You've been all acting strange all week. Don't think I didn't notice. Are you sure you're ok?" I'm glad she cared. I guess I wasn't alone after all... I still felt empty.

"Yea. It's nothing. Come on lets go" I said standing up and jogging to the other girls that were heading toward the field.

Right when I stepped out of the lockers and onto the track I heard almost the whole student body cheering us on. Since its a home game almost the entire school decided to show up since the boys soccer team had won theirs they wanted the whole soccer unit to win as well and them coming was a massive encouragement. But I doubt all of them would come to Bonnie's after party.

Which I totally forgot about til now! Well nows not the chance to think about things that don't include soccer. So I just decided to clear my mind, off the party, off Tyler, off Justin, of the empty pieces of family, and walk towards the field.

As I was about to step a foot onto the field I squatted in front of the grass and rubbed my middle and pointer finger on the white painted line. I did a little prayer before finally standing up and stepping onto the grass. It's what I've done ever since I've began to play soccer at the age of five. To me it means good luck... 'For The Win' and if not, at least for the hell of it. For fun I guess.

We warmed up for twenty minutes on one half of the field as the other school, in their purple jersey shirts black shorts, warmed up in the other half, before the referees blew their whistle to speak with the team captains. Me and a Sammy (who played as a center middle) walked together towards them with out 'Captain' bands on our biceps, as the opposite teams team captains walked to the middle of the field and gave us a fake smile while stretching out a hand for us to shake. I gladly shook it with a smirk written across my face. She had blonde hair tied up in a high pony tail with blue eyes. She had a fake tan and... What looked like a bit of make up? Bonnie does that. I have no idea why. I don't wear any when I play. It's not like I'm trying to impress anyone with my looks, more like trying to impress them with my soccer moves.

"Prepare To Go Home Empty Handed" she whispered for only me to here. My smirk got even bigger as I replied.

"We'll See."

"Alright ladies, pick a side" the referee said.

"Far right" the girl pointed behind her. Because it was a home game they were able to pick the side they wanted to play on.

It was dark out. Already six and the over head lights were on so there was no way to get an advantage on the turf field.

"Alright" the referee spoke as we each glared at one another. I tried hard not to laugh. They didn't look intimidating at all.

"Because you chose your side of the field first white jerseys begin with the ball" I could help the smirk that played on my lips as the girl frowned.

She nodded at the referee and he shook both are hands before heading back to our teams.

I walked to the girls and told them to huddle up for a small pep talk. Coach liked that I give them a small encouragement before the game to pump them up. Even though me pep talks were lame it got through their heads.

"Alright... Listen up. They're Aggressive And Play Dirty, But WE Play Dirtier. Today We Put All We Got Into This Game. We've Gone To Far To Stop Here. This Isn't Practice So I Don't Want To Hear You Complaining About How Sore Or Hurt You Are... We've Been Through A Lot... We've Broken Bones! We've Sweat Blood! Hell, One Of Us Even Passed Out The Day We Realized We Were Heading To The Championships And We Are Sure As Hell NOT Giving Up Here... And Abby Did Not Tare Her ACL At Our Last Game, Shooting The Winning Goal, Just To Be Here And Not Win This Years Game! YOU GOT IT!" I yelled to pump them up.

"YEAH!" They yelled in unison.

"Today We Play As A Team, As A Family, AS SISTERS! Tonight We Have Each Others Backs! Tonight We Trust Each Other With Everything. Because As A Family We Care And We CONQUER! FOR THE WIN... No holding back. WIN OR DIR TRYING!!!!" I yelled playfully yet with a straight face.

"YEAH!" They yelled again.

"ALRIGHT!... Everyone's Hands In" I said while putting my right hand in the middle following by the rest of the girls.

"On Three" I said. While glancing at everyone on the team.

"Warriors On Three... Warriors On Me... One... Two... Three..." I shouted loud enough so the other team and the crowd could hear.

"Warriors" we yelled in unison.

We broke apart and headed towards our spot onto the field. We were playing a four, four, two formation. Four defenders in the back, four mids in the middle and two forwards in the front I glared at the blonde from earlier, me being one of them.

I reached my forward position with Bonnie while Jazz played in the middle.

I look over at my two best friends and see them look at each other then me. I smirk and give them a quick nob for encouragement. Which they gave back in an instant as me and Bonnie stand on the mid line and wait for the referee to blow his whistle so I could kick the white and blue Nike soccer ball towards Bonnie.

After everything that's happened today and a few nights ago I don't dare look out at the cheering crowd to see if I notice anyone I know, or more specifically, Justin.

The referee blows the whistle indicating the game has finally started, bringing me back to the game.

'Win Or Die Trying'

************************ (A/N)





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