The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


34. Chapter 34: Thinking What

I couldn't focus in my Anatomy & Physiology class. The kiss Tyler and I had shared replayed over and over in my mind. How could I have not felt anything. After almost three years together, it felt as if nothing had ever started to develop between me and him, not even the slight spark I swore I felt when we began to date. I didn't feel anything. What does that mean? Does true love even exist? All those stories, movies, music that spoke about their other half. The other half that they have fallen for only a few days after they've met. Why had sent it stuck with me and Tyler? Was it Justin? The thought of him made my heart race in wonder. Is it possible I had found love in the wrong person? The bell suddenly rang indicating that we had five minutes to reach our last call. In my case, english.

I walked through the hallways getting a few stares and heard whispers from the people I passed but I ignored them and headed to class.

Once I enter the door I'm instantly pulled into someones hard chest. Strong muscular arms wrap around my small frame. I look up to see Tyler smiling down at me. I give him a small smile back but my features suddenly change to confusion. Why was Tyler hugging me? I swear I never remembered a day where Tyler showed this much affection in less than two hours at school. He was here and there just to prove a point to me and the other kids at school but never had he held me for so long. What was he up to?

"Why so happy to see me?"

"I can't be happy to see my girlfriend?" Tyler said. Weird, I still can't remember. Only back to sophomore year before my parents death and all.

"I guess you can." I shrugged.

"Great" he says and peck my lips. My face surly showed a look of shock because he only chuckled lowly.

"Mr. McCullean and Miss Rezaime! I don't want to see any of that in my class. I suggest you take a seat and wait til the end of class" the teacher practically hissed at us as she walked into class.

I couldn't help but laugh quietly as Tyler unwrapped his arms from around me and made a face mocking our english teacher.

"She's just jealous that she doesn't get any" Tyler whispered into my ear before heading to our seats.

The bells rung again signaling that class had officially started. As we all made our way towards our seats she began the lesson.

I took my seat near the back and noticed the seat next to me was empty. Where was he?

Ten minutes into class and the door slammed open.

"Mr. Bieber! Your Late!" The teacher hissed.

"Sorry had shi- I mean other things to worry about" Justin said quickly before taking a seat next to me. I keep my head down on my notebook and keep writing down the notes on the board. I was afraid of what he was think. After sees me in Tylers arm, looking like a complete mess, must have looked pretty bad to him. If one he would let me explain myself before he got any ideas.

"My lessons are much more important then what you had to 'worry about'. Do NOT let it happen again!" The teacher says.

"No promises" Justin mumbles next to me.

Throughout the whole class I notice Tyler glance at me and Justin frequently. I'm sure he didn't like the thought of me talking to other guys but I knew for sure that he could not tolerate me even breathing the same air as Justin. 'If only he knew what you and Justin have truly been up to behind his back' a small voice reminded me in my head. Tyler would probably kill me and then Justin.

Every once in a while Justin would turn to take a quick glance at me but would quickly face the front again. I wondered what he was thinking about. Would he let me explain myself before coming up with his own answer? I'd do anything to find out what he's think right now. He probably thinks the worst of me. A slut... Playing Tyler AND him.

I had feelings for Tyler, I truly did but after being around Justin and finding these extraordinary feelings hidden within me that Justin was able for me to pour out to him was an amazing eye opener for me. Something that made me rethink what I felt for Tyler and realize that I could do better and Justin was my better.

Tyler was the boy every girl drooled over. He was the one who owned my heart first and stole it my second year in high school but continuously broke it night after night with his hands, mind, and words. He could have had any girl but he chose me, only to break me a year after. It took me a while for me to fall for Tyler but when I fully did I gave him my all, everything, mentally and physically. But he only took advantage of that and broke the trust I had for him. All those years I had forgiven him, was the thought that maybe, just maybe, he had changed and the idiot that I was, would let him into my trust only for it to be smashed all over again. It was routine that I had created. One that I knew would never break. Until Justin walked into my life.

Justin and I have known each other for about a week now and I feel that I might like Justin more then I have ever thought that I could like anyone. Including Tyler. It's early but he makes my heart want to fall out of my chest, ever time he smiles at me and the way his eyes glow brighter as they do, let me know that he feels that same. No matter how cheesy that sounds. But now I couldn't tell him anything like that. My feeling for Justin are strong. I know because I've accepted him in my heart so early and have trusted him without a second thought and I usually have a debate with myself about my trust being in someone else's hands.

I could be blinded by his looks or by his charms but I'm almost sure that my feeling for Justin are almost strong enough to call love?

When I first saw him it was... It had to be... Love at first sight.


"So I guess I won't see you in a few days?" Tyler asks me. We were at my locker saying our last good-byes before he left. I had no idea how long or if he would return in one piece. Or even if I would still be here then.

"Yes" I whisper. My thought were elsewhere as Tyler spoke to me but if he found out from who, I'm one hundred percent sure he'd stay here and make sure I never left his sight.

"Hey!... Sky I'll be back!" The feeling of Tyler getting hurt through all this crap made my heart ache.

"Promise" I couldn't help but worry. Even though my heart belonged to someone else at the time, didn't mean he never held it before either. Me being me cared to much for those who've done so much for me in the past.

After my parents death he took me in. He's caring for me illegally. I should be in a foster home due to me being under age and having no other relatives to take me in. Since I was 16 Tyler has taken me under his wing. Through think and thin. He was there and that's what always made me forgive him all overs again.

He looks away for a quick moment then looks back at me "I promise" it's obvious he was lying to me but I'm not in the mood to argue with him.

I know he was heading into danger but even if I tried to convince him to not do anything stupid or reckless, he'd probably do it on purpose just to prove to me that I shouldn't be bossing him around. That he was 'the man in the relationship' and I should just 'do what I should do and worry, not demand'.

I actually remember him saying this when we had one of our biggest fights, he was pretty drunk at the time. He had been going out robbing shops and I told him not too which only caused him frustration towards me and once I began to yell bloody murder in his face is when the anger had fully surfaced and it follows by him pushing me down the stairs. I woke up the next morning in the hospital with eight stitches in my head and six in my thigh after I landed one of the broke beer bottles he'd thrown before the fight had even started.

The scars are still there and remind me every day of the things he's capable of but that doesn't stop me from being the idiot I am and forgive him like the many times I have before.

"Just stay out of trouble and stick with your friends" I spoke softy and cautiously, watching his reaction to my words.

"Here" he ignored me and handed me what looked like a cell phone.

"It's for emergency's... If you need anything call your friends and me... I'll be a phone call away" I give him a small smile and wrap my arms around his waist one last time. After everything we've been through... Who knows. Maybe this was our last.

"Ok" I whisper into his chest. The thought of me leaving him made my eyes water. Him getting hurt and me not being there only made it worst.

He wraps his arms around my shoulders and kisses the top of my head. A tear slides down my cheek.

"Tyler we have to go. Marks outside" Zac broke out comforting silence.

"Alright" Tyler says. I pull away to look up at his face.

"I'll be back soon doll" he whispered, whipped my tear stained face, and pecks my lips before letting go. Walking down the hall and out the doors probably forever.

A tears blurred my vision and rolled down my cheeks again.

I know Tyler has been terrible in the passed year but before that we had so much more together. I loved him and he loved me. And now that we're were slowly getting back I wanted to try to love him again but that doesn't seem to be working. My heart belongs to someone else and I'm ready to tell him and give it to him.


"Hey you ready for practice" Jazz says walking next to me as we make our way to the girls varsity locker room.

"Yea" I whisper whipping the tears that haven't stopped. It's hard to explain but the feeling of never seeing or being with Tyler again caused my heart to ache.

"He'll be back. Don't worry" Of only she truly knew what was going through my head.

"Ok... Come on! Lets get this practice over with. I gotta focus... The big game is only a few days away" Jazz nods eyes me carefully. I know that she knows I'm not ok but I have to get my mind of of this.

We walk to the girls locker room, change, and head out to the field to practice.

(Justin's POV)

I've been watching Skylar closely and it looks like she's been playing with me the whole time. She took my heart (something I didn't know I truly had) and stomped all over it. I can't believe I let her do such a thing to me. I thought she was different from the other girls I've been with but turns out she's just as big of a slut as the others.

I saw her crying in Tylers arms. I don't know what happened but after everything he's done to her she goes crawling back to him. I'm not sure what she's playing at but I know I have to focus on Tyler and not Skylar.

Once I see Skylar leave with her friend I have no choice but to go home and drown my thoughts in the best way I can. Drugs. Alcohol... Sex.


Once I got back from the club and got with a random blonde chick with a body any man would be pleased with... I got home a little tipsy.

The guys were out looking for Tyler, or at least someone since they don't know it's Tyler. He's kept his identity hidden from the out of state gangs and Chris is to stupid to ask Jason for help. I only knew that the guy who had taken our money was in San Francisco and thanks to SKYLAR I had figured out his name as Tyler but not where he lived. I should get down on that soon.

Chris had said something about not wanting to pay Jason more then what he's already given him for watching me and Skylar. Which was stupid cause they don't have to worry about her and me anymore. I was right... She was worthless.

I got home probably at eleven at night.

Nobody was home.

"Just great" I slurred out loud. Sarcasm in my tone of voice.

I walked to the kitchen for my... Probably ninth beer. I sat on a stool by the counter. Once I was done with my beer I grabbed another. When I went back to sit at the stool their was a knock at the door.

I groaned loudly. Not caring if it was rude and the person behind the door heard.

I got off my stool lazily, beer in my left hand; gun in my right, I walked towards the front door.

"Don't You Have Your Own Damn Key, Fucking Ass Ho-..." I said while swinging the door open but stop mid sentence not expecting to see the person in front of me.

Her frighten face from my yelling had made me feel bad for a second.

For a second...

But that had all changed after I remembered today's school events.

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