The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


32. Chapter 32: Don't



(Justin's POV)


The boys and I decided not to worry about the Westside gang just yet. All Sunday we sat around watching hockey, soccer, and a few American football games while we drank beer.


Chris said we'd start looking for the bastard today, which was Monday. I already knew who it was, I just don't know where he lives.


I saw him at Skylar's place and he probably stayed with her there that night but I didn't think about following him the next morning to see where he was off too. Just the thought of them together made me mad.


The others don't know that I know who has our money but I plan on telling them today when I get back from school.



I drove to school in my black Nissan GTR (A/N I changed it. I don't remember if I changed his car before or not so, just letting you know/Pic Under A/N) and parked it outside of the building.


I walked up to the doors and swung them open getting a few stares from others. I was at the end of the hall when I noticed Skylar at her locker pulling her books out. She was even more beautiful then ever. 'Woah! A girl has never been beautiful to me! Just sexy or hot. My feeling for her were definitely something' I thought. She had on a white long sleeved shirt and a small skirt that was above her knees with her white converse and straight hair falling under her waist (Pic Under A/N, Hair And Shoes NOT Included). Her long tanned legs were on show and it was such a turn on. I smirked to myself and began to walk towards her.


I stood dead in my path when I saw Tyler come up from behind her and kiss her neck. She gave him a small closed mouth smile, but to me it looked fake which was a bit of a relief. She then whispered something into his ear as he leaned over her. He nodded and turn her so she was facing him. Anger boiled threw my vain as his face came inches from hers. I know she was with me and we agreed on hiding what we had so she could get away from Tyler without starting anything but I still couldn't bare the thought of him being able to hold her and kiss her in front of everyone. To let everyone know she 'belonged' to him. No! She belonged to me! I began to walk towards them. I had not a clue what I was going to do but all I know was that I couldn't stand here and watch him take her innocent heart back and crush it once she did the littlest thing wrong. I wouldn't hurt her. Is she fully gave me her heart I'd care for it. The word out foreign in my thought but it felt right in a way.


I was about ten lockers away when two guys stood in front of me, each one of their hands on my chest, holding me back.


"Justin your making a big mistake" Chaz said looking me dead in the eyes. I didn't say anything, just glared.


"He's right" I look next to Chaz and notice Ryan there.


"What are you talking about" I spat. I know what I was doing but I just didn't want them to think I was jealous. I mean... It's not like I was... Or anything.


"Don't play with us Justin..." For guys who only knew me for a week they sure as hell knew me well "... We know you were going up to Tyler to start unwanted shit" Chaz spat back.


"Remember she's not yours" Ryan spat not liking the glare I was sending their way. The thing they didn't know was that she was already mine. We agreed and now this is the consequences of not thinking of a brighter idea for her to me fully mine. We could have ran away together or something.


"I know" I said through clench teeth.


"Then control your anger and stop messing around" Ryan said. My hands balled up into fists. I could feel my nails clawing into my palm.


"Why do you guys care" by now Ryan and Chaz had their hands down by their sides, just standing in front of me now. Blocking me and distracting me from what was in front of me minutes ago.


"You'll mess things up" Ryan said.


"Jason told us to watch you and Skylar during school so you don't do anything stupid to ruin Chris's plan" Chaz said. Of course theses idiots would follow my cousins orders. But I guess my bigger problem was that me and Skylar had a thing.


"Jason told you" I said looking back and forth at Ryan and Chaz. They looked at each then back at me.


"Chris called him up and told him to keep an eye on you since you've been 'distracted'" Chaz said. Putting quotation marks up in the air around 'distracted'. Why is everyone saying Skylar's a distraction to me? Is she? No! I think...


"Chris figured it was a girl. He looked into it and turns out we knew her so Chris called Jason up to help him" Ryan said. No wonder they where here. I ever Nicks bet but they didn't give me the full details.


I looked passes them to see Skylar and Tyler gone. I missed my shot to give him another good shot, maybe this time to the leg. I looked back to Ryan and Chaz.


"So your just going to watch me the while damn day" I spat.


They smirked and nodded. "But not just you Justin..." Ryan said. "Don't feel so special about yourself" Chaz finished Ryan's sentence. Idiots.


"We're watch the girl too" and with that being said they walked passed me, pumping shoulder, heading down the halls. I watched as Chaz winked at a freshman who was wearing way to much make up and a tight shirt. She blushed as her and her friends giggles.


I could help the anger that filled my body. How could Chris hire my cousin for something so stupid. I was not being distracted. 'I'm helping her see the guy he is so she can dump his ass' I told myself. 'And you want her for yourself' a small voice in the back of my head spoke. And I couldn't agree more.



I walked to my locker to get my things then walked into class right when the bell rang and sat in my seat.


"Alright class please pull out your homework assignment from the weekend and pass it up" the teacher said. "Shit" I mumbled. I heard a small chuckle next to me. I looked up to see Skylar smiling and handing her paper to the person in front of her.


"What so funny" I couldn't help but smile at her. I was so caught up in my thoughts I forgot she sat next to me in this class. She was adorable. 'Get your shit together Justin! Adorable? That's new' I thought.


"You" she whispers and looks at me shyly while her checks turned a light pink. Everything that happened fifteen minutes ago vanished from my thoughts as I focused on her.

Why haven't I noticed how beautiful she was before? She's got me feeling ways I've never felt before and even thought their foreign to me I can't help but feel comfortable with the way I feel towards Skylar. It's new to me but pleasing.


"How?" I asked playfully with a smirk.


"Well I wouldn't think THE Justin Bieber..." She mocked before whispering dramatically "... A member from the Canadian Stratford North gang, would care about missing an assignment" she then smirked playfully. Ooh so she thinks she's a smart ass?! It was cute. How did she know that.


"Well Chris just wants me to finish my last year and yea..." I couldn't tell her we are here to kill her boyfriend and his gang. Not yet. I smirked at her confused look.


"Chris? Your boss? He wants you in school?" She chuckled at the last part.


"Yea I guess... Wait a minute. How do you know all of this" I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She knew about Chris? How did she-Jason! That.. Ugh I was going to kill him myself.


I looked at her and probably looked like a dork with my stupid confused expression waiting for her answer.


Instead she winked at me and turned back towards the teacher who just started the lesson. My eyes widen and I felt a smirked forming on the corner of my lips. I looked away from her and 'focused' to the teacher when I clearly just kept stealing glances at Skylar. I knew she knew I was looking at her every here and there because she couldn't stop blushing. I truly did fancy her like I've never had to any other girls. And I was surprisingly ok with that.






(Skylar's POV)





"Wait... So Tyler is leaving tomorrow for a while?" Jazz asked.


I nodded "Yup"


"Why?" Bonnie asked taking a bite of her salad.


"He just said it was business" I shrugged.


This morning when I was grabbing my books Tyler came and hugged me from behind. I thanked him again for the engraved knife he gave me yesterday. I had it stored safely in my desk drawer. He simply nodded and turned me and told me that him and the gang where heading out for a few days. He didn't give me much information he just said he would be back soon and that I shouldn't worry. But of course I was worried. Nothing good ever happens during these kinds of things. His arm was barely healing form the bullet Justin had given him. The thought still made me cringe.


"Wait!..." Jazz said. "That Means He'll Miss The Big Soccer Game Thursday?!" Jazz continued nearly yelling.


Thursday? I thought it was tomorrow.


"I thought the game was tomorrow? As in Tuesday not Thursday" I voiced my thoughts.


"Coach sent out an email saying the away team had heavy rain where they were and it was to dangerous to me out due to floods blah blah blah. Yea, so they moved it to Thursday"


This was our last varsity girls soccer game ever-since we were seniors- and because we've beaten all the other schools in our distract they've moved us with a varsity high school girls soccer team that has also won all their games against the schools near them and this was our last for Championship. I guess it was now on Thursday. More practice for us then.


"Yea. Anyways, I don't even think Tyler even remembered... I really wanted him there. I mean he's like the only thing of family I have left... Except for you two of course. You guys are like my sisters" I smiled at Bonnie and Jazz, who smiled back. Not having Tyler was upsetting. He literally went to everyone since sophomore year when we started dating. Even when we fought or he was mad at me I'd see him hidden behind the bleachers and I couldn't help but be thankful for him.


"Well we'll be there" Jazz said.


"No duh Sherlock! We're on the damn team" Bonnie blurted out shaking her head at Jazz's response.


"Hey! No need to hate!" Jazz mumbled.


"Come one guys! Lets not think of soccer just yet. Coach has been up are butts all week and today's practice, as well as the others, are going to kill us since we have to be ready for 'The Big Game'... As he calls it" I said.


"Your right..." Bonnie said. "... But are you coming to my house Thursday?... I'm throwing a party whether we win or lose we still have to celebrate getting this far" Bonnie continued.


"I don't know guys... I've had a lot on my mind lately and it's just-"


"NO! Your are going to this party. Whether I have to drag you out by your hair!" Jazz said cutting me off.


"Ok. Fine. I'll come" my eyes widen at her threat. Knowing her she probably would go through with her threat.


"Alright!" Jazz and Bonnie said in unison.


Just then the cafeteria doors open with a loud bang causing everyone's head to snap towards it, including Bonnie, Jazz, and me.


"Of course he would want to make a big entrance" Bonnie said.


Justin walked from the doors to the cafeteria line cutting everyone and grabbing a deep red apple then slamming to quarters down in front of the lunch lady.


"So what's up with you and him" Jazz said causing me to turn and face her.


"What do you mean?" I asked while taking a sip of my water.


"Oh Come On Skylar! We know you've been talking to him"


"Well nothings happening... I'm with Tyler" I said while shrugging my shoulders. I didn't think they'd notice. I want what me and Justin have a secret from everyone including my best friends. It was the only way I'd be able to find a way thru Tyler to be with Justin completely without hissing in secret.


"So your not going for him?" Bonnie asked.


"No" I answered while looked at the food on my lunch tray. My lying skills were getting better and better. It was kind of scary. I've never lied so much in a week.


"Is he single"


"I guess... Why?" I didn't like the face she was making at him. I felt anger toward her as she probably thought of doing dirty things with him. She had a reputation with the guys at the school. She was probably adding Justin to her list. But I sure as hell wouldn't let that happen! He was mine... Sort of.


"We'll I wouldn't mind getting a piece of that and since he's not taken... I'll take my chances" she said. That really pissed me off. Yes I know I shouldn't be jealous cause he's not one hundred percent completely mine-like me to him-but you know what they say... 'If Your Jealous, It's Because You Care' and I care. I care a hell of a lot. He's important to me and if I lose him to someone like Bonnie I might not want to think of love again.


"Are you sure nothing's up with you too?" Jazz asked, eyeing me suspiciously. She's been watching my reaching and by the looks she's seen my anger.


"Yes!" I snapped. "Why do you guys keep asking" Justin wasn't my mine! If he wanted to be with Bonnie he could, I mean I was with Tyler that sure is a low blow. Call me selfish but I wanted him for myself. He probably wanted the same but we had to be patient.


If Justin ever got with another girl while leading me on I know I wouldn't forgive him. I'm bringing to trust him and that hard for me. If he got with Bonnie I sure as hell wouldn't define either one. Even though Bonnie had no clue of what I felt for the new kid.


"Because he's coming this way" I quickly look behind me and she wasn't lying, he was definitely walking towards us. Are eyes locked, his caramel ones to my hazel ones. He smirks and I turn away to see Jazz grinning at me while Bonnie gave me a raised eye brow and glared before turning back to Justin and trying to get his attention by fluttering her eyelashes. She really wanted him! Not happening. Over my dead body.


"There's nothing between us" I try to convince them that way the thought never crossed their mind again just incase Tyler ever asked.


"Ok" they say in unison.


"Hey" I turn only to come face to face with a smirking Justin.


"Hi" I can't help but blush at the way he's looking at me. Like if there was no one else here in the cafeteria... Just me.


"So I was wondering... What are you doing Friday night?" he says. Maybe he still wanted that date form the bet I lost.




"We have our last soccer game on Thursday and we'll have a party after that so she'll probably be hung over all day and won't want to leave her house, more likely her bed." Jazz interrupts me. She knows me so well.


"I'm throwing the party whether we win or lose" Bonnie adds sitting straighter in her seat and slowly pulling down her blouse but I saw that and they way her eyelids fluttered at Justin. I glared at them not liking the way Bonnie was acting or the ideas Jazz was forming in her head.


"You should come... You know... Support the school... Support the team... Support Skylar!" Jazz says winking at me. Justin coming to my last soccer game? I doubt he'd want to waste his time watching me play.


"We'll in that case if Skylar will be there then I think I might drop by" Justin says smirking at me. My eyes widen. I guess I was wrong.


"Great" Bonnie smiled flirtatiously and winked. She was getting on my nerves. 'Don't lose your cool. They'll find out' I told myself.


"Well I'm going to go. The bells going to ring any minute" I say breaking the awkward silence while standing up. I give my friends a final smile and take a quick look at Justin before walking towards the cafeteria doors and heading out toward the empty hall ways. I needed to get to my locker before class but I also had to get out of there before they could say anything else.


Justin had agreed to watch me at my soccer game. Tyler wasn't going to be there and knowing that Justin was made my heart beat ridiculously. Those stupid butterflies fluttered faster then before just of the thought of him. Oh geez, my feelings for him were strong maybe even strong enough to call this feeling... Love. Oh I was in this far to deep.






************************* (A/N)


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