The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


31. Chapter 31: Work


(Skylar's POV)


It's Sunday morning and for some reason I woke up at seven in the morning. I've been feeling so weak, so stressed. I didn't feel like doing anything today.


I woke up and decided to go downstairs for some breakfast. I walked out of my room and saw Tyler's bedroom door open. I walked towards it and peeked my head through. No one. I shrugged it off and walked down to the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and served myself some cereal because my head hurt way to much for me to actually cook something. Once I was done I put my bowl in the dishwasher and looked around the house for anyone.


No one.


All alone.


I groan and walked up to my room. I went to my desk and took out my Mac laptop. I checked my email and saw I had fifty emails of my dads managing company. I read them and replied. They're working on opening a new store in Canada, something about having a great investment over there.


I wasn't one hundred percent the owner of my fathers old company there was this guy who was close to my father that's been helping me manage since his death. Once I'm eighteen I'll be able to take it over completely. I would give it to my fathers friend but it's one of the many little things I have left from my dad and I didn't have the heart to give something up that he's worked so hard on.


It was about noon when I finished with the management stuff. I was alone and had nothing to do. For a while longer I decided to use my computer for the best of it. I did a little reach online trying to figure out more about Justin and his gang and Jason and his gang. Successfully I found exactly what I needed to know enough about them. All of them were on some 'Wanted' website but they didn't have full pictures of what they actually looked like. Just terrible drawings that looked nothing like them. But what were they doing here? Was it because they were wanted for dealing drugs? Did Justin even deal drugs? Did he kill anyone? Oh God please no! What did he do and why did Justin hate Tyler? Is it just because he hits me? I know it's not right for a 'true man' to hit a women and maybe Justin goes by that type of thing but there had to be more. Maybe they've always been enemies. I'll just have to figure the rest out by myself.


I decided to go for a small jog on the beach. I have work today later at six and I'm pretty excited. I can't wait to play the piano. I would buy one but Tyler won't let me.


I went to my closet, grabbed my soccer Nike shorts (Pic Under (A/N), my Nike sports bra, and headed to my bathroom to change.


When I was done I put on my Nike running shoes (Pic Under A/N),and put my hair in a high pony tail. I grabbed my iPod and earphones. I went down stairs and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge before walking to the beach.


Once I got to the beach, I put my earphones in and I shuffled my iPod and it began to play Five Seconds of Summer. Since I didn't have any pockets on me I had to put it in my sport bra on the side, it was uncomfortable but I didn't want to held that and my water bottle.


I jogged for a good five miles before I stopped for a quick drink, I didn't want to jog a total of ten miles so I walked about three and jogged the last two before I made it back to where I started and walked home to cool down.



When I entered the house I heard people talking. I walked into the kitchen to see Tyler, Danny, and Mark. I went to the fridge and got another water bottle since I finished my first bottle.


"You went for a run" I turn to look at Tyler and nodded.


I finished my water and headed up the stairs. By the way Tyler looked at me and talked, I could tell Danny had told him about what happened last night while he was drunk. I didn't want to be near him, at least not now.


Once I was in my room I went to my closet and took out some white basketball shorts and a black tank top. I went to my bathroom and stripped out of my clothes and took my usual cold shower, it was good for my hair and cool my body down. I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner, then I washed my body with body wash. When I finished I got out and put on my new undergarments, shorts and tank top. I walked into my room and put my dirty clothes in the hamper.


I was brushing my hair in front of my mirror when someone knocked on my door.


"Come in" I told them. I looked passed me in my mirror and saw Tyler walking into my room with something in his hand. When I finished brushing my hair I put it in a high pony tail and faces Tyler.


"Hey" he spoke softly.


"Hi" I whispered and sat on my bed, my legs criss-crossed. He sat at the end of the bed looking at me.


"I'm sorry... For last night... Danny told me what happened and I feel terrible. I didn't mean any of it... And I'm terribly sorry for pushing you... And knocking you out"


I looked at him and saw his face was filled with sadness and worry. Sadness for what he did and the pain he caused me. And worry for me not forgiving me but it was obvious he wouldn't take it any other way and would still make me forgive him. Was he even telling the truth? You know what they say 'Drunks always speak the truth'.


"It ok" I gave him a small smile. I forgive people way to easily but I can't help it! What's the point in holding back pain when you should move forward from it. That's probably why I'm still with Tyler and care for him deeply. I was never truck ever able to let the pain he caused me eat me alive so the only way to get passed it was to forgive and forget. But I know that in time I won't be able to forgive and forget anymore.


He smiled back and looked at the object in his hand. It was a black bag, with I guess something inside.


"I want to give you this" he said handing me the bag. I grabbed it and began to touch the bag to feel what it was.


"Careful. I don't want you to hurt yourself" Tyler said. I gave him a confused look.


"What is it"


"Open it... Carefully"


I opened the little bag and pulled out the 'Black Widow Bowie Knife'. I examined it and my last name engraved into the knife. 'Rezaime' I smiled and put my hand above my last name.


It was a nice gift. I know he needed it for... Whatever reason that involved gang stuff. So for him to give me something of such importance was very thoughtful.


"I engraved your last name on it this morning. I didn't know how to ask for your forgiveness and I know you liked it so I decided to give it to you". 'Forgive and forget' I told myself.


"So it's mine" I smiled and looked up at him.




I looked at the knife and rubbed the engraving of my last name. "Rezaime" I whispered.


"Thank you" I said and reached over to hug Tyler. He hugged me right back. Then I pulled away and sat back where I was.


"Your welcome and it's for you to keep and... To you know... Take care of yourself when I can't" he smiled shyly. I don remember seeing this part of Tyler. Did he really truly change? 'But he called you names and almost forced you into things and hurt you. There's no way' the small voice spoke. I simply nodded towards Tyler as he got up.


"What time is it" I asked Tyler. He pulled out his phone and said "5:30"


"Ah! No! I'm going to be late! I gotta get ready for work!" I said and ran to my closet and put on a pair of jeans and threw on a Hollister sweat (Pic Under A/N). I forgot all about Tyler being in the room when I finished changing. I blushed at the thought of him watching me change. I ignored him and I let my hair down before grabbed my iPod and keys.


"Bye. I'll be back later tonight" I told Tyler and ran out the door leaving Tyler behind in my room. I ran down the stairs, into the garage, and hopped into my Audi R8.


I got to work at 5:58 just a few minutes to spare. I walked to the piano and waved to the employees of the Cafe. I sat on the piano and play 'Dubussy' By Clair De Lune. I truly loved this song. It was soothing and peacefully and calmed the mood of the place. It was good for the people in the Cafe, that way if they red or where doing work it soothed them. I know it did for me.




It was 8:30 when I finished. I got home and went straight to bed. Since I have school tomorrow. 'Just about six more months of school left and I graduate' I thought.


I changed into comfort PJs and went straight to bed. Once my head landed on my pillow I passed out into a peaceful sleep.





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Skylar's Soccer Nike Shorts:


Skylar's Nike Running Shoes:


Skylar's Hollister Sweat Shirt:













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