The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


3. Chapter 3: The New Kid

(One Year Later)    


(Skylar POV)  


It's been a year since my parents death. A year since Tyler moved in. And it's been six month since Tyler began to hit me. I still didn't know why. He kept telling me it was my fault 'his' parents died, I still don't understand. Every night he would beat me till I would bleed or bruise. He told me if I told anyone he would kill me, so I didn't take that risk. Though right now being dead sounds a lot more peaceful then living in this hell of a house with him. My wounds where terrible so when I went to school I had to cover them with make up. Every once in a while he beats me so badly I get a few broken ribs and would have to go to the hospital and I lie to the doctors and say I fell down the stairs or something.   


Yes i'm still in school, though its just my last year and half the year has already passed. We currently only have about five or four months til graduation. It's my Senior year and I always dreamed of making this year memories that would never be forgotten. But Tyler have already given me a few memories himself (Leaving me scars if you didn't get it). 


No one knew about Tyler beating me except his gang and my two best friends Jazz and Bonnie. I met Bonnie in eleventh grade, by the way. I begged them not to tell anyone and to act like they know nothing, for my safety and theirs. 


 Tyler would never beet me in public, only when no one is looking or in front of his so called friends, he wouldn't even hit me in front of Jazz or Bonnie. I felt safe around them, they are the only people I have and trust.     


A week after my parents funeral, it turns out that in their 'will' I got literally everything that belonged to them. The house, my dads Managing Label, I had help with that one from my dads co-workers but I did most of the work at home on the internet. Unless I had to go to a meeting I would either go or send someone for me. They even offered me my moms modeling job, of course I accepted but I had to sneak out so Tyler didn't find out. Good thing he doesn't read magazines. Though it was tough since I had to cover my bruises and scars but they paid very well. I still work at the Cafe as well. But I missed my parents and wished they where her to save me from the monster also known as 'Tyler'.




I woke up to the front door of the house slamming shut. Then with a "OOOH SKYLAAAAAAR!!! I got needs ready for you to fulfill!"   


I knew it was Tyler right away and of course like every Sunday night he would go out and drink with the others and come back early Monday morning drunk and wanting to have sexual contact with me. I would say it was rape but I'm not so sure since he is my so called 'boyfriend'. 


I turned to look at my iPod and it was four in the morning. I decided to act like I didn't hear him and try to go back to sleep since I have to wake up at six and head to school.  


I heard loud foot steps coming up the stairs and walking next to my door. I flinched when I heard the door slam open. I turned to face the drunk Tyler, he was leaning on the door frame with a beer in his hand. He walked up to me slowly almost tripping a few times before he made it to my bed sitting next to me. He took one large gulp of his beer and threw it to the side. He began to unzip his pants then turned to look at me with desire. I felt like throwing up. I was going to get out of bed but before I could he looked at me quickly and laid me down on the bed. His knees rested on each side of my hips and his hand held my hands down so I don't hit him. Then he began to kiss, suck, and lick my neck.  


"GOT OFF OF ME!!!" I scream so he knows that I don't want to do anything with him.  


"Shut up, you don't tell *Hiccup* me what to do..."  


"Get Off, You Sick Perve-" before I could finish my sentence I felt a sting on my right cheek. He had slapped me and I began to cry.     


"You little bitch" he said before planting a sloppy wet kiss on my lips and getting off me but before he left he came back and slapped my right cheek again causing me to squeal in pain. Once he left the room I cried and cried and cried. Then I noticed the sun rising from the beach out of my balcony window starting to appear from behind the curtain. I looked at my iPod and saw that it was already five thirty. I decided to just get up now and take a shower.  


Once I was done with my cold shower I dried my hair and body then slipped on some black skinny jeans with a white v-neck t-shirt that showed my curves perfectly. I put on my Nike's and headed down the stairs carefully not too wake Tyler up from his hangover. I ran into the kitchen and got an apple then while I was about to head up the stairs I heard loud snoring. I walked into the living room and saw him lying there like a douche bag that he is. He started to wake so I quickly sprinted back up to my room.


After covering my bruise with make up and putting on a little eye liner and strawberry lip gloss, I walked out of my room to see Tyler coming up the stairs but before I could turn around and hide in my room he looked at me and grabbed my waist looking deep into my hazel eyes and me having no choice but to looking into his light green eyes.


We where so close that not even air could come between us. I was shocked to what happened next, as he put his lips on mine kissing me passionately, me having no choice but to kiss back unless I wanted to go to school with a new memory of his (A bruise). He then broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. He licked his lips slowly and looked back at my lips to my chest back up to my eyes and smirked  


"I'm going to be late for school" I nearly whispered.


"Mmmhmm fine leave but we'll see what happens when you get back" then he walked into his room. (Yes we don't share a room cause for some reason he couldn't handle looking at me without being disgusted, so he decided to get his own room). 


I headed to the garage and got in my Audi R8 my parents bought me for my 16th birthday. It was one of the things Tyler let me keep as mine.  




(Justin's POV)  


My life has been a mess in the pass year. I don't know what went wrong it just did.   


I'm in a gang and we have some unfinished business with a few guys in California. So 'Chris' (Our Boss/Main Man, whatever you want to call him) decided to send me from Canada to California to finish them. So I did, leaving everything behind. 


The gang bought me a small house near the beach, so I lived alone and it got pretty lonely sometimes but I don't care, it's better then having drama around. I moved to California just a months ago and I was having my first day of school today. The gang decided to send me to school, just to be under cover, probably even find the scum faster. 


 So the Westside Cali gang doesn't expect anything and once I've gotten them I call up the other boys for back up. 


It's the middle (or end) of the school year here in San Francisco so I decided to get to school early to find my classes even though I'm not much of a school kind of guy, mostly there for the ladies, but I can't get kicked out or I'm screwed. Either way I had to get to work soon in order to get things over with.  


I took my Black Nissan GT-R 2014 (Pic Under A/N) to school and as I walked in I felt a few eyes staring at me but I didn't bother looking at them. I was heading to my locker when I saw a girl looking into her locker. She was HOT. She wasn't to fat or to thin, and had curves in the right places. I just couldn't see her face since it was covered with a bit of her hair. I walked to my locker next to the girl and opened it.   


I felt another  pair of eyes on me but awfully close so I turned to where I felt them and saw her staring at me. Her beautiful hazel eyes met my caramel brown ones but she looked as if she had been crying. Her eyes got wider when she realizes that I was look right back at her, so I decided to have  a little bit of fun and winked at her.  


I was going to say something cocky when she quickly looked away when something grabbed her attention behind me.   


I turned to see a guy walking towards us with some other guys, the guy looked familiar but I couldn't think straight. He seemed like the type who thought of himself as a hot shot which made me laugh inside. Ever girl was checking him out and all the guys backed off but wanted to be him. I turned back to look at the girl, she looked nervous. She became very stiff and shaky. The guy got closer so I turned back to my locker.   


I felt another pair of eyes turn to look at me (beside the whole school) but they didn't feel like hers. I looked at the corner of my eye and saw the same guy from the hallway wrap his arms around her waist. Where they dating? Of course, a smokin hot piece like her couldn't be single. I was focused on getting my books when I heard him whisper something to her, loud enough of me to hear.


"Don't Talk To Strangers..." I saw him looking at me for a slight second but I didn't face him. He whispered back in her ear "... You Know The Consequences" And with that he turned her to face him and planted a rough kiss on her lips but she didn't kiss back. Which made me smirk a bit.


He pulled away from her and looked at me, I didn't bother looking back. Soon he walked the opposite direction not turning around. So I looked back at her and she looked at me. When I was gonna speak up, a tear slid down here cheek, then the bell rung and I saw her run down the hall probably heading to her class.


"What the hell?" i said as I saw here walk down the hallway. 


I turned back to my locker and walked to my class as well. What the hell did I do? What did he do? Girls... So complicated.  


I walked in to the classroom and noticed a familiar face.   


"Ahh yes, Mr. Bieber, welcome the class... or should I saw school. Please take a seat in the back next to...? She looked around for a second. "Ahh... Skylar"        





************************ (A/N)    


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Justin's Black Nissan GT-R 2014:    



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