The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


29. Chapter 29: Out




When we got to my driveway I escaped out of Zac's grasp and ran towards the door. I turned the knob and pushed the door open. I heard talking coming from the kitchen but I after what Zac had told me I didn't want to be anywhere near Tyler.


I was barely up the step of the stairs when someone grabbed my forearm and jerked me backwards making me stubble.


"Where do you think your going? Tyler wants to see you" Zac said with clench teeth. Why was he mad?


He pulled me into the kitchen and cleared his throat making him and I known to the others.


I felt uncomfortable since I was only wearing my bikini. I didn't have time to cover up as Zac wanted to get me home and away from Justin as soon as possible. Of course Kevin and Luis had their mouths hanging open, almost drooling, which made me roll my eyes. Mark and Danny just stood checked me out with a raised eyebrow, who knows what the hell they were thinking. Then there's Tyler who look, confused, relived, and finally settled with pure anger.


"Where. Were. You!" Tyler spoke lowly then began to shout while walking towards me. He was scaring me. I was back where I started. I was looking at the Tyler who never once truly cared and only hurt me when doing the littlest mistakes. 'He'll never change' I thought.


"I was just at the beach" I spoke softly.


"With. Who." he spoke through gritted teeth, now in front of me. His face only inches from mines I could feel his cool breath hit my face.


"No one" I lied. That's probably got to be the best I've done in lying since he seemed to have believed me. He must still think I was afraid to pay attention to other males. Especially gang members. Or basically just the 'new kid', Justin.


Zac chuckled from behind me and I turned to give him a look, pleading that he doesn't say anything involving the guys at the beach. I kissed him for this god dammit. He stopped chuckling but kept a smirk on his face.


"What! Why The Fuck Are You Laughing. Huh!? Is This Funny To You" Tyler lost it and began to shout, a vain popping out from his neck and forehead. I remember that look, that familiar freighting look. I was pushed aside and released from Zac's hold as Tyler stood right in his face. Zac's smirk quickly disappeared and his eyes suddenly fill with anger. What's been crawling up his ass?


"And If It Is.. The Hell Are You Going To Do About It" he yelled back.


I'm guessing Tyler didn't like his attitude since he swung his arm back and flung it towards Zac, punched him straight in the face causing Zac to stumble back a bit. He touched his lip which was now cut open and bleeding. He charged at Tyler and tackled him into the counter. Tyler groaning in pain. Zac punched him in the stomach continually but Tyler quickly pushed him off and gave Zac another good punch in the face. 'Why the hell weren't the others doing anything' I though. I was frustrated, I just wanted to be alone but these two idiots would kill each other if this wasn't stopped. I don't know what was happening between the two but this was to far. I guess I'll have to do something. Some friends these two had.


Now they were both on the ground Tyler on top of Zac punching him repeatedly wherever he found a spot that Zac wasn't trying to block.


"Tyler Stop! Quite it!"


He ignored me and I had no choice but to get physically involved. I grabbed his arm that he was using to punch Zac.


"I said sto-" It happened so fast I wasn't able to stop anything from happening before Tyler pushed me him with so much force I lost my balance and hit my head on the island marble counter then onto the hard wood floor causing my vision to blur and my hearing to fade. I barely see the three figures pulling Zac and Tyler apart and another figure picking me up. Now they do something. Idiots. I was suddenly lifted into someone's arms, my head bobbed as I was carried bridal style and taken up the stairs. You could still hear the yelling and a few punches being thrown down stairs. The blurry figure set me on my bed and that's when I couldn't see, hear, or feel anything. I blacked out.






I woke up to someone stroking my hair... And the sudden pain in the side of my head. I moaned in pain and moved my hand to the side of my head to touch the now swollen area. Once I touched what ever the hell that was on my head I winced in pain. 'Definitely swollen' I though. There was a huge bump and the pain was horrible. I softly touched it with my eyes still close not aware that someone was in my room. I was to afraid to see if it was Tyler. What if Zac told him about t the guys at the beach, I was a goner.


"Aye! Your awake how you feeling?" that is definitely not Tyler.


I open my eyes slowly as they tried to adjust to the light inside my bedroom and turn to see who was next to me. Danny. I don't really know him very well. He's been here and there with me but not so much that I trusted him. But like everyone else in Tyler's gang he probably thought I was a distraction to Tyler but strafe my they've all changed their acts around me, like Tyler. Except for Zac of course.


"Yes and No" he spoke quietly. He probably knew about the massive headache I was getting all of a sudden.


"Do you want me to get you anything"


"Maybe something for my head?" I squeezed my eyes shut as I placed my palm softly on the the bump on my head.


"Sure thing. I'll be right back" Danny said while getting up and leaving my room.


This week has sure been something. From bad to good and back again.


Tyler stopped hitting me for a suspicious reason I still had to find out about but turns out it was just an act as he lost it and pushed me which literally knocked me out. Zac hasn't told Tyler but has forced me to kiss him, almost got his way with me at school and punched me. Jason is still a creep, maybe creepier than ever. Then there's Justin. Everytime I hear his name I swear a dozen butterflies flutter in my belly. My head blocks out everything except him and my heart seems to want to fall out of my chest. My feelings for him are strong and I know without a doubt that I've let myself fall. Now I was just afraid he wouldn't be there to catch me when I told him what I truly felt. Whenever I see him I just want to jump in his arms and never let him go. He makes me happy, he makes me feel safe, he makes me feel loved. He's everything a girl can ask for. Except for the fact that he's in a gang and so is his cousin and my current boyfriend. So they must all hate each other in a way.


I closed my eyes for a second just to relax. This bump or bruise, whatever, is giving me a massive headache. 'What the hell is taking him so long' I thought. I laid on my back with the covers keeping me warm for a few more minutes when my door opened. I opened my eyes to see Danny with two pills in his hands and a glass of water.


"Here. Take this and drink this"


"Thank you" I said as I sat up and took the pills. Then drank all the water that was handed to me in a glass.


"Ya no problem. You're ok though right"


"Yes. Thank you." I said with a small smile. He always seemed to worry about me. Always thought I wasn't the type to be hanging around with people like Tyler and the others.


"Ok" he said.


I pulled the covers down from my chest a bit and looked down to notice I was wearing a huge white t-shirt that stopped right under my bum and I was still in my bikini.


"I put the shirt over you. I thought it would be weird if you saw me here and you were half naked on the bed, passed out" he said with a nervous look. Always taking care of me. I should worry about him more. He's to kind to be ignored. Why is he friend with Tyler?


"Oh. Thanks. I guess" I blushed. I couldn't help it. He carried me when I was half naked and stuck with me until I woke up. It would have been awkward if he left me like this with him in the room.


"Do you need anything else" he said suddenly standing up.


"Where are you going" 'Did I really just say that' I thought. Now I was sure my face was red from embarrassment.


"Um... Down stairs. Watch a movie or something. Want to come?"


"Uh... Where's Tyler?" Why hasn't he come and check on me. Was he still mad. Was he even home?


"After I brought you up here I went back downstairs to check on they other but he was gone. I think he needed to calm down." He spoke softly as he watched my reaction.


"Oh" I was disappointed. I would rather have him here then Danny. Unless Tyler was mad then I prefer Danny here. He's sweet and is taking good care of me for someone who doesn't know me much. "How long have I been out" I continued.


"About three hours"


"What?! I was out for three hours!" Shouldn't have I gone to the hospital? I probably have a massive concussion.


"Calm down. Your ok now. That's a good thing... Right?"


"I guess" It could have been much worse. I could have not woken up. Or lost my memory. It could have turned out terribly wrong.


"So what about that movie?" He tried to change the topic and it worked.


"Um sure. But can you help me to my closet so I can get some clothes and change" I said awkwardly. I could barely feel my leg and I know for sure once I got up i'd fall straight back down.




Danny helped me up slowly and we made our way to my closet. The pills still haven't kicked in yet and the pain was still there, probably worse then before thanks to all the talking, thinking and moving. My head felt as if it were on fire.


"You ok?" Danny sounded very concerned. My facial expression was probably giving it all away.


"Yeah. It's just a little headache"


"Those pills should work in a few minutes"


I nodded and grabbed some dark grey sweats, a white tank top, a bra, and panties.


"Umm. Can you help me to my bathroom" which was on the other side of the room.


"Yea. Come on" Mark grabbed one of my hands and holds me up with his other hand around my waist. Once we reached the bathroom he entered with me.


"Can you handle it from here" he asked nervously.


"Yea. I'll just take a quick shower" I gave him a small smile. He walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him.


I stripped out of the shirt and bikini and stepped into the shower. I rinsed off all the sand off my body and in my hair. I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner then scrubbed my body with body wash. When I was done I dried my body and hair. I changed into the clothes I brought in with me and put my hair in a messy bun. I walked to the door, my head feeling a lot better, and put the dirty clothes into the hamper.


I saw Danny sitting on my bed looking at his phone.


"Ready" I told him to get his attention.


"Ok let's go"


We went down stairs and into the living room.


"I'll go make some popcorn and you can pick out a movie" he told me.


I looked at the movie and decided on something we'd both like, 'Guardians Of The galaxy'. I put the movie in the DVD player and sat on the couch. Danny walked back in and sat next to me with a bowl of popcorn and a beer.



"I didn't know you like this movie" he said looking down at me. I looked up at him and smiled.


"It's really funny. I like it."


"Yeah. It's better then what other chicks would have played."


"Like The Notebook"


"Oh hell no. Don't get me started on that one."


"Then I suggest to keep quiet and watch before I change my mind" I smirked at him and he had a straight face plastered across his face.


"Where are the others" I asked randomly.


"Zac was also pissed off so he left to, god nows where. Kevin and Luis went back to our place with Mark"


"So you choose to stay here with me" I said looking straight into his green eyes as he looked into my hazel ones.


"Yea" I nodded and turned back to the movie.




Towards the ending of the movie I began to tear up a bit. When Groot said "We are Groot" when he decided to risk his life for his friends. It was so cute and sad I couldn't help but let a tear slip.


"Are you crying" Danny said.


"No" I said whipping a few tears.


"Sure. Ok." he said with a sarcastic tone.


"It's a very sad part in the mo-" I was interrupted by the front door slamming open.




"Fuck" Danny suddenly mumbled.


"What" That couldn't be good. It was an hour Til midnight and Tyler barely got home.


"Tyler's drunk" of course. Why am I not surprised.


"SKYLAR! I know You Can Here Me. You Stupid Bitch!" And we're back to where we started, name calling and physical and mental pain. We were all good just a few hours ago. What's gotten into him. Did he find out? What happened when I passed out?



"Skylar! Answer me God Dammit! I'm not feeling generous tonight so we're doing it my way!" Tyler said while laughing at the last part.


The sound of something breaking caused me to jump in fright.


"Oh my god" I whispered in fear. I put my arms around Danny's torso and hid my face in his chest. I don't want to be near him I don't want him to force himself on me when he's drunk. Just thinking about it made a tear slip out of my eye. It almost happened once and it got far enough that I was only in my bra and panties until luckily Mark and Danny had heard me.


Today just isn't my day.







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