The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


26. Chapter 26: Different

(Not Edited! Forgive My Errors!)




"Watch Out!"


I didn't know what was coming or from which direction but I knew it was indicated to me. Not even a second after it was yelled out I had covered my head with my arms, held my eyes and mouth tightly shut, and brought my knees up almost as if to protect my stomach. Just then I felt something hard hit my arm and sand fly all over me. It was a good thing my mouth and eyes were shit or that would have been a major problem.


I quickly stood up with my eyes still shut as I gently but harshly tried to get rid of the sand on my face and stomach. "What The Hell" I coughed out as a bit of sand made it past my lips.


I rubbed my hands together to get rid of the sand there and whipped my eyes before opening them and looking down at my towel. It was cover with sand and only a foot away stood a soccer ball.


Looking up to confront the owners of the ball and of my small sand storm I noticed two guys around my age running towards me while one jogged about five feet behind them.


I had the intention to give them a piece of my mind but soon realized that the two guys running in my direction looked awfully familiar. Once they nearly a yard away I recognized the two as Chaz and Ryan from school. Just my luck, maybe they can tell me where to find Jason or better yet Justin. I saw them hanging out a few times at school maybe they've hung out outside of school as well.


"Ah sorry about that" Chaz-I think was his name- spoke shyly.


Before I could reply the other one-whom I assumed to be Ryan- cut me off "Hey your Skylar Rezaime, right?".


"Yeah" I simply nodded.


"I'm Ryan and this is Chaz" and just as I thought he pointed to himself as Ryan and Chaz as the one who spoke shyly.


"I know"


"You do?" Chaz asked, truly curious. They probably thought I wouldn't know any other guys except Tyler and his gang.


"Yes. We go to the same school and I'm sure we have a class together as well."


"Oh right" Chaz said rubbing the back of his neck, his cheeks turning a light pink.


"Yo Ryan... Chaz... What's taking you guys so loooo.. Ooh well hello there" a tall blond with spiked hair and blue eyes said smirking. I already didn't like him.


"Hello" I replied either way.


"Woah! Who's this sexy chick" another one with dark brown hair said. I didn't recognize either one of these two. They probably didn't go to school with us and they did seem a bit older maybe a year or two.


"You guys this is 'Skylar Rezaime'" Ryan turned to the two with raised eyebrows gesturing towards me.


Their eyes literally almost popped out of their sockets. Did they know me because of Tyler and his gang? He is known around here but not much to the authorities.


"Wait! The one that Chris talked to Jason about" the blond one blurted out without thinking.


Who's Chris and why where they talking about me with Jason? The name did ring a bell and then it hit me, Jason said something about Justin's man-Chris-calling him to watch me. Which was totally uncalled for.


"Yeah" Chaz said looking at me. I wondered what was going through his mind. Or actually all of their minds.


"Skylar this is Sam..." he suddenly spoke pointing to the blond haired one "... That's Max" he said pointing to the dark brown haired one.


"And I'm Dan" another one with lighter brown hair said behind them. He walked up to me, took my hand and kissed it. I pulled my hand back slowly yet awkwardly and replied back with a simple "Hello." Another cocky one. They just never stop do they.


Although they all seemed way to full of themselves they were very attractive. Neither one of them wore shirts leaving their body of art to share with everyone who walked by and took notice. They all obviously worked out by the looks of their defines six packs. Nothing I haven't seen before.


Once I had finished looking each one of them over with the same bored expression I came to realize they were doing the exact same as I was moment ago. Their eyes wondered my body as if it were a map and they searched for treasure and as if they had their eyes lingered on my chest. I was fit since I played soccer ever since I was about six. I also ran as much as I could to keep my stamina. I rolled my eyes as they didn't even try to hide the way they looked at my body, but I was half naked and they where hormonal guys. Who could truly judge the full male population now a days? Obviously us women but this is getting is topic.


"What's a beautiful girl like you doing out here" Dans' spoke with his eyes lingering on my legs then finally up to my eyes where he notices them to be slightly glaring at all of them. If Tyler found out or saw any of this their heads would be rolling.


"Well it is the beach and the sun never really is this warm in San Fransisco so I decided to enjoy the rare weather as others have as well" I gestured to the families, friends and other enjoying the suns warmth on the beach.


"Oooh" Dan said clearly embarrassed since it was obvious. They had obviously thought the same as they were here playing soccer in the warm sand.


"So your here alone" Ryan broke the slightly awkward silence.


"Yeah" I was caught off guard and clearly confused with his question, or rather yet statement.


Sam smirked and gave Ryan a look. Then Ryan shook is head from side to side signifying an obvious 'no'.


"Why" I spoke my thought.


"No reason" Ryan shrugged.


I was beyond confused with these five guys standing before me. I had no idea what their intentions were. I forgot why I was even still standing with them... Justin!


"Ok so can I talk to you Ryan... Alone?" I asked blankly.


All of them except Ryan "Oooh'd" and patted his shoulder or back as if he had won a Nobel prize, which ticked me off. All I wanted to do was ask him if he knew where Justin lived or if he could contact Jason for me. Jason said he knew Chaz and Ryan since they were in the same Gang. Which must have meant that Sam, Max, and Dan were also in the same gang.


"Sure" Ryan pulled me out of my thoughts by answering.


Once we were at a far distance from the others I turned to face as he stopped about three feet away with his arms crossed.


"So what up" Ryan asked.


"Do you know Justin?" What a stupid question! Of course he know him but does he know where he lives?




"Yea..." Was there another one that I didn't know about? Probably.


"Why" he raised an eyebrow.


"I need his address" I had to get straight to the point.


"I would have to call his cousin Jason" wow he didn't even ask why.


"Ok" he took his phone out (which were in his swim trucks that I haven't noticed had pockets) and began to scroll through it.


I was standing pretty close to him but I couldn't hear what Jason was saying back to Ryan.


"What's your cousins address here in Cali" does Justin own another house not in Cali? I thought he moved here. Or just temporarily. I haven't seen his parents or any siblings, if he has any.


I could hear mumbling coming from the other side but wasn't escritoire sure what Jason was telling Ryan."Alright Thank"


"Biebers girl is asking for it" he answered back. Bieber girl? If anything I was Tyler's girl. But I couldn't lie. Hearing someone call me as Justin's cause my stomach to burst with butterflies. My heart warmed to the thought is me and Justin. But then I remember what he did to Tyler and I can't help but I can't help but ignore the feelings.


"Yea down by the beach" was he telling him where I was? Was Jason coming? Or Justin?


"So why did you need Justin's address?" Ryan hung up the phone and looked at me.


"No reason... Did you get?" I asked eagerly. The sooner I got to his place the sooner I got my answers.


"Yeah. Alright" we walked back to where the others where and grabbed my iPod from my bag (since I didn't have a phone) and opened the notes for Ryan to write the address down.


"Want to hang out with us" Max suddenly asked. He was cute. In a brother kind of way.


"Um..." I really just wanted to go see Justin asap.


"Come on. We don't bite" Dan joined in.


"Unless you want us too" Sam said. Who got elbowed in the stomach by Ryan. I raised an eyebrow at that.


"Sure" I said surprising them. It wouldn't hurt to play a little soccer. But I just hopped it was a quick one.


"Great. You play soccer" Max said.


"A little" I shrugging as if I wasn't much of a sports player. But my body said other wise.


"You good?" Sam asked.


I liked that they didn't know I played soccer for varsity at my school and we won finals two years straight. Also that we're playing this Friday for the championship. (A/N: I changes the game day from Tuesday to Friday). I'm surprised Ryan and Chaz haven't said anything.


"I guess" I said bent over and picked up the soccer ball that was close by my feet. My eyes landed on the boys again as they watched me closely. Well my back side.


"Alright so are we gonna play or are you guys just gonna keep staring at my ass" If they knew Tyler then they probably wouldn't even be talking to me or they did know him and didn't care. They were their own gang after all.


"I don't mind sta--" Sam said but he was cut off when Chaz punched his stomach to stop him from continuing his sentence. Sam bent over and gasped for air. Chaz must have hit him pretty hard.


"Shut Up" Chaz mumbled.


"Let's go then" Dan turned to head back to where they recently were playing as Dan picked teams.


"Ok, so Me, Skylar, and Ryan VS. Sam, Max, and Chaz" Dan spoke confidently.


"Why do you guys get Skylar" Sam whined. I rolled my eyes at that.


"She doesn't mind... Right?" He said looking at me.


I simply shrugged.


We played for a while and let me tell you, they did not see my soccer moves coming. We played for an hour and my team was winning, the score was literally 7-3.


I was currently running towards their goal when Max wrapped his arms around my waist and spun me around in the air.


"Aaah! What are you doing" I jokingly yelled but clearly off guard. I felt uncomfortable with him holding me-half naked- like this, as if we knew each other's since diapers. But we just met today and he was one of Tyler's enemies. It felt weird.


"You keep making the shot. I thought you said you were ok. Not Great" he yelled.


He suddenly tripped and I fell on top of him. I was lying on his stomach and he had his hand on my waist. It was an awkward position for me to be in. My knees where on either side of his hips my hands on his chest stopping my self from making anymore contact. My eyes widen and began to lift myself off him but Max held on tighter. I could feel eyes on us as I continued to create more space between us when suddenly I heard a cold deep familiar voice.


"Well Hello Skylar"




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Who's team are you on? Why did Justin do it? Was it even Justin?


Sorry I haven't been updating! I've had a lot of school work and i'm playing soccer this season and the next so I'm focusing on that and trying to get onto my school soccer team. I'll try to update more!


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