The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


25. Chapter 25: Alike

(Bonnie's POV)

After walking out of Sky's room I had to ask Jazz something that has been on my mind all day.

"So have you seen Skylar and that new kid, I think his name was Justin. They've been hanging out a lot lately don't you think?"

"Yes!" Jazz yelled. She seemed to have had the same thoughts in her mind as well.

"Sssshh! Anyways I don't know what's up but he's been all googly eyes with her" I didn't like that the new kid had eyes for Skylar when she was taken. I was available and a lot better looking then Skylar. She can't have Justin AND Tyler. It doesn't work that way!

"I saw him the day we went to McDonalds for lunch yesterday at school" she informed.

"When we walked out the door I saw them talking and he looked upset or something" Hopefully it was the end of whatever was starting so I can swoop in and claim what should have been mine.

"I don't know but he seems off to me" Jazz said scooting further into her seat on the couch.

"Me too"

"I heard he was in a gang" Jazz suddenly gasp. The roomers she's been hearing running through her thoughts. It didn't surprise me. Tyler was the leader of one, I knew a few other kids that were in one as well but I didn't know much, but what was Justin doing here? Was he a new gang member? Here for business? What does he have with Skylar and what does it have to do with Tyler?

"Whatever he's no good. Especially for Skylar. She's been through a lot with Tyler" I try to sound genuinely concerned for my 'best friend'.

"Yea. But she said that Tyler's changed. We should just be there for her" Jazz actually sounded sincere which causes me to roll my eyes. She just didn't get it

"Ok" I said and turned the tv on while we waited for Sky.

We were talking about the new kid 'Justin' for crying out loud. He was something but he always looked at Skylar in a strange way. I had a thing for him. Obviously who wouldn't?! I mean his gorgeous features and he's a bad boy which I love. I would so 'take a ride' with that Greek God looking creature but I wouldn't mind being more than friends. Having him to call mine would drive everyone nuts, especially Skylar and it was about time she felt what it was like to be shoved and pushed away from having a 'trophy'.

I was ripped out of my thoughts when Sky came running down the stairs. "Hey guys. I'm ready" she smiled and I couldn't help but return it. Even if it meant nothing.

"Finally" me and Jazz said in unison. We laughed and were headed towards the door when we saw a very attractive Tyler coming down the stairs.

If only he had eyes for me and NOT someone as low and selfish as Skylar.


(Skylar's POV)

We were in my car driving to the mall. I was thinking of my little encounter with Zac once everyone left the room.

--------- Flashback-

I heard everyone leave and when I turned around I saw Zac smirking at me.

"So... You and Tyler? What happened there" he asked. He looked clearly annoyed at me and Tyler's quick change it affection.

"He's my boyfriend" I said easily. But I wasn't sure if I was telling him or convincing myself.

"Baby..." He said walking towards me "... I can treat you better"

But before he can reach me I headed towards the front door to find safety and luckily I found Tyler.

-End Of Flashback-------------

Who knows what would have happened if they all left me behind with him.

He disgust me and I couldn't stay in the same room as him any longer. Everything he's ever done to me sickened me. Touching me, looking at me, even breathing around me made me nauseous.

Things have changed with me and Tyler and I seemed to have forgiven him to easily but it was either that or live with my past haunting me. I've been there through the deaths of my parents and it only brought pain so when I finally moved on Tyler seemed to have turned and created more pain and now that he's changed back maybe we can move on through this and carry on with what we had. It easier said then done. If Tyler changed a month ago I would have no problem in being with him but ever since Justin showed up, I'm havering my doubts. But then again I'm 'worthless' to him so there's no point in trying for him either.

Whatever was happening between me and Justin was moving to fast for me to keep up and I want sure if I liked that. I've never been one trust someone so easily but with Justin it just happened. Only hot it to blow up in my face and for myself to close down again.

I didn't even realize we already entered the mall until I heard Bonnie say. "Let's Go To Forever 21"

We walked there and bought a few clothes. We did the same at a few other stores and when we got to Hollister Jazz and Bonnie wanted to go to Aeropostale, so we split up.

I was looking passed the rack of clothes when someone cleared their throat from behind. My heart clenched and my mind fuzzed. I was sure who it was but I didn't want it to be either one of the two. Both caused some type of pain to me yesterday and I wasn't ready to face either one of them. I couldn't even tell who it was since they both looked alike and the light in the store is terrible.

"Yes?!" I said a clearly annoyed with his presence. I wasn't ready to face either one of them.

"What you doing babe" he said casually. With a smirk clear on his face.

"Really? What does it look like I'm shopping" I didn't like that his was here bothered my free time. Now that Tyler changed it seemed to have put down some old boundaries like going out far or for to long. I was talking advantage of my freedom. The person in front of me was ruining that and my good mood.

"Alone?" Justin or Jason said looking around. I couldn't tell who it was. Part of me hoped for it to be Jason so I wouldn't have to deal with Justin and whatever it was he had to tell me. His words hurt me yesterday and I wasn't sure if I could accept whatever it was he was going to tell me. Then again the other half of me hoped for it to be Justin so I wouldn't have to face Jason and his filthy hands.

"Follow me" I said to him. He followed and I stopped right above the light where I could see a clear smirking Jason.

"What do you want Jason?" I crossed my arms over my chest, annoyed with his presence.

"Ow, I have feeling too" he places his hands on his heart as if I wounded him.

"If your just going to waste my time I'm going to continue my shopping" Ever since Tyler changed he seemed to lay back just a little to let me breath and I liked having a bit more freed then before. I was taking advantage of the new Tyler before things blew up in my face.

"Listen babe I told you I have to watch you AND I have some interesting news that you'd like to hear" he responded casually.

I was about to walk away when he mentioned the news.

"Ok? Keep going" I encouraged him to continue. Genuinely curious about what he had to say.

"Well I heard about your precious boyfriend being shot last night" he said as if he was talking about the weather!

"You Shot Him!" I yelled, coming to the conclusion that he was the shadow who ran away past our house last night. I remembered him telling me to stay away from Justin or he'd shoot Tyler. But I haven't seen Justin all day yesterday since lunch time at school where he called me 'worthless' and canceled our bet.

"Ssssh. Keep it down baby!" he shushed me as a worker walked by. He gave her an award winning smile and by the poor lighting in this store I was barely able to see the small blush covering her cheeks as she walked away from us. His eyes lingered on her back side before turning around- with an amused expression- to face me. "And no 'I' didn't shoot him, but he looks awfully familiar"

"What do you mean" I didn't want to waste my time trying to put these stupid pieces together when he could simple tell me.

"Just think about it" then he turned and left the store.

'Awfully familiar' those word repeated in my mind. I didn't pay for anything since I never found anything to buy thank to Jason's surprise visit, note my sarcasm, so I walked to the food court where I would find Jazz and Bonnie.

"Hey. Well I don't know about you guys put my feet hurt and I have to say I 'Shopped Til I Dropped'" Jazz said. I loved how Jazz could always change my mood in only seconds.

"Me too" Bonnie said.

"Ok I'll drive you guys home"

We walked out of the mall and I took Bonnie then Jazz to their place. I got to my driveway and sat in my car. 'Awfully Alike'. When it hit me.

"Justin" I all but screamed. I jumped when I hit the car horn out of fright. But why would Justin do such a thing? I needed to find him to get answered to my questions But how could I find him?

That ass hole. What was he thinking? What was he doing there anyways? I have to find him and confront him. But how? I would either have to find him or Jason. I should have thought of this sooner so I could have immediately asked Jason to take me to see Justin. And now I'm sitting in my car wondering why and how he would do such a thing. What did I do? I didn't call him worthless or cancel our bet.

I got out of my car and into the house. I put the shopping bags in my room and had nothing to do. I looked out at my balcony and saw the sun high up in the sky. 'It is a nice day' I thought to myself. It was rare that the sun would actually warm up the day. Especially in San Francisco since we where so close to the ocean. It brought grey clouds that covered the suns warmth and a breeze that caused goosebumps to form on your arm when you walked outside.

"I guess I'll go to the beach" I said while walking to my closet to pick out a bikini to wear. I didn't have many since I barely went to the beach due to the frequent cold weather but Bonnie had a pool at hers so it was convenient to own a few.

I got out a matching purple bikini and changed. I grabbed a bag and put in sunscreen, tan lotion, a towel, and my iPod.

I put on my white short shorts over my bikini bottom and wore a white tank top (Pic Under A/N) showing off the bikini top. I put on my sunglasses and my flip flops.

I decided to walk since it was just less than a block away and since gas wasn't cheep now a days it seemed nice to walk.

When I got to the beach I laid my towel on the warm sand. I took my shorts and shirt off and lied down on my towel. I decided to tan a bit before going out for a swim. Not many people were out, I would have guessed there to be about fort more thanks to the warm sun shinning bright in the sky but then again they could have gone somewhere else to enjoy the warm weather.

I probably should have asked Bonnie and Jazz to going me. But then again I like to have time to myself and think things through.

Like how I was going to get Justin to answer my curious questions towards Tyler and Jason. When more specifically. I would just have to wait til Monday to ask him. Away from Tyler and anyone else. The idea of talking to him so soon made my stomach flip. In a bad way or good? I wasn't sure but just the thought of Justin made my insides burn. He was something else and I wasn't sure if I should be worried or curious to continue. But from the words he told me at school it seemed as if I won't be finding out.

My thoughts about Justin were interrupted when I heard someone yell.

"Watch Out!"

************************* (A/N)




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