The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


24. Chapter 24: Broken & Worried


(Justin's POV)




"We don't care what you say. We're coming down there. Your a mess" Chris ordered on the other line of the phone.


"Who told you that... It's total bullshit. I'm fine" I slurred. I was numb all last night. I couldn't think straight and the only way to get things off my chest and my mind something else  was to go to a random club, hooked up with some random chick and get shit faced drunk. Once I got hope early next morning I went straight to my fridge to drink some more.


"Listen Justin. I know your drunk. I've known you since you were a toddler. All this shit is fucking you and the plan up" 


"You don't know shit!" I yelled. 


"Alright, we'll be there later tonight. In the mean time DON'T do anything stupid"


"Haha. No promises." I didn't wait for his response and hung up right away.


I got up from the couch I was sitting on in my living room before going  to the fridge in the kitchen and getting myself another beer. I lost count on how many I had after seven but by the number of bottles laying around in the house, I'm pretty sure I've already passed twelve. 


I walked out to the backyard and lit up a cigarette. It calmed me down. A joint would have done me better but it seemed that I've already ran out. Images from last night burned my thoughts and I had no clue on how to get rid of them. I didn't know what I was going to do. I had to get my mind of things. But how?







(Tyler's POV)





I pulled away from the kiss and smiled at her. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I might be falling in love with her again, thinking that I once lost it once I heard of the accident. I always feel my stomach flip when she kisses me back and touches me without me having to force her. Cheesy I know, but it was going to take more then just a few kisses and sweet words to gain her trust. She was always a hard shell to crack when it came to trust. Ever since losing her parents and me turning on her she's had her doubts on others. Except her two best friends who nearly thought wrong of my intentions but I wouldn't blame them I've done some horrible things. And I should be mad that they know because I specifically told Sky not to tell anyone but I guess I can let it slide as long as they keep they're mouths shut.


 But in order for things to go as plan I'd have to start with Skylar's trust. That's exactly what I'll do. But I have to make sure she doesn't leave me or the money Mark wants, to pay back the Up North Canadian Gang, would slip out of our hands and I would be to blame.


"I'm going to be heading out but I'll be home tonight. Alright?"


Skylar nods and hugs me, which actually surprises me. Without hesitation I hug her back as she pulls away just enough to look up at me.


"I think me and the girls are going to the mall or something anyways"


"Ok. Be careful" I whisper. I don't like the idea of Skylar being out for so long and in such an open area. No one is safe in a city full of drug dealers and men with guns. Now that The Canadian Gang has come out for the money we haven't delivered it could be dangerous for her. Taking away a gang leaders girl can be anyone's weakness and Skylar will definitely be mine.


"I should be telling you the same thing" she surprises me by saying. I'm not sure whats running through her mind but she seems to be forgiving me rather quickly for half the shit I've done. If I was her I wouldn't touch myself for a year but then again I'm not complaining about her actions or thoughts.


"Hey" I bring her attention back so she could look at me. "I'm always careful"


"Yea except when you get shot by someone out of nowhere" she said while gesturing to my shoulder. 'Who the hell was that, by the way' I thought.


"Very funny" I said sarcastically.


"I know" she smiled from ear to ear. My heart burned for that smile. The smile I once broke millions of times in the past.


Gosh she was beautiful. Beautiful and mine. I leaned over and kisses her slowly and passionately. She pulled away and smiled.


"I'll see you down stairs before you leave?" She asked.


"Sure" I said as she walked into her closet and took out some clothes. She got into her bathroom and smiled at me before closing the door. I left the room and let her do what she had to do. I was walking to my room when I heard Skylar's friends talking downstairs.


"I heard he was in a gang" one of them said.


"Whatever he's no good. Especially for Skylar. She's been through a lot with Tyler" the other said.


"Yea. But she said that Tyler changed. We should just be there for her" the first one said.


"Ok" the other one said and I heard the television turn on.


Who where they talking about. Me? 


I walked into my room and headed towards the shower. Once I was done I wrapped a towel around my waist, above my v-line. I walked to my closet. And pulled out some black jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and my black and white Vans. Something casual. 


I got dresses, brushed me teeth, fixed my hair (Pic Under A/N) then headed down stairs to find Skylar and the other two of her friends by the door. They all shot their heads up at me. Sky kept looking at me but the other two faced her and said "We'll wait by the car". 


"Alright" Sky said watching them as they walked out.


She looked back at me and gave me a weak smile.


"Are they still not over it... Me changing?"


"I don't care if they're not. As long as 'I' do I'm fine with that"


I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist. She wrapped her arms around my neck. Another surprising gesture.


"Did you eat anything?" She asked. Again another surprise.


"No" I answered honestly. Although I did have that hot chocolate she gave me, but I don't count that as a proper meal. I was simply going to grab something on the way to the guys place.


"Come one I'll make you a sandwich real quick" she dragged me into the kitchen and sat me on a stood on the island across from her. She pulled out the bread, some lettuce, ham, mayo, and a few peppers. Just they way I like it. 


I took the moment to look at Skylar. Like always she was beautiful. Her hair loose slightly curled at the end. She had some white short shorts that showed off her ass perfectly and was wearing a tight shirt that made her chest pop out a bit. She had a little eye liner and mascara. Even if she didn't wear makeup she'd be beautiful.


She was putting everything together when we both jumped at the front door was slammed open and a bunch of guys yelling 'Tyler!' and  'Honey I'm home!!'. Idiots.


I rolled my eyes and yelled back "In here" soon Mark walked in followed by Danny, Luis, Kevin, and Zac.


"Hey" Mark said giving me a quick nod which I returned.


"Aye what's up. Aye guys" I said nodding towards the others. They nodded back and I saw Zac looking at Sky. I turned back to look at Sky and saw she was bending over the counter a bit trying to reach for a plate. Her height making it difficult for her to reach. Her back towards us so her bum was sticking out. I looked back at Zac and he was biting his lips. I got up from the stool and got the plate down for Skylar. Not liking the way her looked at her.


She looked at me confused but soon changed it into a smile.


"Thank You" She reached up and kissed my cheek. Another surprise gesture but I didn't make it noticeable.


"No prob, doll" I smirked trying to mask my surprised look from the guys.


"Alright well we gotta get going soon" Danny spoke up interrupting me and Skylars' small 'moment'.


"Okay" I said and began to walk but before I could take a third step I felt a small hand take a hold of my much larger one. I looked down at my hand then up at Skylar.


"Your not leaving til you eat something" she said in a serious tone. Can she be anymore surprising. What have I done to deserve someone so beautiful and caring? After everything I've done she treats me so well and I don't feel that I deserve that.


"It's alright baby, I'm not hungry anymore" I smiled genuinely at her. Something I haven't done in forever.


"Please" she whined giving me puppy eyes. I looked up at the guys and they shrugged their shoulders. I turn back at Sky as she waited for an answer, the same look on her face but with a pout on her kissable pink lips. I sighed before answering.


"Okay" she smiled widely and dragged me next to the counter.


"Here" she said passing me the sandwich and a beer.


"Thanks" I turned to her just as she turned to me and before I battled with myself, and not wanting the guys to see my weak side, I reached down and pecked her lips.


She smiled at my 'sweet' gesture and turned towards the guys. "Do you guys want anything?"


"A beer" Kevin said. Mark slapped the back of his head causing him to moan in pain.


"It alright, what about you guys" Sky asks sweetly, pointing to the others. They nod shyly and Sky heads towards the fridge. She gets out five beer and hands them to the guys.


"Thanks" they all said. She just nods and stands next to me.


She looks uncomfortable and every now and then she would look up at Zac with fear. What's up with Zac and Sky? I shrugged it off and finished my sandwich.


"Alright let's go" I said finishing my beer. Everyone stands up but Zac. He stood there staring at Skylar like a piece of meat. She was putting away the empty bottles and washing the dish I just used. 


I walked to the door when I heard small foot steps running my way. I turned and saw Skylar speed walking in my direction. She quickly wrapped her arms around my torso and I wrapped my arms around her shoulders.


"You okay" I asked.


"Yes" She whispered. Something was up.


"Skylar please don't lie" I said looking down at her. She looked up and sighed.


"Just please never leave me alone with Zac"




"Just promise me" She sounded desperate. What did he do?


"Ok I promise. But why doll"


As I said that Zac walked out of the kitchen and towards the door.


"I'll tell you later" Skylar whispered.


"Ok" I said and leaned in and kisses her softly and passionately. She wrapped her arms around my neck deepening the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me. I licked her bottom lip for entrance, which she gave to me. I tilted my head to the side deepening the kiss. I haven't kissed like this in forever and it felt so good. My skin burned from where she touched me and I loved it.


"Skylar!" I heard someone yell but that didn't stop her or me. We kept making out until we heard about seven people standing by the doorway clearing their throats. Skylar pulled away and we both looked up to see everyone plus Skylar's friends standing their.


"Sorry to interrupt but we have a mall to head to" the girl with black hair said.


Skylar blushed, a smile smile forming on her lips but was then changed into a sad one while she looking down at the ground and I knew exactly why. I grabbed her chin and lifted it so she was looking at me.


"I'll be fine. Take care of yourself" Her smile returned instantly and I kisses her lips softly one last time. I was taking advantage of how she was acting because soon this is all going to blow up in my face and I was taking all I could get before it did.


"Alright Lets Go!!" Zac yelled and stormed out of the house. Everyone following including me and Sky.







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