The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


22. Chapter 22: Not Going To Hurt You


"Ah! Shit!" I hear Tyler yell after a-what sounds be-a gun shot was fired. Without thinking, I got off the bed and headed towards the balcony. 


Tyler laid on the cement floor holding on to his right shoulder where a dark red liquid oozed out. Blood.  I quickly looked around the dark backyard but couldn't see anything or anyone. Turning towards the side gate of the house a black shadow caught my attention. It stood there and as I tried to get a better look at it it ran off. 


"Hey!" I yelled but that didn't stop them.


Tyler groaned causing me to forget about the black figure and concentrate on him. His face was in pain and no matter how bad our pass was I couldn't stand to look at him like this.


"Tyler! Oh God Tyler" I bent down resting on my knees I took the hand that wasn't being used to put pressure on his wound. 


"Doll... I'm fine just help me up" He groaned.


I grabbed his left arm and helped him up.


"Ah! Careful baby." he spoke gently trying to convince me that I didn't hurt him to bad but it was obvious I did from the way his teeth grind on each other.


"Sorry" I was quick to apologize, afraid he'd hurt me too. I held his left arm, helping him back into the room and on the bed. He laid down on his back, blood covered his chest, all over his left hand, down his right arm, and on the bed sheets.


If that bullet was any closer to the left of his chest. They would have shot his chest and-


'Snap out Skylar!' A voice called out in my head. But the voice was right I have to stop thinking this way and help his wound before he bleeds to death. I scrambled up to my feet and made a b-line to his en-suit bathroom. Looking through his cabinets I found a first aid kit. It would have to do.   


"Skylar.." Tyler called out as I quickly walked out of his bathroom and to his side on the bed. 


"Y-yea" I said crying. I didn't even realize that I had tears running down my cheek. Just the thought of Tyler leaving me like that. I wouldn't be able to loose someone else. 'Stop thinking that way and help Tyler God dammit or you will lose someone else!' I was scowling at my own thoughts but like always, the voice was right. 


Remembering what I learned in my Medical and Health classes I opened up the First Aid Kit and took out the rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls.


"Your going to have to take the bullet out" Tyler voice startled me but not only did the sound of his voice scare me but just the thought of having to pull out the bullet. Holy shit I couldn't.


"Bullet! A bullet Tyler. I couldn't do that!" I yelled, panicked a the thought if I didn't do something now Tyler could loose way to much blood.


"Yes. I trust you. I know you can" He trust me. Tyler 'Trusts Me'! Holy shit. What has happened to Tyler to forgive and forget me so sudden. 'Tyler's bleeding do something' Again with the voice.


"No" I said lowly "No, no, no, no, no. We should take you to the hospital" I sniff back my tears.


"No Skylar we can't you know that" I sighed. He was right. 


Getting my shit together, I took out some gloves and tweezers. I gently began to clean around the wound with the cottons of alcohol.


He winced "Sorry"


Once some of the blood had been cleaned and I was able to tie a gauze tightly above his wound to stop the bleeding, I took the tweezers and hesitated to search for the bullet in the small hole in his right shoulder.


He winced again in pain as I gently pulled some skin back. "Sorry" I mumbled.


Once I was done cleaning more of the blood I quickly thought of an idea. I stood and quickly but quietly ran down the stairs and grab a bottle of whiskey from the cabinet, that Tyler hid, then back up the stairs into Tyler's room. Forgetting that my friends where asleep in the living room. I just hope they have't heard anything and were still sleeping.



"Here drink some of this. It'll help with the pain" Tyler, with out hesitation, took the bottle and gulped down almost half of it. My eyes widen. 'Focus!' That voice is irritating me.


"Ready" I had to make sure. 


He looked in my eyes and I saw that look again from earlier. What was that!


He nodded and laid back taking another gulp from the bottle. Putting on the gloves I took off earlier, I gently placed the tweezers into the wound with the bullet inside and searched for the bullet.


"Aaah! FUCK!" He shouted grinding his teeth together to stop himself from shouting, drinking more of the bottle of alcohol. For him to continue to squirm and tighten his fist, is proof enough for me to see that it is painful to be shot, for someone as strong as Tyler. This probably hurts me more then it doesn't to him. I don't like to see the people I care about in pain.


Care? Yes. I care about Tyler.


I wounder how he took care of himself all those other times. He continued to wince and every once in a while he would take a drink of the whiskey to help him with the pain.


Once I took out the bullet I put it on a small cloth by the drawer next to his bed and began looking for a needle and thick yarn. I cleaned the needle with the rubbing alcohol and began to stitch up his injury.


Once I was done I put away the first aid and threw away the gloves. I walked back next to him and wrapped a gauze around his right shoulder. Looking up at him I noticed him already staring at me. When he caught my eyes look into his, he smiled. A lovely smile. One of admiration. 


"What" I asked now feeling shy from the green eyed boy. The beautiful green eyed boy. The one I used to love unconditionally. 


"Nothing" He smirked noticing how uncomfortable his deep hot stare did to me. He made me squirm. 




"How did you know what to do" he asked softly His eyes glowing again with that look. That damn look.


"Tyler... I take a Medical and Health class, plus a Safety class. We've learned this over a million times. Well except the part where you take a bullet out of someone's shoulder" All this time he's been caught up in his own world and me in my own little world. One where I tried to stay out of Tylers way and focused on the things or people who made me happy. People like the soft caramel eyed boy.


He chuckled and I smiled at the lovely sound. A sound I have craved for so long.


"Okay well your all done" I said once are small staring contest was over. His eyes kept giving away that look and hid body was relaxed. That's a good sign. I think.


He just stares at me. Those green eyes and that look!


"What..." I whined. Giving up on why the hell he continued to stare.


He smiled shy then said "Your not wearing a shirt" Before his shy smiley turned into a sexy smirk.


I looked down and noticed that I was only in my bra but I still had my shorts on. A bit of his blood on my stomach. Holy shit I didn't realize I was half naked running around the house.


"Oh. My. God." I said and stood up off the bed in search for my shirt.


I didn't get very far since Tyler grabbed my wrist and pulled me down to him. I was sitting on his hips, straddling him. Without thinking I put my hand on his stomach. Feeling his rock hard abs and began to trace the lines. He shuddered at my touch but stood there lying on his back looking up at me, he had his hands on my thighs rubbing them slowly. This is something I never thought we'd do again. I've missed the soft caring Tyler.


I looked up at him and saw him smirking at me. "You like them" He winked.


"Huh?" I asked confused. Blushing from the look he was giving me and that sexy wink. Damn what happened between us.


He looked down to his stomach then back up to my face. He was referring to his abs. 


The blush on my checks deepened, so I looked down avoiding his lustful and that other strange look, stare.


"Hey" I looked up to see Tyler smiling. A heart warming smile. "You didn't answer my question"


I smiled shyly and nodded "yes". Biting down my bottom lip, I looked up, starring into his green eyes. He licked his lips and pulled himself up so I was now sitting on his lap, but still straddling him. Looking into my eyes, that look appeared again before he leaned in and kissed me passionately. A kiss that we haven't shared in so long. The feeling were different. Not as strong. But something was there. 


 He pulled away and looked and me "I like them to" He had to ruin the moment. His smirk proved that he was laughing at me.


I punched his left arm playfully. Then regretted it once I realized what I just did. 'You buried your own grave, that's what you did!' That voice spoke again and like always it was right. I hit Tyler. Oh Shit!


I closed my eyes waiting for him to slap me... but it never came. Opening my eyes slowly, I looked up at Tylers face. Waiting to see him pissed as hell. But that's not what I saw. I saw Tyler with a confused and sad look on his face. As if he was a lost boy. It shattered my heart thinking that I hurt him.


'Seriously after all he's done to your Skylar?' Right.


"I'm not going to hurt you. Not anymore" he whispered gently as if to a child and kisses me again. I pulled away and got off him. Grabbed my tank top, I put it back on. I walked towards the door and opened it.


"Where are you going?" Tyler asked. His voice carried worry in them.


"I forgot... I have company downstairs" But in reality I had to think. What was going on. We were moving to fast for all the bullshit that he's caused me in the passed year.


"Company?" He bought it. But I wasn't lying I did have company. Jazz and Bonnie.


"Yes. Bonnie and Jazz are here. They're sleeping over" I kept my answer short.


He nodded "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just didn't see you at school and we planed it in the morn-" but Tyler interrupted me.


"Hey it's ok" he got up from the bed struggling a bit with his arm. He walked up to me and peck my lips. 'Moving to fast'.


"You need some rest." he said looking down at me.


"I know, I'm going down stairs and sleep there with them." Again keeping it short.


"Okay" He kissed me cheek.


"But you need to rest and let your arm heal. We can talk in the morning" I said and kissed his cheek. Making sure he doesn't notice my change in mood. 


I walked out of Tyler's room and down into the living room where you could hear light snoring. I got into my sleeping bag and thought about today. About Justin. About Jason. About Tyler. About who shot Tyler. I gave up thinking of who could have done it and fell asleep seconds later.








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