The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


21. Chapter 21: Questions But No Answers



"Where did you get that gun" I hear a familiar husky deep voice ask me as I stand motionless in the doorway of Tylers room. When I realized I haven't answered I'm only shocked to see him here when he said he'll be gone the WHOLE day meaning 24 hours not just 19 so I respond with a...


"Tyler?" as I reach for the light switch only to be proven right and see Tyler standing near the end of his bed only wearing sweats... No shirt. The gun in his hand pointed directly towards me as mine is hanging loosely by my side. His bare muscular chest taking away all of my concentration onto what was actually going on.


His tattoo (Pics Under A/N) the Gears Shoulder to Elbow Tattoo on his left arm, his Half A Wing on the right side of his chest and a quote saying 'Trust Your Strength' on  the left side of his chest. The gear tattoo is dark and is 'inside' him to look as if he was a machine and not a human. Very hot if you asked me, it's what makes him look tough and a scary. His Half a Wing Tattoo was right above his right nipple and barely reached his shoulder. To me that wing signified his kindness but that's just me. His quote 'Trust Your Strength' each letter at the beginning of the word is bold and dark for some reason. I'm not really sure what that one meant, I remember him getting that while we first started dating. I never asked him why and what it meant I always thought that it probably just meant to not give up and to follow through.


His sweats hung loosely around his very noticeable v-line and it was so hard not to stare, his dog tags also hung loosely from his neck. Woah, I haven't seen him like this in a long time, he has totally been working out. I mostly focused on the fact that if I pissed him off, he'd hurt me. It was the only reason I never paid so much attention to him but now that he's suddenly stopped hurting me and has become a lot more like when I met him, I can't stop but feel those same feeling again. And damn was his body one of my biggest weaknesses.


"I asked you where you got that gun" He brings me out of my thought, causing my wondering eyes off his body and following his every movement as he places his gun on his desk near his bed and walked towards me. Amusement shows clearly on his face as he watches me drool over his 'God Sculptured' body.


"I-I-I got it from the k-kitchen" I  stutter quietly, still a bit surprised with his visit, AND THE FACT THAT HE HAD A GUN POINTED TO YOUR HEAD! a small voice reminded me. Which was so true. Was he really going to shoot me? 


Tyler stopped right in front of me taking the gun out of my small hand-his skin sending warmth to my cold skin as they brushed together- and looked inside to see if it was loaded.


"How did you know that there was a gun in the kitchen" he looked amused as he stared directly into my hazel eyes.


"I remember you putting it there... You know. Just in case someone came into the house and you couldn't run upstairs to get yours" I quickly composed myself. Acting as if it was no big deal that I found an armed weapon in the kitchen and I could have pulled the trigger in an instant. 


He smirked and stood right in front of me. The amusement not yet leaving his eyes as he looked over my face. Capturing every small detail.


"I like that you remember... and that you can take care of yourself but I don't want you using... Actually I don't even want you looking at a gun" He says or more like demands the last part and me being afraid of arguing I answer with a simple...




He looked at me for a few seconds, his eyes showing a strange emotion that I can't quite pick up, then he bends down and kiss my cheek lightly. He chuckles lightly while heading to his desk where there was a few other weapons. 


The small kiss blurs my  mind and brings up so many question but no answers. What was that? Why didn't he hit me for almost killing him? The kiss? Why? What was that in his eyes before he kissed me? He Kissed ME! What does that mean? But like always... No answers and I was sure as hell way to smart to even ask.


Not wanting to head back out to the living room I get a bit curious to what he's doing and close his bedroom door before walking up next to were he stood looking down at the weapons on his large desk.


Eyeing the weapons cautiously. A few Ruger LCP 380's, a few other small guns,a shotgun (what the hell is he doing? Robbing a bank?!), and a few knives but one particular one grabbed my attention right away. It's yellow and black design and structure was different from all the other knives that were on his desk. It was a beautiful weapon but what were they doing on his desk anyways? Is he really going to rob a bank?!? 


I looked up at Tyler to find him looking and me in deep thought then back down to the desk, starring at the knife I was just looking at just moment ago. 


"It's called a 'Black Widow Bowie Knife' (Pic Under A/N) and it's a pretty rare knife." He informs me as he picks it up gently. "But I guess since I don't use it and I don't trust you with guns... this will be an exception... But only for emergencies." He quickly adds as he passes the sharp blade towards me.



"Are you crazy?" I nearly shout. "I wouldn't know how to use that! What if I accidentally hurt myself? I can't." I shake my head from side to side rapidly denying his offer.


"So you can hold a gun and almost pull the trigger... but you can't stab someone?... With a poor innocent knife?" He mocks me with a playful smirk on his pink kissable lips... Woah Sky hold up. Kissable? Naw, not me... Pass.


"No" I whispered avoiding eye contact. Why is he doing this. And what the hell are these feelings.


"Don't worry about it babe... I'll show you how to use it" He smirks but the only part I'm able to pick up is 'BABE!?!?!?! "...Someday" he adds with a wink directed at me as he places the knife gently in my hands. 




Tyler is acting really strange, it's scaring me a bit. What's changed his mine about me? What did I do to deserve the old Tyler? Not that I don't like it, it's just a bit strange. 


Wanting to break the awkward silence I change the subject by asking "So what's all this for?" I point to his desk. Keeping my wondering eyes on his desk and not his body. Keep it together Skylar!


"The truth?" I nod.


"Alright..." He sighs then continues "... How about I simply tell you that something's going to happen and I need you to take care of yourself and be careful" I couldn't stop but look directly into his eyes. He was serious and his eyes showed that but mine showed nothing but pure confusion


"What? What does that mean?" I ask eagerly


"Soon... I promise." He teases and I know he's messing with me by the look on his face.


"Tyleeer!!" I whined. He smile down at the gun in his hand before settling it down with the others and turning his body fully to face me.


"Sky... please trust me doll" I then turn my body to fully face him as I stared into his beautiful green eyes. All playfulness from a second ago was gone and he was now serious. But what is seriously going on? Does this have to do with Justin and his gang? Or Jasons?


"Ok" I answer. Putting the knife back down on the desk I can't help but look down to the ground where my bare feet are. I'm probably not even ready to know what is really going on but I want to know. I have a strange feeling it has something to do with me. But what?


"Hey..." I hear Tyler whisper loud enough for me to hear, causing me to look up at him. "I won't let anything happen to you... I promise" his eyes telling the truth and I know that I can trust him on that. His arms wrap around my waist bringing my body closer to his as my arms rest on his biceps. My heart says I should trust him but my head is still a bit confused with his actions. I hate to admit it but I have trust issues and I think it all started with Tyler.


I wan't so sure what went through my mind but when I looked up into Tyler's eyes I saw the same thing he had just before he kissed my cheek. But I still wasn't sure what it was all I know is that it made me want to bring him closer to me. So I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my forehead on his as we gazed into each others eyes like old time. His eyes locked with mine before traveling down to my lips. He licked his lips then looked back up to my eyes and slightly smiled. His smile making my heart beat faster causing blood to rush faster through my veins. His smile causes me to smile back softly and I guess he took that as an 'ok' single since he suddenly began to lean in... I surprised myself as I didn't pull away and instead leaned in myself.


Our lips finally connected. The soft, warm lips I use to enjoy kissing. I felt a burning sensation in my stomach. It felt strange, a good strange. It was a sweet kiss but a rush of heat sent my body wanting more as I ran by hands through his dark black hair pulling slightly. He slid his right hand up to my cheek creasing it gently before deepening the kiss. He kissed me roughly and groans as I pulled his hair again when he suddenly mumbled "Jump" into my mouth. 


Without a second thought I  jumped into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist as we continued to kiss as if it was the last kiss we'd have. He began walking towards the neatly made bed and settled me down gently, his body hovering over me without breaking the kiss. Both his forearms resting just beside my head as my arms were still tangles in his hair as I continued to tease him by pulling, a bit harder. I felt his lips curve into a smirk, my lungs burning from the lack of oxygen and as I pulled away Tyler began to kiss his way down my neck. And the large bulge in his pants didn't make me want to pull away either. Although my head was screaming 'WARNING' my body went it's own way.The heat of his body on mine made me want to not pull away and I knew I should. 


What was I thinking about leading him on in the first place? Not after everything that I've been through. But then again I did tell myself to start all over with him. But is this the right way? I wanted to pull away put I was afraid, afraid that he'd go back to being the cold Tyler I've lived with in the past but I don't want that Tyler, I want this Tyler.


Tyler bit and sucked on my sweet spot, that he's come way to familiar with, causing a small moan to leave my parted lips. Once he was done working on his master piece he came back to my face and didn't waste a second to crash his lips with mine with more force. His hands wondered under my shirt before pulling down at the hem asking permission.


"Sky" He moaned.  I answered by lifted my arms as he pulled it over my head and tossed it to the side, breaking the kiss for about a second before leaning back in and kissing me roughly. One hand running down my hour glass figured body and stopping just at my hip. I forgot about his dog tag that hung around his neck until I felt the freezing metal fall between the valley of my breast. The cold metal sent a chill down my back as I gasp from just how cold it was compared to Tylers warm skin. But he just took the advantage as he slipped his tongue into my mouth with a loud groan and he rolled his hips with mine his bulge harder than before. The feeling sent heat to run all the way through my body, not wanting to push him or pull away. Surprisingly. My next action surprised me even more as I grew the courage to  tug on his grey sweat pants and he removed the hand that was on my hip taking my hand instead and slowly leading my hand down his v-line and just before my hand could slip pass the hem of his sweats a loud thud came from outside. Tyler also hearing it quickly pulled away and turned to one of the pushed back curtains that lead to his balcony window. Both are breaths were coming out it small pants as if we just sprinted a 5k marathon. 


With caution he got up walking towards his desk, picking up a gun and walking towards the window. I sat up and watched him closely. I don't know what the hell was out there but I still didn't want him getting hurt.


"Be careful" I whispered as I tried to catch my breath. The sincerity in my voice was not fake and I hope he caught that so when he turned around to looks at me and smiled I knew he heard and saw it in my eyes.


He walked to the balcony window, pulling the curtain fully to the sides before unlocking it. He held the gun up close to his side with his finger on the trigger and the safety pulled back. I watched as he walked out onto the balcony looking right and left before stepping fully out so I couldn't see him anymore. For a second I thought it was probably just an animal or something but I heard hi, shout something to either someone or something. I hate to admit it but I was actually a bit scared for Tyler. What was really going on? 


I was about to get out of the bed and walk out towards him but I stopped as I heard a loud gun shot being fired and a body falling to the ground a low growl of pain was heard.


 My heart clenched and my body ran cold as I heard Tyler hiss in pain. "Ah! Shit!" 






**************** (A/N)




The Knife Tyler Gives Skylar:


Tyler's Left Arm Tattoo: 


'Tyler's Right Half Wing Tattoo And Left Chest 'Trust Your Strength' Quote Tattoo:








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