The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


2. Chapter 2: My Birthday (Part 2)

  I got into my new car and headed to Jazz's house to pick her up and head to dinner. Once I made it to her house I beeped twice. I saw Jasmine come out of her house in a cute black dress (Pic Under A/N), but I also noticed how her jaw drop as she saw my hot ride. 


"Nice right...?" I stepped on the gas letting the engine roar. As she nodded and walked over the the passenger seat, still pretty surprised.


"Did your parents...?"  


"Yup, aren't they amazing?!" I told Jazz  


She nodded her head and said "Man, I wish my parent brought me a nice car like this" "You don't even have your license yet?!"   


"I know but an early birthday present won't kill me" she looked at me smiling. Jazz is only two months younger than me.  


I drove out of her driveway and headed to the restaurant. We made it to the restaurant at  7:15 but were still able to have our table. Like I always say 'Fashionably late'. Then we where seated, Jazz sat in front of me.  


"So what's up with you and Tyler?" Jazz said.  


"Well, he's not coming tonight and he said he can't visit me  tomorrow cause he's busy" I left out a little sigh of sadness.  


"What a jerk..." Jazz spat out. "... It's your birthday and he doesn't come to dinner, even worst he cancels on you for  tomorrow"   


"He called me to tell me 'Happy Birthday'" I said to her maybe thinking she would be cool with it.  

"Yippie, a phone call" she said sarcastically. Jazz is my best friend so she's super protective of me, shes like my younger sister, but really 'acts' like my older sister.   "He also got me a teddy bear bigger than me, a bunch of roses and left them outside my house to surprise me" I smiled thinking about it. I looked as Jazz who was now a little happier then before.  


"Well I guess that's ok." She smiled at me and I smiled at her.    




It's now  8:15 and I haven't heard of my parents. I called them but no answer. Me and Jazz had already ordered our food and were almost done eating.  


"Do you think there flight got delayed?" Jazz asked me. Stopping the silence between us.  


"I don't know, I just wish they where here."  


It's weird because my parents aren't here. They said they where coming at seven and it's already eight. I was beginning to worry. 'Maybe they didn't want to be around me' 'maybe they didn't want to celebrate my birthday with me' or worse 'maybe their plane did get delayed so they aren't coming at all'. Me just thinking about it just made me upset. First Tyler and now my 'own' parents.  


"Don't worry you'll just see them  tomorrow and have another little late birthday dinner with them" Jazz said smiling at me, I gave Jazz a fake smiled and continued eating.     




I went to drop Jazz off at her place. When I got home I looked around the house but saw no one. I began to think maybe their plane did get delayed. I went to my room and took my dress off and make up. I then put on some comfy PJs and went to bed. I looked at the clock next to me and saw that it was only ten forty-nine. I closed my eyes and after a few minutes I fell fast asleep.    




(Next Morning)  





  I woke up to someone knocking on the door down stairs. I grumpily pulled my head out from under my pillow and looked at the clock, it was almost ten in the morning. 'Thank God it's summer' I thought. I sighed and got out of bed to go open the door. I thought it was my parents so I didn't bother asking who it was. As I walked down the stairs my smile got bigger and bigger thinking of seeing my mom and dad. Once I reached the door I swung the door open ready to embrace my parents in a huge hug but once I saw who it was my smile dropped and had a confused look.  


"Skylar Rezamie?" The Police officer asked.  


I nodded "yes that's me"  


"May I come in"  


"Yes please. Come on in." As he walked in I closed the door and lead him to the living room. I sat down on the opposite couch staring at the man sitting across from me with pur sadness in his eyes.  


"If you don't mind me asking... Sr... And forgive me for being rude but... Um... What are you doing here" I ask the police man. He looked young, probably late 20's or early 30's.  


"Ms. Rezamie, I don't know how to tell you this in an easy way but..." He paused for a moment looking at me. I nodded letting him continue. "... Your parents got in a terrible car accident last night" My eyes began to water but no tears fell. I was shocked I didn't want to believe this man, I wanted to just run and in some way find my parents. 'I was going to ask him if they were alright?' 'What hospital were they in?' 'Could I go see them?' But he spoke before I could even open my mouth.  


"... They where pronounced dead when they arrived at the hospital. The doctors tried everything to help them but they couldn't" the police man said. I was shocked. I didn't know what to do or say.  


"Umm... I don't... I-I'm jus-st s-urprized. I m-mean I don't... Don't know. I-I..." tears now streaming down my cheeks.   


"I understand... I'm sorry" The cop stood up and patted my back softly. I looked up at him. "Do you have any family or friends near by that you can stay with for the time being?" I nodded and he headed towards the door as I followed close behind him. "You should stay with a close friend or family member over the age of eighteen" He paused. "I'm sorry for your lost". And that was the last thing he said before heading out. I closed the door and fell to the floor crying and yelling as if my life depended on It.  


I felt like dying, I had no family close to me anymore. The only people I have right now are Jazz and Tyler. Well that I know about.   I stayed on the ground crying for what seemed weeks but to my luck it was only seven hours. I didn't know what to do, I felt depressed I haven't even eaten any breakfast. I took my phone out of my pocket saw the time, it was almost five. I noticed that I had 27 messages and 13 calls from Jazz and 1 from Tyler. I didn't feel like talking to anyone so I ignored them. I got up and stumbled my way to the kitchen, I made myself a sandwich and pored myself a glass of water. I headed towards the living room and watched some random T.V. shows, whatever got my attention.  


After awhile I looked at the time and saw it was now eight. I decided to call Tyler. After the fourth ring Tyler picked up.  


He sniff as if he was crying "Hello?"  


"Hi" I said in a low whisper.  


"What do you want?!" He spat at me.  


"I just wanted to know how you where"  


"I'm fine."  


"You don't sound lik-" I was cut off by Tyler screaming at me.  


"YES YOUR RIGHT SKYLAR I'M NOT OK. Are you happy."  


"No." I began to cry softly. He's only yelled me like this once when I over heard something he was talking to his gang about that, I supposed, I shouldn't have known.  


"I'm sorry I just haven't had a good day" He apologized.  


"Neither have I"   


"I could tell" He mumbled. 'What does that mean?'  I was confused.  




"I-I-um I can hear you crying" he stuttered and I knew he was lying but I wasn't going to call him out, I wasn't in the mood for arguing.  


"Oooh, well I was wondering if you want to come over and talk"   "Umm sure I'll be there in ten."   "Ok. Bye. I love you"  


"Bye" and with that he hung up. Leaving me speechless and tears fall from my face down to the ground. 'No 'I Love You Too?'' 'What did I do?!'    




(Tyler's POV)  


Skylar called me asking if I was fine. I told her I was, when I'm certainly not.   


I just found out and hour ago that my parents died in a car accident during impact last night. I asked the cop if he knew who was in the other car and if they survived. He said a Mr. and Mrs. Rezamie. I stood their my eyes wide opened and my mouth slightly open as well. He asked if I knew them but I lied saying I didn't. I ask him if they survived but he said they made it to the hospital but sadly no.  


I knew that Skylar had to pay for what her parents did to my parents and to me. To my life. To no one. I have no one anymore thanks to her stupid parents. I decided to make her life a living hell just to avenge the death of my parents.   


I know its stupid, but I've lost to many people in my life. Losing my parents to a stupid car accident caused by my girlfriends parents just makes it worst. I tried not to cry once i heard the news but to much shot has happened in my life, i couldn't stand it.    




-10 Minutes Later At Skylar's Place-    


Skylar told me about what happened to her parents and I didn't tell her about mine, at least not now. She asked me if I could move in with her, in her house. Something about having to stay with someone eighteen and over. She knows I'm not eighteen but since I'm in a gang or something she thinks I can help and protect her, I'd be doing the opposite.   So I thought about moving with her, I mean I don't live with my parents anymore ever since they found out about the drugs and killing some guy but still living in Skylar's huge luxury villa house (Pic Under A/N) by the beach doesn't bother me. Skylar's parents are very wealthy but I  wasn't into Skylar for her money. Her beautiful features were the ones that lured me into wanting to be with her   But of course I was going to take the opportunity, so I told her I'd be back  tomorrow  morning with all my stuff and move in with her. That made her happy but I didn't care, she didn't know what was coming.      


---------------------------------- (A/N)  


Thank You for reading. Yes, there will be a lot of swear words in this story and a couple of graphic scenes. Please Like, Favorite, and Comment what you think, it would mean a lot. Please comment so I know you guys like my story and i'll try to update sooner. xD Thanks For Reading And Please Continue. 


-Jazz's Dress (On Right):    Skylar's Luxury Villa Beach House (Piano Room Picture Not Included... Yet):      



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