The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


19. Chapter 19: Talk





He stood there. Watching m for a second. I knew he was a guy just from the size of his body in the dark. He looks tall and muscular. His hair was half up half down kind of.


I decided to be the first one to speak since it looked like he wasn't going to until I confirmed that I indeed was 'Skylar Rezaime'.


"W-who are you... W-what do y-you want?" I stuttered. I was going for a deep and confident voice but came out a bit shy and shaky


The figure took a step towards me towards me, making me take one back until I had no more room and hit the wall.


"Don't be afraid, I just want to talk" His voice was deep yet a bit angelic. It was comforting yet scary in a strange way. 


I couldn't take it anymore (being in the dark with a stranger that for some reason knows my name and got into my bedroom when I was sure I looked my balcony window) and reached for the light switch. My once dark room suddenly was brightened with light in an instant.


My eyes never living the stranger. I had to blink a few times so my eyes adjusted to the light but when I was able to see the figure perfectly I couldn't believe my eyes...


"Why'd you turn on the lights? I liked it better as it was" He joked. But I was in for no games this guy has some serious balls coming into my room like nothing. Not after everything thats happened today. 


"Justin?" I asked him, the confusion was clear in my voice which only made him laughed before stepping closer. Although he looked like Justin he wasn't wearing what he wore today at school. Instead he wore dark blue jeans that hung a bit lower than they should and a dark black v-neck with an open black jacket.


"Sorry to disappoint baby, but the names Jason" He said with a smirk. 


Jason? Seriously how stupid does Justin think I really am. This is so much bull. He walks into my room all happy and acting like he has never gotten in a fight with me. I don't know what wrong with him but I am not falling for his little game.


"Stop Messing With Me Justin. Now What The Hell Do You Want!" I growl. I was still mad at him for what he said. Not only did he cancel our date (that I was super excited to go to, surprisingly) but he called me worthless. Tyler has called me names but NOT ONCE has he called me worthless. And that hurts because I really liked Justin. He was kind, sweet, gentle, yet caring. I connected with him so well in so many level so quickly. But after today I felt like all of that blew up in my face. 


'Justin/Jason' found this funny and just continued to smirked and was now about two inches away from me.


"I'm not Justin! My Name Is J-A-S-O-N!!! Jason. Got it?!" He growled back. Justin never talked to me that way. He was always kind. Yes he yelled at me today but no once did he growl. There was so much venom in the way this 'Jason' guy talked to me. I scared me.




"Listen baby. I know why you think I'm Justin I mean come on, me and him look a lot a like"


He was right but his hair was down flat (Pic Under A/N). He also wore dark clothes but his eyes were a darker brown while Justin's were a soft caramel. 


Then it was true? This wasn't Justin but he was so similar to him. A doppelganger perhaps? 


"Who are you? What do you want? How'd you get in here? How do you know my name? How do you know where I live?!! Why Do You Look Like Justin!" I couldn't stop from all these questions leaving my mouth. I needed to know and him just standing there didn't help a bit.' Why' 'Why' 'Why'... Was what kept repeating itself inside my head. I needed to know why. Why he was here, why he wanted to know who I was, why he was here, WHY he looks like Justin.


"Damn... Your are annoying. Ryan what right" He said below a whisper but the room was so quiet I was able to hear him.


"Ryan?" Was he talking about Ryan Butler from school? I mean that the only Ryan I know. I don't even talk to him though. Does he know me?


"You ask a lot of questions" 


I just stood there watching him. He walked to my bed and sat at the end of it. 


"Well first of all, like I already said my name is Jason McCann. I just want to talk. I came in from your window..." He said while pointing to my balcony window "... Ryan and Chaz told me about you. I did a my research to find you. And your last question..." He paused dramatically and by the look on his face he knew I was not in the mood for games. He stood from the bed while confidently saying  "Justin is my cousin"


My eyes widen. Cousin? Was that possible? I wouldn't know that for sure cause I have no idea if Justin moved here with his mom and dad. If he came with siblings or if he's living with his cousin. But what does Justins cousin want with me?


"What do you want" I voiced my thoughts confidently.


"Hhhmm... well your boyfriend has something Justin's gang wants" he keeps the answer short. Shorter than I would have liked it to be.


Did he say a  gang? Justin? In a gang? Seriously? Can't guys live a normal life without having to deal with drugs, alcohol, and just violence in total.


"Tyler?" What does he have to do with any of this. Or why does Tyler have that Justin's gang wants?


"Ding, Ding, Ding, We Have A Winner" he said sarcastically.


I rolled my eyes and walk away from him, heading towards my bed, giving us a bit of space.


"Well then what is it"


"I can't tell you that. How stupid do you think I am" he gasp dramatically and sarcastically. This guy seriously has nerves. He was scary at first and now he's trying to be funny? Hes kind of creepy. Definitely not Justin. That's something else that is different between them.


"Well then what does that have to do to with me" The real million dollar question.


"Well I'll tell you a little secret" he leaned on the wall, opposite from me, and shoves his hands into his front pockets. "Justin's man 'Chris' called me and told me he was having trouble finding something your boyfriend has" 




"AND... he said that someone has been causing him to get off track, you know. To be more specific I was called here to, I'm not sure how to say this, watch you" he pulled out something from his back. I gasped quietly. He was not kidding.


"So I suggest you keep stick with your boyfriend and tell him to give Justin whatever he wants. Or they'll be a bloody mess." I was scared shitless when I saw the gun in his hands.


"What does this have to do with me" Again the million dollar question.


"Are you stupid!" he growled making me feel weak and helpless.


I couldn't look at him directly in the eyes without wanting to crawl under the covers of my bed and lay there until he was gone. The look in his eyes was scary. And I can be pretty tough when it comes to standing up for myself but him? He was different. And that was scary. Either way I was still confused to what the hell he where talking about.


"Let me sum it all up..." He started, annoyed that I wasn't following along. "Justin came here to find your precious boyfriend, get the money they owe him and do some other shit that i'm not sure I should say... BUT he's been distracted, I guess, and is now wasting precious time. So I was called here to make sure you STOP and keep a distance from Justin. Chris doesn't now what your playing at but he doesn't like it. Chris actually doesn't even know the girl Justin is playing 'Romeo & Juliet' with is already taken by the one and only Tyler McCullen" he says amused. "And if you don't stop playing your little game I will have to take care of you personally. And not in the good way" he says while lifting his gun up so I got his point. Which I did. I'd die. But there was no game. I was being serious with my feeling towards Justin. He was probably using me to get to Tyler. Would he do that? Is he the type of guy to really be like that? I trusted him. 


Without realizing it, Jason began walking towards me and was now standing in front of me.


He looked at me up and down. It was the most uncomfortable feeling I've ever felt. My body shivered at the way his eyes darken. Since I was wearing some revealing clothes I felt uncomfortable when he licked his lips. My voice caught in my throat as his dark lustful eyes met mine. His dark caramel eyes focusing on my hazel ones. They weren't Justin's. It felt wrong. Just like it did when Tyler would look at me with so much love and care. It was an empty feeling.


He pushed me down so I was siting on the bed, then put a hand on my thigh, send chills up my spine. I began to tense with his touch. It was hard and rough. His cold hands were so uncomfortable not warm like Justins. 


Seriously why am I always comparing Justin with other people. He was a total asshole today.


"Relax, baby" Jason whispered bringing be back out of my thoughts and began to rub my thigh moving higher and higher. I put my hand on top of his to stop him but he suddenly pushed me down on the bed laying me flat on my back with him on top. He took both my hands in one of his large cold ones and put them above my head, as his other hand was moved to my hips to stop me from squirming. His cold yet smooth lips met my neck and he began to kiss and suck roughly.


"What are you doing!" I said in disgust trying to push him off me. It was not use. He was strong. And that only scared me more.


He stopped kissing my neck and smashed his lips onto mine roughly. I moved my head from side to side trying to avoid his lips on mine but he got a hold of my chin and held it in front of him tightly so he was able so kiss me harder and sloppier.


Tears began to slip passed my eyes. Once again I was vulnerable and I couldn't do anything about it. No one could stop him. 'No one' I thought until my silent prayers were heard and a voice called out to me from down stairs. 




'Jason' pulled away and got up quickly as if what just happened was nothing. The tears didn't stop coming as I let them fall silently. I wiped them away when Jason turned to look at me. I didn't want him to see me at my weakest. I have been abused and raped and those are my weaknesses. What I can never take back. What I will live with for the rest of my life. What I will die with as a memory.


"If you tell anyone about me being here OR what I'm doing here you won't live to see the next day... Am I clear" he says comely yet with authority, walking towards my window balcony and disappeared into the late dark night.






(Jason's POV)




*** 1 Days Ago ***



I was sitting on my couch watching the basketball game. I was drink my beer when I head my phone ring. Getting up from the couch, I went into the kitchen where I saw my phone on the table, the screen lighting up.



-Incoming Call: Unknown- 


It read.


I answered it anyways. I mean it can be any random person wanting something from us. Drugs, a gun, a job being finished for them, or needing an extra hand. Where that kind of gang.


'LMU' is what are gang is called for short but a lot of others just call us 'The SF North Gang'. Doesn't really matter to me. As long as people know we own this side. So they don't mess with us. Its a small city, not big enough for two gangs, but someone has to be in control.  


"Hello?" I said putting the phone to my ear.


"Jason?" The voice sounded familiar but I can't figure it out right away.


"Yea! Who wants to know" I growl. Trying to scare the caller that I mean business.


"It's Chris" 


Chris? Canadian gang Chris? It's the only one I know. How?




"Chris... What do you want"


"We need your help" 


"With what?" Told you people call to get an extra hand. We don't mind as long as we're paid fairly. As a group.


"Justin" I laughed to myself


"What did my stupid little cousin do" Justin was just a month younger than me. It was scary how we looked exactly alike but my hair was down and his was in a quiff. Same height, same body shape, different tattoos, different eyes. Not much people see the difference in our eyes, so they can't  really tell us apart.


"He can't get a simple job done and  he has something keeping him... off task" He sounds annoyed. 


"So you want me to help and put him back... in place?" I ask cautiously. I have no idea what I'm getting my boys into. Me and Justin don't get along very well, but who says it's not just him. Just the thought of it make me want to laugh. Justin hates me. Me? No, I don't hate him... Not as much as Bieber at least. 


"Sort of... I need you to watch keep an open eye on him and some... other person. Make sure they keep a certain... distance. That they aren't playing anything with Justin. Do what you have to"


As he says this all to me, my boys came into the kitchen. First Ryan, Chaz, Max, Dan, Henry, then Sam.


"What do me and my boys get out of this" I smirk. All heads turn towards me looking confused but soon got the hint of 'business' begin made.


"Well what do you want..." He asks cautiously. I don't blame him. Are help isn't cheep. But you won't get your job done better by anyone else.


I looked at the guys Max making a sandwich, Henry grabbing a beer for me and the others. Dan, Chaz and Ryan staring at me trying to figure out who and what I was talking about and Sam was leaning on the wall looking at me with a straight face. He was always serious after what happened to him as a child I don't blame him. No one does. Or at least has the guts to say it to his face without knowing you'll walk away with a heart still beating. 


"We want 10K" I smirk at the guys, them sending the smirk to each other and back.


"TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!" Chris yells from the other end. I can just imaging him glaring that his phone.


"Is there a problem?" I say dramatically. "Come on Chris you know we do are job right and if you want us to do it right we should get a proper price..."


"Fine" He huffs. And i'm surprisingly satisfied.


He gave me the details to why I was doing this and how it would affects them and the West gang here in Cali. We don't pay attentions to them. They stay on their side and keep there mess to themselves and we stick with ours.


"Alright so what's this persons name" I say while drinking my beer that's almost empty.


"Skylar Rezaime"


"A girl?" My eyes widen and I almost chock on my beer.


"Yea... Keep an eye on her and make sure she stays out of the way. Do what you have to and get the job done right" Chris growls before hanging up before I could reply.


I looked at the boys and smirked "We got business"


"Great when do we start" Henry said rubbing his hands together with a smirk.


"We start today! I just need you to find the address and figure out who the hell 'Skylar Rezaime' is"


"Woah! 'Skylar Rezaime'? Chaz asked.


"Yea why?"


"She's the hottest chick at school. She's with that Tyler guy from the Westside Cali gang" Ryan said.


I gave Henry and Dan the address for him to search up while Max and Sam headed down to the basement to load up a few guns just in case we run into any trouble. I mean we are heading to the enemies territory. Even worse we're paying the leaders girl a little visit. I'm sure he wouldn't be to happy about that. 


I sat in a stool next to the island counter across from Ryan and Chaz.


They told me everything about her. And how Justin was all wrapped around her fingers.


"Alright so you guys have any classes with her?"


"Just one"


"Alright keep and eye on her at school when you can and report to me if you see her anywhere near my cousin. Chris thinks she's up to something but he doesn't even know that she's with 'Tyler McCullen'. Alright?" They nodded and headed to the lounge followed by me. We sat down and finished watching the game. Waiting for the right day to strike.


It was late so I went to my room and thought about what I was going to do and say to this 'Skylar Rezaime'.


What's she really like? 







**** Next Day (Friday)****




It was noon. 


Ryan and Chaz were at school doing what I told them to do.


Max and Sam were in the living room playing 'Call Of Duty' and Henry and Dan were doing their research to find out about 'Skylar' and the Westside Cali gang. When he got the address I began to prepare to visit her tonight.




I waited til it was dark so no one saw me. Ryan and Chaz told me everything that happened today. They said they saw Skylar and Justin talking and yelling. Ryan said Justin looked wasted. Chaz said he looked high. Which ever it was I knew he was a complete mess. 'Always was' I smirk at my thought.




I walked around the back of Skylar's place and found what I guess was her room. I climbed up the tree and jumped on to her balcony. I walked in and saw the light on in her en-suit bathroom.


It can either be her or Tyler. Either way I was prepared. I brought a gun just in case things get out of hand.


I stood there waiting for her to come out and when she did she turned the bathroom light off and it was now even darker. She stopped and looked at me with a scared shitless face. She looked scared and I love that feeling.


"You must be Skylar Rezaime" began.



When lights where turned on and I saw her. She was hot. Gorgeous. Her breast just popped out of that tiny shirt and her short were way to short and showed her curvy big bum. Now I know why Justin wanted her. I knew he felt something for her but I just wonder if its to get in her pants or if he really is wrapped around her fingers. I would want her in my pants. 



We talked and I mostly stared. But I wasn't surprised when she thought I was Justin. It happens a lot.


But when I told her she was stupid she looked sort of pissed and it was H-O-T. She was turning me on. I had to get her. i don't know how. But i've made it my mission. 'She will be mine' I though.



"Relax, baby" I whispered and started working my magic. Most girl dye for me to touch them like this. I'm a very... touchy guy I guess you a can say. I love how they throw themselves at me. i don;t have to do much. Just a little wink her, a wink there, and maybe a few of my touchy hands and I got them moaning my name ALL night. And the just come crawling back for more.


But when Skylar began to fight agents me. I couldn't believe she wouldn't give in to me. It didn't piss me off. It made me want her more. No one has ever rejected me and this was fun. Like a game. A game I loved to play, play until I won. 


I pushed her down on the bed and began to kiss roughly and harder than ever.


Until a voice called from down stairs. 




Guess she wasn't alone. Now THAT pissed me off. I hate being interrupted. I could have had her. Lured her in. Taken there then and there. But no. Not tonight.


Pulling away I threatened her and left.


Making sure my gun was in my pants, I headed across the street three blocks down from Tyler's place, toward my Black Camaro (Pic Under A/N). Getting into the drivers seat I looked at Chaz and Rayn that came with me just in case I needed back up. Dan, Sam and Max being in the Black Mustang (Pic Under A/N) parked behind my Camaro (they also came with us just in case but brought a separate car for extra ammunition). I nodded to them, letting them know half of our work was complete, before starting the engine and driving off to the other side of San Fran. The guys came just in case Tyler or the others showed up, but I told them they wouldn't be here only because Ryan and Chaz said Tyler and the others weren't at school yesterday or today but they were just being cautious.


I drove back to our place, it wasn't that far actually but took around  thirty minute from all the stop signs, stop lights, hills, and people. San Fran is one hell of a busy city and a great place for business but with the speed I was going we made it 'home' in less than ten minutes. 


Part of our work was done but I couldn't help myself from lacking our next move. I couldn't focus. Not with her in my mind. 


I couldn't stop thinking of her. Her body. Those eyes, they hypnotized anyone who stared directly in them. Seriously!... How does a guy like Tyler get a girl so smoking hot like her.


'I have to have her' I told myself.


But I still need to keep track of the work.








************************* (A/N)



Thanks For Reading. I'm sorry for updating so late. I have to focus on school work. Sorry but thanks to the ones who have kept reading and are commenting. It really motivated me to write more and update faster.


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