The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


18. Chapter 18: Skylar Rezaime



(Justin POV)



I was pissed that Skylar actually still cared about Tyler and ONLY wanted to be friends. Why wouldn't she just break up with him? I've treated her better then that dick ever has. Those bruises on her soft skin proved it. But I think that was just the blunt and beer talking.


Before lunch even started I thought I should cool down, so I went to a near by liquor, bought a beer and brought  it back to school. I pulled out the beer from my backpack and lit up a blunt (that I always hid in my locker, just in case) behind the school. I got the drug from Jake who sent it to me through a guy who delivers far orders for us in the States.


I should have never drank nor smoked the whole thing or else what happened with me ans Skylar would have never happened. I thought about Skylar, how this chicks got me so deep up her ass... (Not really). But she had a nice one. I couldn't think straight with all the alcohol affecting my body. I thought about how I had to have her and not only would I have her but the money from her boyfriends gang. I remember Chris telling me I had to do whatever to get this job done and if killing Tyler and his little puppets had to be done, then that's exactly what I would do. 


But I lost it once I saw her in the hallways. I have no idea what took over me. I remember the worst part from are conversation and from what I do remember, I sure as hell wont be forgiven easily. Or worse, I wont be forgiven at all. Just the thought made my stomach drop. Those awful cruel words. 




"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!! Your worthless anyways." the way I spat them like venom. Without even thinking twice about what I was going to say. 


And then the date in which I had already planed out perfectly. I just had to open my mouth. Even after what I said she probably wouldn't go with me either way. "About our date Tonight... Forget about it!" What the hell was I thinking, seriously. 



After sitting in my Black Nissan GT-R 2014 (Pic Under A/N) I couldn't think straight. I could barely remember what I said or who I said it too. So I went home under the influence and high as fuck. I don't remember much from the ride but I think I laughed my ass off when I remembered some of what I said. But seriously it was not worth losing her. Not her. Never her. 


Sitting at home with a bottle in my hand watching a random basketball game was not how I was thinking of spending my Friday night. My mind was even focused on the game. It was on her. Skylar. Skylar Rezaime. How could a random girl fro San Francisco have me so attached to her and to make it worst, she did it within a week. 


I've been with many women but she's different. She doesn't jump into my arms whenever I'm around. I know she has a boyfriend and wouldn't do it because she's faithful but you'd be suprised how many girls I've slept with that already had a boyfriend. I wouldn't know of course til after when she realized what she'd done. But deep down she didn't regret it cause getting a chance with Bieber is a once in a lifetime  opportunity. So you take it and never go back or you miss it and think about the 'What Ifs' if you didn't. 


That probably one if the reasons Skylar has me so tided down. Her smile, her laugh, the way her lips feel on mine, her body fitting into mine perfectly, the was her hazel eyes sparkly when she catches me looking at her, or the cute little shocked face she makes when I sneek up on her. I love those things about her.


Fuck, I shouldn't be saying this but I can't keep lying to myself like this. Not anymore. I think... I think I might actually like Skylar. And for some reason the thought didn't frighten me the way I though it would. What DOES frighten me is the fact that she ISN'T mine, No. She's Tyler McCullens girlfriend. AND I HATE IT.  



I drank some more of my beer and let me just tell you, all my worries were off my shoulders with the alcohol in my system. My worries about the money, Tyler and Chris were out of my thoughts but no hers. Oh no, she was still deep in my thoughts and until I had her she will not leave.


I stopped looked away from the basketball game when I heard my phone ring, indicating I got a text message. 





Looks like your won't be getting Tyler's money anytime soon. Poor Skylar. She was already starting to trust you. 



"What the fuck" I mumbled while sitting up straight. This was the second unknown message I got ever since I arrived in Cali. Who the hell was messing with me. Or more important watching me.


I couldn't help but read the text over and over again. 'She was already starting to trust you' does that mean Skylar was giving me a chance? How could I be so stupid.


Who ever this person is... there right. I need to fix this with Skylar too get her to realize that Tyler was not worth her time. But to also get the money Tylers gang owes mine. But how? 


Then it hit me. It was risky but I was worth a shot. 


"Hopefully she's still awake"







(Skylar's POV)



My nap wan't as pleasant as I thought it would have been. i actually had a nightmare. I don;t remember much about it but it involved my parents. Something to do with their death and it caused me so much pain just thinking about it happening all over again. To no one. Not Tyler, Bonnie Jazz not even Justin. I hope. My dream had nothing to do with Justin but for some reason I which it did. That way i'd have an even bigger reason to hate him. For corrupting me. For making me feel as if he cared. I was mad at myself for even thinking about trusting him. For crying out loud he was a damn stranger. A boy I meet a week ago and knew absolutely nothing about.


"Fuck My Life" I mumbled to myself as I prepared for the sleep over Jazz, Bonnie and I were having,




By the time I was done with junk food, movies, games, and arranging the living room  I heard the door bell ring.


"Coming" I yelled from where I stood in the kitchen.


I walked over to the door and opened it to see Jazz and Bonnie holding two bags. An over night bag and a sleeping bag.


"Hey!" They both said.


"Hey guys come on in" I said stepping to the side from them to enter.


They headed to the living room while I went back to the kitchen to take take out the pizza I was able to make before they arrived.


It was around eight o'clock and a bit to late to have pizza but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't kill us. I'll just run it off on my spare time.


"Oh cool pizza. What kind?" Jazz asked walking into the kitchen followed my Bonnie


"I made half cheese..."


"And pineapple!!" Bonnie yelled walking around the island to stand where I was taking out the pizza..


"Haha yea" I laughed at her excitement. It was one of our favorite toppings.


"Yes!" Both Jazz and Bonnie cheered.


"Anyways, you guys can go to the spare room downstairs, if you want to change into some comfortable clothes. I'll go to my room and be down once i'm down."


"Then we can get fat with pineapple pizza and watch a hell load of movies!?" Jazz asked.


I laughed at how childish she is sometimes.


"Yes. Come on"  We all exited the kitchen heading our opposite ways to change for out sleepover.


Once I made it to the top of the stairs I went straight to my room  towards my en-suit bathroom. I put on a tank top that showed a bit of my belly and fuzzy short shorts. I put my hair up in a messy bun and removed my make up. Looking into the mirror I saw my red eyes from earlier weren't as noticeable as they where when I got back from school, my skin looked awfully paler though. I shook my head trying to get the thought of Justin out of my head. I didn't want to her his voice in my head. His voice spitting those awful two words. 'Your Worthless'. How could he? 


wiped the small tear that slipped my eye before adjusting the pink diamond necklace (Tyler gave me on our first anniversary) around my neck, letting the cold material hit my warm skin just around my collarbone before opening the door, turning off the bathroom light and stepping out.


I walked to into my room only to be stopped by a figure standing in the shadows of my room.


"You must be Skylar Rezaime"








********************* (A/N)


Justin's Black Nissan GT-R 2014:







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