The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


15. Chapter 15: Sneaking Around



(Tyler's POV)


I walked into the kitchen hearing Skylar and Zac talking. 


"Yes" I heard Skylar's shaky voice.


"Yes what?" I say walking in seeing Sky holding her face. Her eyes were glossy as if she was about to cry or just stopped crying a second ago.  


"Nothing man" Zac said while stepping away from Skylar.  


Zac came up to me and whispered "She's just being a little talking back bitch so I decided to give her a little reminder so she doesn't talk back"


I looked at Sky and began walking towards her. She talked back? That's it? I know she knows that she shouldn't talk back to me but it sort of tips me over the edge knowing that Zac put his disgusting hands on my girl. No is to lay a single finger on her without my permission. I might hate her for the pain I had once I found out about my parent death (to which I still blame her parents) but I still truly care about her. She's my everything and I never stopped caring for her. She changed me from the player and the low life I was but that accident changed everything. I just had to show her that I shouldn't be the only one in pain from their parents death. I don't even think she knows about my parents. She never brings it up and if she did I'd probable loose control and... kill her.  


"So you punished her?" I said now in front of her and looking passed my shoulder to see Zac nodding. I turned back to Sky and said "You know the rules about talking back" I'm sure she was scared but good at hiding it. I could do worst but I felt kind of bad. Zac could be a huge dick sometimes, that's why he's one of my best guys. I removed Sky's hand from her face and smirked. She had the ugliest bruise I've ever seen, I haven't done THAT bad, I think. I felt sorry for her but quickly shoved that feeling back and held no sorrow for what she did. She knows what to do and what not to do.


"Since Zac left you a pretty good reminder of talking back we'll leave it like this, Got It. No more talking back!"


"Ok" she smiled and walk away like nothing happened. I was slightly confused as to how she could leave things like this so calm. And were the hell did she think she was going?!  


"Where are you going?" I said making her turn around to face me.


"School" Is all she said before heading up the stares. Well I feel stupid I forgot we had school, I just got a lot on my mind. I was informed that a certain gang is looking for a Cali gang. And I only know two that live in the Bay Area.


I looked at Zac. "What did she do?" I know that's not just the only reason he hit her. Skylar fights back so he must have provoked her. That caused anger to boil inside of me. His hands on her threw me over the edge. It disgust me.  


"Like I said... She talked back to me"


I didn't believe him, ever since we got drunk a few month ago, Zac always told me how he wanted to fuck Sky. I would always tell him to back off but he always said he was just messing with me. I believed him then, until one night we got drunk again. Me, Zac, Kevin, Mark, Danny, and Luis (my gang) got super drunk and the dumb ass of Skylar had to come down for a glass of water in some super short shorts. Zac kept biting his lips as he kept staring at Skyar's ass. Once she got up the stares he looked at me and smirked. I got so mad.. I had to let them and her know that's she's mine. So once they left I walked into her room and forced her to have sex with me. I know it was stupid but I had to know she was mine and only mine. Plus I was drunk, I don't remember half that night and if I could take it back... I would.    



"Alright" I said. Although I didn't fully believe him, I let it slide. Just this once.  


"So are you going to go and talk to Mark"  


"Yea but I'm going to have to ditch the first few classes today" I said smirking at Zac. We all hate school and we're all relieved its our last year. Except for Mark and Danny who got dropped. They were caught selling drugs to a few kids at school and went to jail for a year. They never did give the money back to the gang that gave them the drugs back. That's the least of our worries right now since they didn't seem to be looking for us, or so I thought. Now that Danny and Mark are out of jail we've been back in business. But that's the thing. We're the only gang who hasn't pained back for the old drugs and there's a gang out there looking for us. It's time to take percussion. 


"Alright bro. Need me for anything?" Zac said while walking towards the fridge and taking a beer.   "Actually I want you to keep an eye on Sky at school. That new kids been trying to get to her and there's something about him that I don't like" The new kid... Justin or something. He's been talking to Skylar and the little punk kissed her the other day. That was a really bad move.  


"No problem"


"Alright well imma go"  


"Ight and don't worry about the kid. He doesn't seem like the type to want to start shit with us. But if he does... He'll regret it" I nodded and left the house but only after Skylar left. So I know she thinks I went to school and so Zac doesn't hurt her again.


Once I got into my Camaro I drove to Marks place. I got to Marks place and knocked on the door. Danny opened the door.


"Great your here, Marks waiting for you in the living room"  


As I was walking into the living room Kevin, Mark, and Luis were all siting on the couch drinking a beer. Danny walked from behind me and handed me a beer as I sat down on the couch.


"Aren't you supposed to be in school?" Kevin asked.


"I have business... Shouldn't you?" I said back referring to Kevin and Luis.


"Yea we're leaving now" Luis said while putting his beer down and heading out the door followed by Kevin. 


"Where's Zac" Danny asked. Once he sat on the couch opposite from Mark and I.  


"He was at my place but I'm guessing he left by now"


"Alright so why are you here" Mark said getting straight to business. It's what he's all about.


"Remember a few years ago about the drug delivery money?"


"Yea. What about it" Mark began to grow in trace into the conversation I've  brought up.


"I thought we weren't supposed to talk about that" Danny spoke up, confused.


"We're not but... I don't know. I got this feeling that maybe we should prepare ourselves" I confessed. 


"What do you mean?" Mark said taking a gulp of his beer.  


I drank my beer and continued "Like I said... I don't know. I just have this feeling. I mean have you ever heard of a gang that just drops a load that big. Plus I've over heard there's a gang member roaming around the street of San Francisco, looking for a Bay Area gang who hasn't pain there fare share in cash. I only know two gang in The Bay and I know for a fact that the other gang has never had a problem with money. But us?... We're probably first on the list. They just have to find who we are and where we're hidden."  


"He's got a point" Danny said causing me and Mark to look at him. "I've also heard of a gang member in The Bay. I wasn't quit sure why though, I just never thought that they were her for money... For our money..."   "So then what do we do?" Mark spoke up after a brief pause.


"I say we should prepare... Guns... Knifes... Any type of weapons and a new shelter just in case we're found... I'm not quite sure of the money we owe them or who the gang member is yet"   "Alright... Sounds like a plan" Danny said.  


"Alright, after school bring the others so we can plan this out correctly" Mark said after finishing his beer and thinking for a second.  


"Yea got it" I said while standing up to leave.


"Ooh and Tyler... Your girl... What ever her name is?..."


"Skylar...?" I said with confusion. What the hell does she have to do with any of this. I don't like her in my business. I just don't want her getting hurt.


"Yea, I suggest you treat her right" Mark said with no emotion.


"What do you mean by 'treat her right'" They all know what I've done to her and why I've done it but not once have I gotten one of them to tell me to stop. It was my business not theirs. 


"You know... Quit beating her and forcing her to have sex with you"


"THE HELL Do You Care!" I spat. My blood boiled and my hands curled into fists as I clenched my teeth shut. 


"Listen, Danny and I found out a few thing about her..." This brought back my attention but my anger was barely on the surface.


"Like what?" I said while sitting back down. 


"Well me and Mark where just going over a few files and we came across your girls..." Danny got back into the conversation.


"Turns out when her parents died they handed her everything of thiers"


"YOU DON'T THINK I KNOW THAT???!!!!" I yelled because it was obvious. I mean she still has the house couple 'millions' in the bank from her mothers old modeling job (to which I've noticed she hasn't been doing, probably because she has no time and the bruises visible on her body) and I notice some management shit thing from her father. So they left her filthy rich But that was never the reason to why I fell in love with her. She was different.


"Did you know that when she turns eighteen, not only will she be as rich as she is now but even more..."


"What do you mean" I voiced lowered to its original tone as I stared at these two idiot. 'They need to get to the point before I pop' I thought.


"What he's trying to say is that once your girl is eighteen she won't just have the savings and the Millions of dollars from her parents but from her grandparents side as well. Since her parents and both grandparent were wealthy people, before they died, they gave their fortune to her parents and NOW that their dead she'll be getting her parents full fortune AND her grandparents" Mark smirked.  


"Wait Wait Wait!!! Your telling me when Skylar turns eighteen she'll be even more rich then what she is now?" I said in shock. No way in hell is that even possible, Is it? Does she even know this herself.


"Exactly" Marks smirk grew. "And that's were we get tho money to get the outside gang off out backs.   I smirked at the idea "So not only do I still keep her but we use her for her money?" It wasn't bad and it would get the new gang off our backs.  


"Yea and she'll still think you love her" Those words stabbed my heart. 


"I do... Love her" I whispered. "We've just haven't cooperated" To tell you the truth I've never stopped.


They just nodded and their was an awkward silence.


"Alright I'll head back to school and make sure Sky's okay" I said breaking the silence.


"What's wrong with your girl?" Danny asked a bit worried. He always did care for Skylar, kind of like an older brother. It didn't bother me but I don't think she noticed how much he would care for her. I'm not sure why he does it but it probably has to do with his past. That only Mark knows about.  

"Well, first of all I told Zac to keep an eye on her" I said sort of regretting my decision. I should have asked Luis or Kevin but then again they'd probably fuck it up.  


"Bad choice man" Danny chuckled with a smirk on his face. I just wanted to punch it off his ugly looking face.   "You don't think I now" I growled. "Plus there's this new kid and he's been getting to close to her for my liking" I said while remembering the kiss they shared during that stupid 'Romeo and Juliet' play.  


"So? Are you jealous" Mark's face should pure amusement from my behavior.


"NO!" I spat. "I just don't want her to tell him anything, that's all" I lied.  


"Alright man don't have to get your briefs up your ass" Danny said laughing.


"Shut up. Fuck it, I'm out of here" and with that being said I finished my beer and headed off to school. Sadly.


Great last period. The only class I got with Sky. I have to be there or she'll know I went out for business during school and when she knows I'm out with the gang she feels free and acts like nothing ever happened to her. I can't let her feel that way. She has to feel the pain I've felt for years.      




"Zac!" I yelled to get his attention once I entered the class room. His back towards me.   Once he turned and I saw his face I could help but laugh, followed by Luis and Kevin.


"Yo, what the hell happened to your face man" I asked Zac sitting in my seat.


"I was watching your girl and that new kid came and punched me in the face" Zac said sounding pretty pissed.  


"Hahaha, man what did he do to Skylar for him to do... That" I said while pointing to his eye. I didn't like the idea of the new kid being near Skylar. Why would he punch Zac? What did he do to Skylar for the new kid to punch him? Or what did the new kid do to Skylar for Zac to be punched by the new kid?  


"He doesn't want to talk about it" Luis chocked on this laughter.  


We kept laughing and soon Sky walked in. I saw Zac give her a look. Me and the others couldn't handle our laughter not until the new kid walked in. We all got silent as he walked through the doors. He looked at Zac and smirked, I could feel Zac tense up next to me. 


He walked passed us and sat next to Sky smiling at her. Sky looked up at me and then faced the front of the room ignoring the new kid. She knows I would hurt her if she tried anything.      





Once the bell rung Sky sprinted out of the class. A while after the new kid ran after her. I was confused by their action, what's going on with them? I shook the thought out. I couldn't worry about her right now I had to let the guys know about our plan. 


Once I explained it to them we headed to my place to grab what we needed. I left Sky a note and we headed off to Marks place.  


After a while of discussing our plan. We decided to chill out. Have a few beers, do some drugs, play video games, and call over a few girls to have fun with, I didn't get with any of them. Even though they tried I couldn't do that to Skylar. Plus they were smeared with make up, 100% slut, written on their foreheads if you ask me.  


By the time we all got bored we kicked the girls out. I decided to head home, to check if Skylar's home. I know she had soccer practice and then she had to go to work. But I  also knew she should haven been home by now.


"Ok. Imma go. I'll see you guys tomorrow" I said to the guys while standing up.  


I got into my car, White Chevrolet Camaro, Convertible, (Pic Under A/N) and drove to Skylars/My place. Once I got in I headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. I looked over to the clock '3:00am' I better get to bed if I want to be ready for our training tomorrow with the gang. 


I went upstairs and went into Skylar's room. She was fast asleep I walked over to her bed and kissed her forehead. I know I've been a jerk to her these passed month but my feelings have never changed. I still cared about her and I still love her. I just don't want to be the only broken one.


I left her room and went to bed.










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