The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


14. Chapter 14: Relax



"WOOOOOOAHH!!!!! WOOOOOOOOAH!!!! WOOOOOOOOAH!!!!" Justin screamed. He took of his shirt and began running around the field throwing his shirt up in the air in a circle formation. His abs on display, they were such a turn on and his tattoos... Damn he looked so hot and bad ass. His mysterious side only lours me closer to him. I've never really thought he would have any tattoos though... But I guess its the thing these days with boy who think they're bad.   He suddenly began to charge towards me and before I can move out of his way he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. 


Yes. If you haven't gotten why Justin is so happy and cheerful it's because he scored, if you didn't understand. 


I squealed at his reaction. "Justin Put Me Down!!!" I laughed at his reaction for winning. He's acting like a child. I didn't think he had this side in him.


"Woooooah! Woooooah! I win!!!" He says running around the field with me on his shoulders. He began to slow down and he put me down but didn't let go. Justin grabbed my hips and pulled me close to him I could feel his sweaty abs on my sweaty stomach (since I was wearing only a sports bra). He looked into my eyes and I looked into his.  


Justin didn't stop moving as we were slowly walking backwards. Well Justin was walking backwards while I was walking forward, slowly. He began to lean in when all of a sudden Justin tripped over the soccer ball and fell backwards.  


I yelled as we began to fall and Justin held me tightly so I didn't get hurt as I fell on top of him. We were laughing so hard from how clumsy we were being. 


My stomach got hard and so did Justin's (from all the laughter), I had my hands on his chest and he had his hand on my hips. I didn't notice the position we were in... I was just enjoying the moment.  


I looked down into his caramel eyes as we both stopped our laughing. I looked down from his eyes to his soft pink lips. I wanted to kiss him so badly.


  I licked my lips then bit my bottom lips and looked at his pink lips. I'm guessing he couldn't handle it either, seconds later his lips were on mine, slowly moving in a one-two rhythm. It was sweet and full of passion. He licked my bottom lip from entrance. I decided to teased him and kept my mouth shut then I felt one of his hands slid down my inner thigh making me gasp a bit. I flinched, I felt uncomfortable when he did that, images from when Tyler use to force me into doing things like this with him flown into my mind, but I remembered I was with Justin and I knew I was safe with him... I think.


 "Relax" he whispered into my mouth and ran one of his hands on my butt while squeezing lightly causing me to gasp.  


He took advantage and slip his tongue into my mouth. We explored each others mouths for a good five minutes. I pulled way and began breathing really hard and heavy, so did Justin. 


I loved being with him. I haven't felt like this in almost a year. I'm not sure yet but I think I might like him, maybe even more than I think. Sadly I don't know if he feels the same or if he's just using me.    I looked into his beautiful caramel eyes. I never wanted to slip out of his arms, I wanted him to hold me close, protect me, keep me happy and warm and right now that felt exactly like how I wanted things to be with him... Until I remembered where I was and OH My Cheese And Rice what time was it!!!?!!!


I quickly got off of Justin and ran towards the benches.


"Aye!!! Where are you goin?!" I heard Justin yelling and running towards me. 


"I have to get home! Tyler's going to ki--... Tyler's going to be really pissed if I'm not home!" I almost said kill but I know Justin would probably take it as a figure of speech. I couldn't take that chance. I looked at my iPod. It was almost ten o'clock. 




"Well you could be a few minutes late" he said walking up to me and snaking his hands around my waist from behind. 


"No Justin, you don't understand" I said while throwing my things into my soccer bag.


"Well then help me understand" he whispered, in a husky sexy deep voice, in my ear making my spine tingle. My breathing uneven and a lump forming in my throat from the feeling of his mint breath on the back of my neck.


"Justin he's... Um... He'll... I mean I'm dating Tyler but sneaking around with you behind his back" Out of everything I could of said... I brought up the fact that Tyler and I were a thing and I was just hiding Justin.


"Baby... He doesn't have to know about us" he said then kissed my neck. I then heard him mumble something like 'Leave him' but I'm not so sure. I guess he doesn't care about us being a secret... As long as we're together in a way.


"Jus-- Just--- Justin" I stuttered. I couldn't even say his name. He kept leaving wet kisses on my neck and it felt so good. 


"Relax" he whispered and continued kissing my neck.  


I arched my head to my side so he had a better access to my neck. I closed my eyes enjoying the way he search for my soft spot. When he did, I moaned and I felt his lip form a smile on my neck. He turned me around so I was now facing him, I ran my hands up his toned stomach, bare chest, collar bone, then wrapped my arms around his neck. But he didn't stop kissing my soft spot. I bit my bottom lip trying to stop me from moaning. I began breathing heavily and couldn't take it anymore, I gripped the hair on the back of his head and tugged on it lightly which made him moan. I smiled and kept tugging. 


"Stop teasing" he whispered into my neck.  


"Look who's talking"


When he was done with his master piece, of a hickey on my neck, he crashed his lips on mine. First passionately then rough. 


"Justin..."  (*I peck his lips*)  "I don't" (*I peck his lips*)  "think we"  (*I peck his lips*)  "should be"  (*I peck his lips*)  "doing this"  (*I peck his lips*)  "here" I said between kisses.


He looks at me and smirks. "Then where do you want to go?"   I rolled my eyes at how perverted guys can be, but I couldn't help the smile on my face "We should...-" Then I remember I have to go and I have to check if Tyler's home. "-I mean I have to go home" I let go of him and grabbed my iPod and bag. 


"Sky, can't he wait" Justin whined. 


"Justin... Please. I mean you already got me to go to dinner. Now all you gotta do is plan it" I smirked and walked up to him and whispered "Any.Way. You. Want. It." I kissed him hard and pulled on his bottom lip while pulling away causing him to groan. I winked at him before heading to my car.


Once I got into my car I threw my bag to the back seat and took my iPod out. '10:32 PM' Damn... my fun with Justin was just thirty minutes, I wounded how long 'all the way' would be.  


'WOAH! What the hell are you thinking Skylar! Really?... Sex? When you just met him and have a BOYFRIEND' The voice in my head growled. Sadly it had a point.


But I don't think I'm ready for any of that anyways. Not after being abused by Tyler.



I drove home in record time, when I got into my house, I quietly got in closing the door shut without making any loud noise. What surprised me was how you couldn't hear anything. It was complete silence. 'Maybe he's asleep' I thought to myself as I walked into the kitchen and found a note. 



~Doll~       I went out. Business, you know. I'll be home by soon. Be in bed by the time I get back!            -Tyler




Tyler's been acting really strange. I mean that's strange, leaving notes. I mean he doesn't really leave notes like these unless they're REALLY important! But whatever, as long as he's not home for tonight.


I looked at the clock on the microwave. '11:02 PM'.


I got a glass of water and made myself a sandwich. When I was done I washed my dishes and headed up stares. I walked into my room and got my PJs. I walked into the bathroom and got in the shower. Once I was out I was to lazy to dry my hair so I put it up in a messy bun and went to bed.   I laid on my bed thinking of what happened today. It went from bad (Zac punching me), to horrible (Detention and almost being raped), to terrible (My first fight with Justin and having to stay longer for soccer and missing work. I think I still have to send an e-mail to my dads management? I don't even know anymore. I gotta check my laptop or something). Anyways, kind of thinking of it if I didn't do those things I wouldn't be how or were I am now. Kind of...   


Soon I began to feel my eye lids close. It was obvious I was tired, so I shut my eyes and fell fast asleep.                








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