The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


13. Chapter 13: Competition



"Your Competition"  He said walking closer to me.


I stood there watching him, come close and closer, until I decided it was close enough, then spoke. "Competition" I laughed.


"You think that's funny? You don't think I can be competitive?" He raised an eyebrow, slightly challenging me.


"Justin, I don't think you can be 'as' competitive as me" I smiled which he returned.  


By now our fight was gone and I'm just glad he came. I wouldn't know what to do if he never forgave me. I know I've been keeping us a secret but it's the only way we can be together without either of us getting hurt. Even though it's been half a week, he means everything to me and me just letting him go like that would ruin my purpose of living in this awful lifetime. Justin is my purpose to move on with life, to continue life and see were this journey will take me. Either with him or with nothing but hell.  


I was never upset with him to begin with, my heart wouldn't allow it. I forgave him in my mind the instant I saw him by the bleachers, watching me from afar, and I hope that him being here meant he forgave me too.  


I was terrified by the way he yelled and how his soft caramel eyes turned an awful black that I would have never imaged him to be able to do or even have. Tyler's green eyes turn black whenever he's furious and when I saw Justin's (after school) I was on the edge of crying out of fear. But I stood my ground to show him that I don't like to be pushed around by everyone, who thinks they can ruin my life. Tyler is another story, he's in a dangerous gang, but Justin? I wouldn't think he would be involved in something like what Tyler lives for. Justin's... Different. I think.  


"You sure about that?"  He was now probably about a foot away from me.


I didn't say anything just smirked at him.


He walked back towards the benches and took off his black leather jacket. He turned to me and put his hands behind his back and took something out. He turned back around covering the object he pulled out and wrapped it around his jacket. 'What the hell was that?' I thought to myself. He came walking towards me again and 'Can I just say he looked damn fine'. He had black jeans, black Supras, a white shirt that showed his biceps pretty well, and his sexy hair.   


'Woah! Calm down Skylar... Focus, this guy is challenging you in a soccer match. Put Your Game Face On!' I told myself. 


"Try me" is all he said.


"Alright tough guy. But let's make this a little more interesting shall we?"   He smirked "Go on..."


"If you loose I want you to admit you lost to a girl... AND... I don't want you in my personal business. Got it!?" seemed fair. He would stop asking about my bruises and just let them slide.


He hesitated for a minute before nodding "And if I win?..."


"Hhmm... If you win?" I thought "Well I don't know, what do you want?" I questioned


"If I win... I want to take you to dinner, like a date" Wow that's a first. I would have thought 'Break up with Tyler' 'Tell everyone we're a thing' etc. But a date? I guess it would hurt anybody. 'Only you if Tyler find out' A voice in the back of me head said and it was right. But I'm always breaking rules so... Fuck it.   


"Alright doesn't seem to be that bad" I tell him.   "BUT..."  




"Damn it... I knew it was to good to be true" I mumbled to myself. "Ok what is it" I said calmly.


He chuckled. I guess he heard me say my 'to good to be true'. "If you loose I get to take you to dinner... AND... Get to ask you whatever I want and you'll answer with the truth"   




The smile I once had disappeared in an instant. I gulped hard and before I could think my mouth spoke for itself. 


"Deal" I tried to keep my shocked face hidden and instead replaced it with a poker face,as I put my hand out for him to shake. We shook hands and walked to the center of the soccer field. I grabbed my hair and put it in a high pony tail. He was starting off with the ball. No goalies, no referees... First one to score three goals win. 'This should be easy'... or so I thought.


"Are you ready" Justin yelled from a distance. I nodded and he began jogging my way with the ball in front of him. I charged at him and went for the ball but he totally juked me, he played a 'Matthew Feint', as I like to call it (10/13 Details Under A/N). I was stunned, he ran toward my goal and scored. I stood in the same spot shocked. I put my arms around my chest and put most of my weight on one foot, giving some type of sassy yet pissed look. Justin came jogging my way with the soccer ball.


"Told you" he smirked looking at me chest and licking his lips before kicking the ball to my feet and running pass me, heading towards his goal. I noticed that when I cross my arms is gives my chest a MASSIVE push up, making them look bigger, and it doesn't help when I'm only wearing my sport bra. I quickly unfolded my arms but was already starting to come up with a sneaky plan to distract Justin. 


I knew I couldn't loose. I have to beat him. This would cause him to win the date AND my secrets...    I put my game face on and started off with the ball. I jogged to where he was standing and he prepared himself and tried to kick the ball away from me but as he spread his legs I tunneled the ball under his legs 'aka Through Legs' as coach calls it (5/13 Details Under A/N). I sprinted behind him, retrieved the ball and scored. I turned back at him and he was smirking. I walked up to him and kicked the ball towards him. "Not bad... For a girl" he said and his smirk got even bigger.


I rolled my eyes. "Oh. I'll show you" I ran back to my goal and prepared myself. He walked towards me with the ball, then began to jog, next thing I know, he passes me. I hesitated at first but soon after I followed running right behind him, he was really fast but before he could kick the ball into my goal I was able to slide and kick the ball out of his reach so he couldn't score (Pic Under A/N). I got up off the grass and dusted off my sweats. I looked at Justin and smiled innocently. 


This little soccer game was getting intense. We're at 1-1 and we've been playing for about thirty minutes but we're not stopping til' victory is called for one of us. 





We are now at 2-1 Justin with the lead. I really don't want him to win. I Can Not Loose.


I currently have the ball and I finally came up with a plan to distract Justin. I kicked the ball towards Justin, he looked down at the ball near his feet then back at me with a confused look. I slowly walk up to him swaying my hips side to side. Not too much that that I looked like a creep but just enough to seduce him.   


By the time I'm about three feet away from Justin, I make eye contact with his caramel eyes, that are now filled with lust, and bite down on my lower lip. I decided to go a little further with my actions and crossed my arms over my chest, allowing my arms to give my breast a major lift. I knew this turned him on by the way he licked his lips and stared down at my bare chest (since I was only wearing my sports bra).  


Once I got right up to Justin, I snaked my hands around his neck and stood on the tip of my toes before slowly leaning in. He put his hands loosely on my hips, pulling me close to his chest, as began to lean in as well but what he didn't know is that while he was looking into my eyes, I was tricking him. 


I felt the ball under my feet and without trying to make it obvious I kicked the ball lightly to my side. I was a centimeter away from Justin's lips when I quickly got out of his grasp and run down to his goal with the ball in my possession. 


I heard heavy foot steps behind me but that didn't stop me. I sprinted faster and faster and when I had a good angle of the goal, I kicked the soccer ball and scored. I smiled to myself and turned around to see Justin slowing down from trying to catch up to me.  


"You Tricked Me!" He playfully yelled.   


"Hey! We never made up any clear rules like that" I smirked.   "Your such a tease. Your so gonna pay for that" He smirked with an even look in his eyes. I gulped down the lump in my throat and focused on my breathing. Damn... The way he said that made my stomach burst and mind blow into pieces. 


I quickly recovered and smiled as I jogged back to my place while Justin went to get the ball. 


2-2 Whoever makes this last shot wins. I was so nervous. My heart was beating 5x it's regular passe and i felt sweat drip down from my forehead.   This was definitely harder than I though.


Justin stood (probably) ten feet away from me before he began to jogged my way. I was quick to take the ball away from him but just as I was about to run with it, he got it right back.  


We did this, 'Back-N-Forth' thing, for probably ten minutes.  


There was no doubt that we both need this winning shot. It was obvious we both wanted to win. I mean I don't mine if Justin wins but the fact that we're playing for my secrets, as in he could ask me ANYTHING. No way in hell was that possible. 'Why did I agree to this?' I told myself.


Justin was running in my direction and I thought I had him until he juked me with a 'Step Over', that Jazz likes to call (3/13 Details Under A/N) and passed me.


There it was. Everything I never wanted anyone to know about, only to be heard by a boy who stole my heart with his glowing caramel eyes.







************************ (A/N)


'Justin's a mystery to Skylar... Will she find out about him being in a gang?'


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'Will Skylar have to tell Justin her secret about Tyler?'




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Definition Of: Juked -to be fooled or purposely mislead.

(Just In Case You Didn't Know)


Skylar And Justin's Soccer Moves:


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Skylar And Justin's Soccer Moves:






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