The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


12. Chapter 12: Help (Justin's POV)



I know I can be a huge dick sometimes but I think I might have taken it to far. I think I might know whats going on with her and Tyler. And I just made it a hell of a lot worse. I don't know what I was thinking. 


When I saw her in the cafeteria yesterday reading... With that jerk. I just couldn't handle it. So I did the only thing I could when I was pissed or needed to clear my mind... I slept with some random chick... In the janitors closet.


 I know it wasn't right but hey... When a good lookin babe comes up to me for some fun, I won't be thinking twice. 


When I got to English late I hoped Skylar won't notice my messy sex hair and my rushed-on clothes. It was a quicky and I don't even remember the girls name. The only thing I remember about her was he body and Damn... Was it fine. I'm pretty sure she was brunette or a blond, or a brunette with blond highlights, or a blond with brunette highlights. I don't remember AND I don't care.



Right now I was pretty pissed that my first period teacher had given me lunch detention, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. I also couldn't find Skylar anywhere. I started to wonder if she was hiding from me or something. 


Whatever, I just really have to get her to admit where all those bruises are coming from. 'Do her parents abuse her?' 'Maybe a sibling' 'Or that cunt of a boyfriend 'Tyler'. I told myself. 


This is the Tyler who we've been looking for. His boys owe us money for the drugs we gave them to sell about a year ago but I think we gave them enough time to relax. Not only that, they killed Nick and NO ONE kills one of our members without payback!


Whatever. All I know is that I wasn't going to lunch detention at all. But then again Skylar would be there. 


I headed to my locker and didn't see her. She's probably already there since she rather be early than late. I walked pass the class before getting in and didn't see her. 'Maybe she ditched. I mean I heard about her party animal and bad girl hot side' I thought to myself but quickly snapped out of it when a girl with blond hair and WAY to much make up came up to me. If it wasn't for her face I would say she was totally my type. I mean big chest, ass, and her small shorts and shirt reveled all of that, just the way I like them. 


"Hi, your Justin right" she said while twirling a strand of hair and chewing on some gum. I knew I had to get this. If you know what I'm sayin *Wink*Wink*.


"Yea, that's me baby. Who asking" I said sending her a charming smile that always lures them in.


"I'm, Briana." She whispered in my ear.


I smirked at her. "And what can I do for a sexy lady like you" she giggled. She was nothing compared to Skylar but she'll have to do for now. Woah! Why would I compare her to Skylar?! I did the same thing with the other girl yesterday! 'Calm the fuck down Bieber' I told myself.


"You could do me" she said with a straight face. 'Wow, that was a bad pick up line' I thought to myself.


"Hhhmmmh sounds like a pretty good idea, where?"


She grabbed my hand and we headed out to the back of the benches by the football field. 


She pulled me towards her and smacked her lips onto mine, I instantly kissed her back roughly. I grabbed her bum and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I pushed her onto the wall which made her gasp. I took the opportunity and stuck my tongue down her throat. I moved down kissing her neck trying to find her sweet spot and when I found it she let out a small moan. I kept kissing the area and sucking on it. She kept tugging at my hair and gently pulling at it. Her hands going up my shirt and mine going up hers. She nearly took my shirt off when I heard a small cry. I ignored it and began to kiss her lips again. Then I heard it again this time a little more clear. 


"NOOOO ZAC STOP!!!" A soft voice said. I pulled away from... From...? From the blond chick. I forgot her name. 


"What's wrong" she asked me and began to kiss my neck. I didn't answer and waited to hear something else. 


"Shut the fuck up! What the hell happened to no talking back" I heard a male voice then I knew something was up. I dropped the blond chick onto the floor.


"Why'd you stop" she whined.


I looked at her "Get out of here" I demanded.


"What wh-" 


"JUST GO!!!" I yelled and she quickly scurried off. I walked around, further to the back, and saw a topless guy on top of a girl.


"Pleeease..." She let out a small cry. But not of pleasure.


"HEY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!" I yelled at the pervert. He quickly got up from the girl and pulled his shirt on and buckled his pants. I looked behind him a saw Skylar there lying hopelessly. 


"Why the hell do you care!" He yelled. 


The anger inside me grew as I realized this pervert was touching MY SKYLAR... I mean... SKYLAR. 


I tried walking around him to help Sky but he stopped me. "Don't you fucking touch her, she's mine"


I couldn't take this guy anymore this asshole isn't even that 'Tyler' kid. He pissed me off so badly I punched his gut making him bend over and hold his stomach before I punched him in the face, knocking him out. I ran over to Skylar once I knew he wasn't getting up for a while. 


"Get Away From Me. Please Don't Hurt Me" I felt so bad for her, I just wanted to help.


"Sky it's me. Please let me help you" I told her touching her shoulder lightly. 


"Justin?" She said opening her eyes. They where swollen and red. She was crying and I couldn't see her like this. It made my stomach ache and my heart pull back in discomfort.


"Yea. It's me. Come on let me take you home" I said while helping her up and walking her back to the school parking lot.


"No I can't I have to stay" She panicked.




"Tyler can't find out about this. Especially now that Zac's seen you"


"Why what happens if Tyler finds out" I knew she was hiding something. But what!? 


"He just can't. Zac's one of his best friends and he'd be upset if he found out" Well this scum 'Zac' deserved to die. He's lucky I didn't pull my gun out at him and shot his ass (not literally his ass, but you know what I mean).


"Sky that's no reason for you not to go home, your hurt" I said. I looked into her beautiful hazel eyes and she looked a bit... Maybe dizzy. She then looked into my eyes. 


"No Justin please I'm fine"


"Are you sure... You can make up some lie or ju--" 


"Justin I'm fine" she interrupted me and smiled which I gladly returned.


"Ok well at least let me take you to the bathroom... To... Clean..." I stopped and noticed she had a huge mark on her face and it was swollen "... Up.?!" I took a better look at it. "Skylar DID HE HIT YOU!" Fuckers going to die now! I was furious who has the balls to hit a girl. I mean I killed people before but I've never hurt a women.


"Um no I-I got hit in the face with a soccer ball" she said while looked down. Wow I didn't know she played soccer/any sport at all. That was a turn on. 'Ugh, focus Justin'.


"Skylar don't lie to me"


"Justin I promise I got hit in the face with a soccer ball" she said looking up at me. I was confused which I guess made her giggle, it was so sweet and calm. It instantly brought my mood up and my anger away.


"How does a soccer ball give you a bruise like that?" I jokingly asked. When in reality, I know a soccer ball couldn't do that bad of damage. This was a huge bruise and I knew right away that someone caused it. I always notice the little things on Skylar. Although I shouldn't (it's weird for me) I still do.


She laughed "I guess I play some rough soccer" she smiled up at me. 


"Ooh feisty AND rough" I smirked getting closer to her. This girl was turning me on. And I couldn't stop my manhood from getting what it wanted.


"Aaah? Justin?" I leaned in about to kiss her soft lips, that I remember form the last few days, when the bell rung and like always she left. She left my arms and headed inside. Leaving my body without her warmth. 'You sound stupid' the voice in my head said. 


I almost kisses her again!!! But she left, 'Can things get any worse'. I thought to myself. I just had to jinx it. I felt my phone buzz in my front, jean, pocket. I pulled it out and answered.


"Aye, What's up?"


"Have you found him?"


"Ummm..." If I said yes they would come to Cali then we'd leave and I would HAVE to go with them to Canada but for some reason I can't leave Sky, so I had to lie. "... No"




"I know. I'm doing everything I can. I have to find where he is hiding" I wasn't exactly lying. I did have to figure out were him and the others were.


"Chris isn't going to like this. Your lucky your second in command or you would have been a dead man by now"


Seth was right. But Chris had to trust me. I'm the best guy he's got.


"Well tell Chris to give me a week and I'll give him some details"


"SOME details" Seth said emphasizing 'some'.


"You know what I mean! Now if you excuse me I have a class to head to. I'm already late" I hung up before letting him answer and headed to my last class where I would see Sky. Of course Tyler and his little gang.



I walked towards the class and heard laughing once I reached the door and entered, the laughing stopped. I noticed the kid Zac in the class. I was still pissed at what he was going to do to Sky but when I saw his purple eye, I couldn't help my smirk at my master piece. I walked to my desk with all of Tyler's gang eyeing me, actually even Skylar was staring. Once I sat down she frowned, looked away and put her hair in front of her face so I couldn't see her.


She has to stop doing that! It's pissing me off! I know she has a boyfriend and all but he doesn't care about her the way I would! She ignores me when we're in a class full of people but when we're alone she's an amazing person to be with! That what pissed me off. She's hiding what we have and I want people to know so Tyler can fuck off. 'Did you really just say you want to BE with a girl?' My own thoughts scared me. Never have I ever wanted to be with someone this badly. But for Skylar... I'll make an exception. 



Once the class was over she left without looking at me, without saying good-bye, she just left and I couldn't get any more pissed then what I already was. I saved her life for all I know. Well it's not like he was going to kill her but I mean she was almost raped! I don't know why I was acting this way... I just hate this feeling. So I followed right behind her.


I was pissed and I didn't know what to say so I opening my locker. It was sort of awkward and I couldn't handle it so I broke the silence.


"Why do you ignore me during class, but when we're somewhere where no one can see us you talk to me" I said maybe in a bit of a harsh tone. "Do you not want to be seen with me?!" I continued a little louder now. Not caring how harsh my voice sounded.


"Justin I, I can't. Tyler's always watching me and--" I interrupted her. I had to know. She couldn't hide it anymore. She couldn't hide what has been going on either between Tyler or her family.


"He What! Huh Skylar. Huh? Does He Hurt You!" She closed her locker then I slammed mine showing her just how pissed I was that she can't trust me. I know it's been a few days but I feel like I have to save her, protect her from something... Or someone.


"ANSWER ME SKYLAR" I yelled. Not caring about the people who were looking at us.


"Justin please stop. People are staring" She whispered.


"They Should Be!" I yelled again.


"Justin please just... STOP!" She yelled back. "I'll explain later I have to go" Her voice was full of anger and sadness. She walked away before I could even argue with her. That was the first time I ever saw her pissed. Even though its just been three days, she seemed to sweet to loose her temper like that. I turned to any random locker and threw a punch at it. I punched it so hard it caused a dent.




I waited a while after she left and followed her out to what looked like the soccer field. I guess she had practice or something. I stood by the stands just thinking, wondering... 'What's up with this chick'. Was it her smile, her eyes, her personality, her body, her laugh, her hair? She had everything! 'Maybe it's because she's faithful to her boyfriend' 'Or she knows he's in a gang and if she does something stupid he'll hurt her'. 


I noticed the girl that talked to me the day when I first met Skylar and told me to stay away from her. She nodded her head towards me and Sky looked my way. She was beautiful even in sweats and a plain tank top. She was amazing, pretty, beautiful, flawless. Nobody compares to her. She's like an angel that fell from heaven and came into my life for me to save her from any evil. 


Damn... That was deep. I'm turning soft... Jake better hurry up with my drugs... All the bullshit that's coming out of my head is growing on me.


Ugh. I have to get out of here before I get the urge to walk over to her and kiss her. That's exactly what I did. Not kiss her, walk away.


I got home and laid on my bed thinking. About my problems. About Chris. About Tyler. About Zac. ABOUT JAKE AND MY DAMN WEED! About the money I have to find. About protecting, who I think is the one for me.


But she's probably pissed at the way I yelled at her. I regret it and I know I'll never be able to live with myself knowing she hates me. I'm gonna make this right... One way or another.







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