The Love Of My Life

I 'had' a normal life. I guess you can say that?! When I say 'had' its because its true. I had a family that I loved and they loved me back. Though I was the only child I was happy either way. Everything changed in my life, the day of my birthday. I never thought that one accident would ruin my life forever. Or so I thought.
Years pass and I meet new people and loose others, in which many of these people I regret knowing... But I will never regret laying my eyes on a pair of glowing caramel eyes. After him everything changed.


11. Chapter 11: Help


"What Are You Doing!!?" I Shriek, staring at him in disgust.


"Oh, did I scare you?" He said casually with a smirk.


Seriously... What an asshole. No Wait... WHAT A PERVERT!


"Really? You disgust me." I spit. Which I regret afterwards.




My face burned from the sting I got on my left cheek. Yes burn, not sting because this asshole didn't slap me... the fucker punched me! 


I fell to the ground, my hand holding onto my throbbing cheek. "What was that for?" I said in a low whispers as I look up into the blue eyed boy. Zac. One of Tylers friends/gang members.


He smlied as if he was proud of what he just did to me. "You know not to talk to me like that" I couldn't be more confused.


"I-i ok. I'm sorry?!" I wasn't really sure what to tell him, when it comes to Tyler I usually just kiss his cheek and walk away or I just nob my head. But this is Zac we're talking about... and I have no idea how he reacts to this sort of stuff. So I apologized and I guess it worked.


"Get up" I got up, my hand still holding onto my (probably now swollen) cheek. He pushed me towards the wall with force causing me to hit the back of my head against it. Causing me to wince in pain. Where the hell is Tyler, I'm sure he wouldn't let Zac do this to me.


"AAAH!! What are yo1" he cut me off by placing his lips on my, roughly. I have no idea what the hell he was doing and I sure as hell wasn't some slut, so I didn't kiss him back. 


Suddenly I heard footsteps coming from the stairs and i'm sure he heard them to because he pulled away almost immediately.


"Say anything, I will kill you myself... GOT IT!" He growled.


"Yes" I whispered as Tyler walked into the kitchen.


"Yes what?" He looked over at us in confusion. His green eyes meeting my hael ones then Zacs cold blue ones.


"Nothing man" Zac said casually before walking up to him and whispering something into his war. Tyler then looked up at me and walked towards me.


"So you punched her?" Tyler asked, now in front of me and looking over his shoulder to see Zac nodding. He turned back to me and said "You know the rules about talking back..." 


I gulped not knowing what was going on in his mind. Would he hit me too? I was scared out of my mind. I knew he could do much worst then what Zac did. 


He lifted his hand up causing me to gasp quietly and wait for him to hurt me but I was shocked when he simply grabbed my hand and removed it away from my face. My arm fell to my side as he lightly and gently ran the back of his hand on my cheek smoothly. He suddenly smirked and looked into my eyes and I couldn't help but wonder 'Did Zac tell him the truth to why I talked back? Because he touched me?'


"Since Zac left you a pretty good reminder of talking back, we'll leave it like this... Got it. No more talking back!" He softly told me as stared into his eyes waiting for something to hit me like a brick. There is no way he can just suddenly act like this. Can he?


"Ok" I whispered after a while of just staring into his eyes. I gave him the best smile I can come up with but it was a bit hard with my cheek. I walked passed him and headed out of the kitchen.


"Where are you going?!" Tyler said causing me to turn around and face him.


"School" I simply said with a genuine half smile.


I walked up to my room and looked into the mirror. Damn. Zac has a hell of a punch. I quickly took out some make up and began to cover up the new and once again old bruises. 


He might be an asshole sometimes but I have to admit it... Zac's really good looking. He's a bit hotter than Tyler for sure but he is so much more of a bitch then anyone I've ever met. (Zac looks like Zac Efron, Pic Under A/N).





I got to school a few minutes early so I took advantage of this time and headed to the bathroom to check on the my make up, I don't want anyone to notice it. It didn't look as bad as it did before, that's a fact, but if you look close enough and focus you can obviously see something happened.


Suddenly a few girls walked into the bathroom and stared at me, actually more like glared. There was the the leader of the pack who had blond hair and blue eyes. The other had brown hair green eyes and the last one had dirty blond hair and blue eyes. They probably would have been considered pretty if they didn't have cake faces.


Not a doubt in my mind did I not realize them as the fake ass Barbie dolls, that think they rule this hell hole (School).


I tried to ignore them but once I heard one of them mumble shit I couldn't help, but east-drop "I don't even know why Tyler choose her. She's disgusting, I mean look at her face. She probably fell on her face"


Ouch! Can they notice mt bruises? 


They giggled and another one didn't even whisper, she just blurred it out like I wasn't even in the same damn bathroom. "Or she was just born like that" They suddenly burst into laughter and I could help and role my eyes before walking out.


"UGH! You can have him for all I care. I couldn't care two flying fucks" I growl under my breath.


"Who can have who?" I jumped at the sudden voice.


"Shit... Uh.. Hey Jazz, some fake ass Barbies in the bathroom were trying to 'whisper' shit about me being with Tyler" I said while quoting 'Whisper" with my fingers in the air.


"Don't listen to them. They're just jealous you 'gorgeous'" She said in a funny Italian accent.


"Um... Why did you say 'gorgeous' in an Italian accent"


We both looked at each other and broke out into laughter. Jazz is awesome, she can always make me forget the worst.


"Ok... I'm gonna go to my locker. See you at lunch" 


"Ok, bye Jazz" I hug my best friend and we both head towards our locker (which are located away from each other, sadly). 


When I got to my locker I was sort of relived that Justin wasn't there. Not that I didn't want him here but I'm sure he would notice my bruised cheek, he's been noticing a lot of things about me lately. It's so strange how he can see a small difference when no one else can, he must really pay attention to my features. Which is strange in a way but sweet in another. I guess.


I did my locker combination and took my books out. Once i had them in my bag I locked mt locker and turned around. 


Bad. Idea.


My eyes quickly locked with a pare of caramel eyes. I gulp as Justin tried to maneuver through the crowd of student to get to were I stood. I turned quickly and walked the other way, literally sprinting to my first period.  


I could let him see me. Especially with what happened yesterday in English class, he turned my peaceful normal day into hell because of that one kiss. I know I should hate him for it... and the sad part is... I don't. I can't.


Plus I knew Tyler and his gang would be around to see us talking. That would just cause more pain to my face. If Justin wanted to talk to me we would have to talk in our first period, cause that's the only class that i don't have any of Tyler's spies in. 


The bell rung just as I made it to my seat. Five minutes later Justin walked in. 


"And where were you Mr. Bieber?" the teacher asks.


"I- ugh... I got lost. It's just my third day and I haven't really adjusted to the campus". He said while scratching the back of his neck. it was obvious he was lying but the teacher bought it. 'Good excuse' I thought to myself.



"Alright, just take your seat so I can continue the lesson" Justin nodded before heading towards me with a smile. I lightly smiled back but kept my eyes to the front of the class, trying to pay attention to the teachers lesson.




I turned to face the voice "Hi"


Justin stared at my face for a while and I knew that he saw something. And that was what I was afraid of. I don't want to blame him, but I got some of these bruises because of him from yesterdays play. "I never asked you..."


"Asked what?"


"If you got in trouble"


I could help my eyes from widening in fear. 'Holy crap he KNOWS!' The voice in the back of my head said. "In trouble for what" I gulped.


"For the night I was in your bedroom. Did your parents walk in on you when before you can get into bed?" I could help but release a breath that I didn't even realize I was holding. But then again the breath of hair got stunk in my throat. Two words sticking out from his question... Your Parents.


"Uuum Um... Justin. My p-" I stopped myself. I couldn't tell him about my parents, not yet. I can barely trust him, yet. I don't even know anything about him. "No" I continue "I actually fell asleep before anyone noticed I was up" I confidently told him, although it was a lie some of it was true. like not being caught, but I wasn't sleeping and I didn't say or prove that it was Tyler and not my parents.


"Oh? Ok... Um remember I wanted to ask you something?" 




"Well, I wanted to ask you why you simply won't admit that Ty-" but Justin was interrupted by the teacher.


"Mr. Bieber and Ms. Rezaime! Is your conversation more important than my teaching!" She strictly yelled.


"No" I whispered.


"Both of you..." she pointed to me and Justin "... Lunch detention in my class!"


"WHAT!!!" Me and Justin both yelled in unison, are voice in disbelief.


"DON'T BE LATE!" She yelled back and just in time the bell rung.


I stormed out of the class room towards my locker and then to my second period, ignoring Justin because he got ME lunch detention and Tyler's gang are in my second period class, keeping and eye on me. Especially Zac. Ugh! Gross!.







The bell rung signalling it was lunch. I went to my locker and scurried to my first period class to get to detention. 


I was about to walk into the classroom before someone grabbed my arm and covered my mouth with their hand, so I didn't scream. i tried to wiggle out of their grip but whoever it was, was really strong. 


They dragged me to the back of the bleachers by the football field. Eeeeew, I hate this place, everyone from school literally have sex back here. Ugh! teens and their hormones.


Then it hit me like lightening. Whoever's holding me is going to take advantage of me. My eyes widen in fear and I began to cry my eyes out. I cried and cried and when the stranger turned me around I couldn't help but let more tears run down my cheek and sob uncontrollably. As he attached his lips to my neck, kissing and sucking, I began to cry more and more.


"Please Stop. Zac Please! Please Just Stop!" I cried.


"Bitch shut up and just enjoy it!" He snapped and began to run his hand under my shirt, slowly trying to take it off.


"NOOOO ZAC STOP!!!" Then he slapped me across the face in the exact same place he punched me earlier this morning. I fell to the ground holding onto my face crying more then what i already have. I would think my tears would have ran out by now... Guess not.


"Shut the fuck up! What the hell happened to talking back!" he said while getting on top of me removing his shirt.


"Pleeeease.." I suddenly began to doze off, my head ached and I was getting dizzy.


"HEY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!" I heard someone yell. Zac quickly got off my shaking body and walked towards the s=other stranger. I tried to see who it was but everything was spinning around. So I simply decided to just close my eyes and try to listen.


"Why the hell do you care!!!" I heard Zac scream back.


I heard foot steps coming my way "Don't you fucking touch her, she's mine" Zac ordered. Suddenly there was two loud noises and i'm pretty sure someone fell beside me. I continued to cry until I felt a large warm hand cover my small cold one, but I pushed them away and scooted back, with my eyes still shut.


"Sky it's me. Please let me help you" I opened my eyes and saw the boy I have been dying to hold and surprisingly kiss... My stomach burst with butterflies as he gazed into my eyes. Pain and anger cover his usually calm caramel eyes.




"Yea. It's me. Come on let me get you out of here" He said while helping me to my feet. We began to walk towards the school parking lot and I began to freak.


"No, I can't... I have to stay" I stop in fear. Fear of Tyler finding out I left... With Justin.




"Ty;er can't find out about this. Especially now that Zac has seen you with me"


"Why? What happens if Tyler finds out" Damn I can tell he wants me to admit that Tyler hurts me. But I can't give in.


"He just can't. Zac's one of his best friends and he's be upset if he found out" I lied.


"Shy, that's no reason for you not to go home, I'm sure your hurt" His voice is comforting and soft. I stopped crying and my head ache was fading away. I looked up at him and stared into his soothing caramel eyes.


"No Justin please. I'm fine"


"Are you sure.. You can make up some lie or ju-..." 


"Justin I'm fine" I interrupt him and gave him a small smile that he soon mirrored.


"Ok well at least let me take you to the bathroom... To... Clean..." He suddenly stopped himself and stepped ,so he stood in front of me, staring at every inch of my face. "...Up? Skylar DID HE HIT YOU!!!" Anger showed clearly on his face and voice which scared the crap out of me. I knew he looked to closely. He wouldn't miss one detail. 


I stepped back and his eyes soften from noticing my fear "Justin I promise... I got hit in the face with a soccer ball" I quickly lie, looking into his eyes. He gave he a confused look and I giggled at how cute he looked.


"How does a soccer ball give you a bruise like that?" He jokes, lifting up my spirit.


I laughed "I guess I play some rough soceer" I smile innocently at him.


"Ohh feisty AND rough" He smirks and steps closer towards me while wrapping his arms around my waste.


"Ahh?... Justin?" He leans in and I can't help but fell a tingling felling roam my body as his lips are just inches away. His lips are only a centimeter away before the bell rings. I get out of his grip and once he's out of my sight I run to the girls bathroom to clean myself up before heading to my last period.


Once I was done fixing my makeup, I walked into the class and saw Zac. He looked up at me with so much hate and anger it scared the shit out of me. I looked next t him to see Tyler laughing his ass off with the others because of Zac's huge black eye.


Haha, I'm guessing the one Justin gave him. Good, he deserved it. I walked to my desk and sat down quietly when Justin came walking through the door. He noticed Zac's black eye right away and smirked at him. Tyler and his gang where quiet as he walked by them and sat next to me. He looked at me and smiled. I looked at Tyler who was looking at me, I looked away from Justin and covered my face with my hair so he couldn't see me anymore.




Once the bell rung I walked to my locker to put my books and my soccer gear. I had practice today and I didn't mind refreshing my mind a bit. Then Justin popped up next to me while opening his locker. It was sort of awkward if you ask me but he finally broke it.


"Why do you ignore me during class, but when we're somewhere were no one can see us you talk to me?" He harshly told me a tone I've never heard from him. "Do you not want to be seen with me??!" He said much louder. How could he think I don't want to be seen with him. I do... It's just I'm always being watched so if I'm caught talking to him Tyler will find out and I'd pretty much be screwed. It's worth a try.


Justin I... I can't. Tyler's always watching me and-" He interrupts me before I can explain.


"He What! Huh Skylar. Huh? Does He Hurt You!" He got it right but there's no way in hell I'm backing down on this. I slammed my locker shut, harshly, as Justin did the same just louder and with more force making me jump.


"ANSWER ME SKYLAR!" He yelled. Grabbing everyone's unwanted attention.


"Justin please stop. People are staring" I whisper.


"They Should Be!" His voice and toned don't change they just get louder and louder. I have no idea what crawled up his ass (sarcasm)  but it must be bothering him cause he's bothering and yelling way to much. 


"Justin please just... STOP!" I said from a soft whisper to a loud yell. I didn't want him to bitch to me about this, especially in public "I'll explain later. I have to go" I said in a bitchy tone so he knew I was pissed. Gosh! Who the hell does he think he is. He's all over my business when I don't know shit about him!




I got to the soccer field and saw Jazz and Bonnie suiting up.


"Hey guys" My voice calmer then earlier, as I put my bag down near theirs.


"Hey Sky" They said in unison.


"Bonnie, I haven't seen you all day"


"Haha, yeah, neither have I" Bonnie says as we hug.


"Alright ladies, get your equipment on and let's begin practice. We have a game in a week!" Our coach yells in his thick British accent. I quick;y put my shin guards, socks and cleats on before running towards the field were the other girls are.


While coach was explaining what we where doing Bonnie stood next to me and whispered "Hey Sky... Is that the new kid over there" She whispered while nodding her head in the direction she's looking at. I turn my head to were she was looking and I see Justin standing there with a straight emotionless face.


I look at Bonnie "Um... Yeah. I have a few classes with him. Why?"


"Nothing. He's just staring. It's kind of weird"


"Oh" I turn back to were Justin was standing. Once he saw me look at him he turned around and left. Once he disappeared from my sight our coached told us to begin practice with 'suicides'.



It was late, probably seven or eight o'clock, and practice just ended. I have work today and i begin at eight-thirty so I better get going. That is until a thick British accent stops me "Skylar can I speak to you for a second" Mu coach asks.


"Yeah coach"


"Skylar is everything alright?" He asks.


"Umm. Yes coach. Why do you ask?"


"Well don't get me wrong, your one of my best players but you seemed off today"


"Ooh, I just have a lot on my mind"


"well like I always tell you and the others 'Leave Your Problems Off Mu Field And Focus'"


"Yes coach" I nod.


"Now, we have a game in a week and I need you to focus, so you're going to stay for at least another hour or two too practice some dribbling and goal shots. Those are the ones you where off on the most" He informs me through his think accent. 


"Wait... You want me to stay behind!?"




"But coach! I Can-"


"I din;t ask if you could Skylar I said 'you're going to stay'"


I sigh "Yes coach" Then he left me there on the lonely soccer field to practice by myself. I grabbed my soccer ball and decided to do a little bit of dribbling and a few tricks. It was getting pretty hot and I was sweating as hell. I looked around and saw no one so I decided to take my shirt off and finish practice in my sport bra.




It was dark and the lights on the field where on, thy where pretty bright, if you ask me. I had six soccer balls in front of me, ready to shoot them into the goal. I lined up the first ball on the penalty mark, I took a few steps back and focused. I ran up the the ball and it went into the corner right of the goal. I smiled to myself.


"Still got it" I said to myself.


I got the next soccer ball and put it in the penalty mark again. I took a few steps back and ran up to it and kicked in into the goal. I did the same with the next three. 


Then I had the last soccer ball, I placed it on the penalty mark and took a few steps back, usually when I have to do a penalty shot I get nervous. I shrugged off the feeling and simply focused.  


I ran to the soccer ball and kicked it, it was going in until I saw another soccer ball came out out of nowhere and knocked my ball out of my goal. My ball hot the post and came rolling back to my feet while the other one rolled the opposite direction it came from.


"So you think you still got it!" Said a voice from a far distance, where they mysterious soccer ball came from.


"Who are you" I said confidently. The mystery person came out of the shadows and into the lights.


"Your competition"








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