Long Distance Love

Derek and Alexis are in the worst kind of relationship... The long distance kind. Will they make it work or not?


1. The News

Chapter One:


All summer Derek and I were together, we thought it'd never end. Until i suddenly got a text while I was eating breakfast with my family.

Derek: we need 2 talk... meet me at the park in 20 mins?

Me:sure.. is everything okay babe?

Derek: we will talk about it at the park.. by, love u babe

Me: k c u there :)


As I got to the park, Derek was sitting on the bench, he turned and looked at me and started crying. He ran up to me and hugged me tight.

Me: What's wrong Dere? Is everything okay?!?

Derek: No, I'm moving to Vancouver.

Me: Does this mean we are breaking up?

Derek: No, we can make this work. I love you boo bear, and nothing could ever change that.

We kissed and hugged for at least two minutes straight. I couldn't believe this was actually happening.











Hey guys!! So sorry if this chapter isn't good or if it's too short, I promise, next chapter will be great!!

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