Long Distance Love

Derek and Alexis are in the worst kind of relationship... The long distance kind. Will they make it work or not?


2. Dakota

Chapter Two:


Me: hai Dere, i miss u babe

Derek: miss u 2 bb, i think bout u all the time

Me: sameeee, when u visiting?

Derek: not 4 a long time :'( my mom says its too much money to go there and back. sorry boo

Me: its k. luv u babeeeeee

Derek: love you too, hey i gtg phones gonna die. ttyl bb

Me: i miss you already.

Derek: bye....


I heard the doorbell ring, I looked out the window and saw a red jeep. I wonder who that could be. My mom yelled out "Alexis Hun!!! It's for you!!" Now I really wonder who it is. Is it someone I know? All of these questions ran through my head. "Be right down Mom!!"

I opened the door and I saw the hottest guy I have seen in my entire life! I shouldn't be saying this because I love Derek, and only Derek. But he was HOT. 

"Hi, how can I help you?" I said extremely corny

"Hey, I'm your new neighbor. I live just three doors down." Even his voice was hot

"Welcome to the neighborhood! Did you move in to the left three doors or to the right three doors?" I can't believe how horrible I sound.

"To the left. Do you know the previous owners?" 

"Yeah." Just as i thought. He lives in Derek's house.

"Maybe you could come over sometime, hang out, do fun stuff." I wanted to say yes SO badly. But what if something  happens? What if we kiss or something? Derek would never find out but I would still have to live with the guilt.

Can't believe I'm saying this but, "I'd love to, but first I NEED TO KNOW YOUR NAME!!"

"Aha, it's Dakota, and yours?"

"I'm Alexis, do you have a number so I can text you when I wanna hang?" 

"Yup" he wrote something down on a small piecce of paper and walked away. It was his phone number but written on it also said, "call me, i want to get to know you better ;)"













What do you think guys? Comment what you think, when I get at least one comment, i will post the next chapter!! :)


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