My Crazy, Wonderful Life

This story is about a girl named Claire. She is at a new school and also starting high school. She is hoping for the best. She doesn't know what to expect this year. But something happens that she couldn't have predicted. She meets a guy. The guy.


1. And so it begins..

Early morning is when this story begins. Claire Roberts, your typical 14 year old girl, woke up. She is ambitious, artistic, and a dreamer. She tends to have her head in her fantasies most of the time. Some say she is beautiful but she never listens, she thinks of herself as normal, in beauty; on the other hand, she knows she is different from others. She loves music and life but her fantasies are her escape from reality. She is about 5'3" and has long brown hair with natural blond highlights, she has hazel eyes most of the time but they change from that to brown or blue. She has just woken up on the first day of school,high school that is. It is a new school that she knows no one at and she is very nervous.
The alarm clock rings. "Time for school!", Her mom yells as she hears the alarm. " I don't want to go, just leave me here, they won't even know I'm gone", she says as she grunts to roll over. Her mother,Kristy, walks up to Claire's bedroom and yanks the covers off of her. "MOMMM...!", " sorry sweetie, but you can't be late on your first day of high school". And so it begins; Claire rolls out of bed and decides what to wear. She goes with a nice pair of jean shorts,a light blue tank top with a white laced shirt, and a pair of black converse. She straightened her long brown hair and applied her makeup. She was as ready as she would ever be. He mother honks the horn and she runs down with her phone in hand and earphones in ears.
When she arrives at the school she says her goodbyes to her mom and hops out. As she starts the go through the courtyard, she sees a table with a girl reading a book at it. Since she is at a new school, she figures she has nothing to lose. Claire walks over to the table and sits down next to the girl. " um.. hi!" Said Claire as she anxiously awaits for a reply, "my name's Claire.", " hi Claire, my name is Kate, Kate Jones", said Kate with a friendly grin on her face. Kate is a pretty girl with long dark brown hair, she has hazel eyes that change like Claire's and she is about 5'2". She was different like Claire and kind of had her own way of doing things too. She had on a loose green and black plaid crop top on with a white tank top under,a pair of jean shorts,and converse. Claire could tell that she was a little shy but they became friends almost instantly. They had a lot in common; they both were addicted to music and loved to draw whenever they could. Since they both had a since of humor, their conversation never became dull. " I am new to this school",says Claire, " oh really? Cool! I went to middle school with most of the people here so I pretty much know everyone". Just as Kate was about to begin a story, Claire zones out completely. The cutest boy she has ever seen strolls by her table with a crowd of teenagers swarming him. She instantly feels a connection and just as she looks at him, he flashes a cute smile towards her. " Claire? Hello, is anyone there? Claire wake up!" Kate says as she shakes Claire. " hmm, oh wait, what? Did you say something?", " haha,let me guess,you saw a guy right? "," yeah, the cutest guy I have ever seen, and he smiled at me!" Claire said as she leans her head on her hand,as she usually does when she day dreams. " Well who is he? point to him." Said the eager Kate. "Him, the guy over there, the one with the red t-shirt.", "ohh, no surprise you like him, that's Blake Vincent; only the cutest guy in the grade. I of course said in our grade because I have my eyes on an older guy" , Kate says only a little above a whisper as she drifts off into space. "Hey Kate,come back to earth, who do you like?". Kate looks down for a second and then looks up with a smile on her face," Alex Monroe", she says with a longing sigh. " ahh, Alex, um.. who's that?" Said Claire. Kate's eyes widen as she says " only my one true love that I have loved for years!"," aww, that's so sweet", Kate pauses to think then says, " yeah, so you like Blake?", " I guess I do but only a little." Claire knew she liked Blake more than 'just a little', but she had just met him so she guessed that she would just let things play out. Claire and Kate continued their conversation and talked like they had known each other for years, until they hear the bell.

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