When did this take place? **(Niall Horan Fanfic)**

Eloise, your average teenage girl, is ready to graduate high school in just one year. Though catastrophe strikes as she is told she and her family must move all the way to Ireland because her Dad landed a new job, leaving behind all her friends, her last high school year and memories. Though as she notices her Dad's business partners nephew, blond hair and the most irresistible blue eyes, can she finally stand for a change?


7. Chapter 7

Eloise POV.

Niall guided me back to the table, as I went to turn to my seat I accidentally brushed my shoulder against his, I felt him shiver, but put the thought aside.

"Well, how are we going to go?" I whispered

"Don't worry" he chuckled "I have something in mind." He said his blue eyes glinting in mischief. 

We soon ate our food up, and boy, did Niall eat fast. Soon after we were chatting along and the parents were discussing about business stuff, while Charlie was stuck on his DS. Just then I heard a big groan. Coming from Niall.

"Ouch my stomach is killing me! Aunt Leanna, I feel, really sick."Niall said while clutching his stomach. Oh my god, he looked in so much pain, why did he have to eat so fast? I feel sorry for the guy.

"Oh dear Niall, do you want to go home?" Leanna asked, while Tim was just watching blankly not seeming to worry and carried on looking through his phone. "Uh yeah, but who is going to drive me?" Niall said

"Um.." Leanna trailed in thought. "Well we still need to discuss about the business, I'm afraid we can't leave yet Niall is it really that bad?"Leanna asked with a worried look, my parents noticing as well.

"I'll drive him" I blurted. I guess me and Niall wouldn't be going anywhere fun now side he had to be sick. 

"Yes! That's a great idea, your sure your ok with it Lou?" My mum asked "Yeah it's fine I guess" I answered. I soon got up to help Niall. I grabbed the keys from Niall for his car and the both of us walked out of the restaurant, Niall clutching his stomach and having a sickening look on his face. Just as we climbed into the car, out of everyones sight I looked over to Niall, he smirked. Wait what? He seemed so calm like nothing ever happened. "Your pretty good at playing along you know" he told me. What!? This was all fake? Just to get out? I was worrying like hell for the guy. "You're mad." I stated as he just chuckled. 

"Okay I'm driving, swap sides." He stated. I got out of the car, dropping into the passenger seat while he went into the drivers seat. He put his keys into the ignition and we drove off, where? I have no idea. As we were driving I looked out the window, the sun was setting and it was around 6:30. After about twenty minutes of driving I couldn't take it anymore. "Where are we going?" I asked in a desperate tone. He took a glance at me, smirking he said "You'll see"

"Well what are we suppose to do when both our parents get back home?" I pushed

"Easy, I just texted them before that I'm staying at my apartment for the night, and for you I took your phone and picked the first friend on list, I think it was Kate or something and sent a text to your parents saying you were staying there for the night, both were fine with it. Though we both know we aren't really staying there" He said easily. I gasped in shock, it was a good plan but I couldn't get out what he just told me. "You took my phone?!?" I pointed, he just shrugged "Yea but it's back in your purse I didn't keep it" he said. I can't believe I'm going to some place with someone I just met, cliche right? I brushed it off and noticed we finally arrived. I took a glimpse of my surroundings and realised that we were in front of an apartment. "Why are we here?" I asked. "We are staying at my friends flat for a bit" He said, well since I have been boring my self out at my new home and there was nothing else to do, I guess it would be fun to meet new friends and have some fun. "Okay" I said, he smiled, not a cocky stupid smile but a real smile. I smiled back glad that he likes my company. He guided me toward the front door. As he brought his arm up, ready to knock, I noticed his muscles flexed while he knocked on the door, after a few seconds the door opened and behind it stood a fairly handsome young boy, curly hair and piercing green eyes. He showed off his smile once he took notice of Niall, they did a complicated brotherly handshake and greeted each other,"Hey Niall! Glad you came!" The curly haired boy stated, "No worries Haz," Niall said, "Oh and who do we have here?" 'Haz' said. He brought out his arm to shake, "I'm Harry, Harry Styles, what's your name beautiful?" I immediately felt Niall tense beside me, but I just brushed it off. I shaked Harry's hand and greeted "Nice to meet you, I'm Eloise, Lou for short" I said, I caught Niall from the corner of my eye watching me. "Okay well lets get this party started!" Harry said guiding us inside, wait what party? I hesitantly walked through the door following Harry through the corridor, Niall beside me, as we reached a kitchen. I noticed we were not the only ones here, there were three other boys, all very good looking. "What party was Harry talking about?" I whispered to Niall, "Oh it's just a small get together, he was just exaggerating" Niall confirmed. "Right" I said.

"Hey Niall! You made it!" The boys said in sync, "Yeh of course!" Niall said, he guided toward me, "I have someone I want you to meet, This is Eloise." Niall said. I shyly waved, feeling small. "Hey I'm Liam" A curly light brown haired attracting boy said, "I'm Zayn" A boy with a perfect quiff said, "And I'm Louis! Or lou for short!" A very excited, brown haired boy with green eyes exaggerated. "I'm a Lou for short too!" I stated "Really!? That is so cool!" Louis said, "Lou Lou twins!" he commented. Everyone laughed at Louis' carefree attitude. We all went into the Living Room, and chatted, I found out that Louis had a girlfriend called Eleanor and Liam having a girlfriend called Danielle, I noted that we should meet up sometime. The rest of the boys were single, joy. 

"So are we going yet?" Zayn asked, what? I thought we were staying here?

"Ah yeah in a bit." Harry inquired. Turns out the flat belonged to harry.

"Um, Niall what is going on?" I whispered to Niall's ear, I felt his body again shiver from my presence next to me, but I put it to the back of my mind.

"Well, You didn't think that we were just going to stay at a flat did you? I wanted you to meet the boys first, we are going to the party down the road, Louis said he is bringing Eleanor with him so you can get to know her there." He explained, well I have just known these boys for about half an hour, but for some reason, I feel like, like It's right to go with Niall, I feel safe. I hesitated with my answer but soon enough agreed, and I guess I was wearing the right uniform as well, with my dress and makeup on, I didn't feel that nervous. Harry, Louis and I rode in Niall's car, Niall driving, and the rest went in Zayn's car. Harry kept on making flirty comments at me when Niall shot him a glare, and Harry was quiet. We stopped and climbed out. As we were just behind the doors, I could already hear the music blaring. Niall pushed open the door and guided me in, leaving his hand on the small of my back,

"stay close and don't let me loose you" He whispered in my ear while sending shivers down across my body. I followed him through the crowd and he went to the bar tender, a young looking guy which name appeared to be matt from his name tag was working on the drinks. "Can I help you sweet cheeks" He asked completely ignoring Niall and travelled his eyes up and down my figure, smirking when he came back up to my eyes, it wasn't a cute and swooning smirk that Niall did, it was a weird one, a creepy one. Niall brought his arm over my waist in protection and glared at the bar tender, Matt still didn't take notice until Niall smacked his fake ID on to the bar and just said "Two beers" in an angered tone, then Matt saw him and quickly changed his expression, he looked from me, to Niall and to Niall's hand on my waist, "right sure two beers," Matt said with an embarrassed tone. Niall took them from his hand and handed me one, his emotion suddenly changing to a calm, happy Niall. We went over to sit on the stools, sipping our drinks. The music was so loud, but just being able to see Niall was all I needed. Niall moved his head towards my ear, and whispered so I could hear over the music,"I'm really glad you came today" His hot breath fanning my cheeks, he backed away and smiled, a nice smile. I felt the urge to say something back but we were interrupted by Louis. "Hey guys, it's me! I brought Eleanor! Eloise, this is Eleanor, Eleanor, this is Eloise!" He pointed back to a beautiful young girl, brown haired and shining eyes, she was dressed in a black short sleeved crop top and a knee length white flared plain skirt. "Hi! Nice to meet you, I love your dress!" She exclaimed, "Thank you, you look gorgeous" I commented. She smiled and mumbled a thanks, 

"Well, we will let you two get to know each other, C'mon Niall lets take some shots! what do ya say?" Louis suggested to Niall, Niall looked at me, and I shrugged. Soon he got up and Followed Louis to who knows where. "So how do you know Niall?" Eleanor asked with a smile, "Oh he's just a friend, I moved here not long ago about 2 weeks from Australia, my dad landed a new job here and Niall is his business partners nephew, so yeah" I explained smiling. "Oh……" Eleanor trailed, "what's wrong?" I asked with a confused expression. "Oh it's nothing" Eleanor stated with a smile, but it sure didn't meet her eyes, she was hiding something. "Did Niall not tell me something?" I pushed "no, no it's really nothing" she stated. "Eleanor." I urged "Well, I can't say it's not really my place but I have to warn you, Niall has had a rough past with his uncle, he might not show it but, it's not the normal relationship." She warned. What would Niall have with his uncle that's so secretive, but he seemed fine with Leanne "Oh, ok I'm sorry" I said with a sheepish smile, "It's fine. Hey lets have another drink and then dance, we came here to have fun, didn't we?" Eleanor encouraged, "Yeah" I smiled. 

After about another two drinks and at least an hour of dancing, chatting and playing around, Eleanor seemed as a really jumpy and friendly person, I think that we would have a good relationship together. We went to get another few drinks, and I came to feel a bit tipsy, we went to dance some more, and just then I felt someones arms snake around my waist, I looked behind and saw Niall, "Nice moves" He commented, his breath fanning against my hair, his words were a bit slurred. Louis seemed to come and take Eleanor somewhere while Niall moved in front of me placing his hands onto my hips and I automatically placed my arms onto his shoulders my hands behind his neck, I moved my hips in sync with the song,  my eyes locked with his intense stare at me, my breath hitched in my throat, "You look amazing tonight" he said. His face was at least an inch towards mine, I was able to smell the alcohol from his breath, the music seemed to die down, everything around us sounded like water, I couldn't think properly from the amount of drinks I had and alcohol in my system but it was like it was just me and Niall in the room.  He slowly leaned forward so our faces were just a centimetre apart, I could feel his hot breath against my lips, my blood rushing through my body, just as he was about to close the gap, the music stopped and the microphone made a screeching noise causing me to block my ears. We pulled apart and I searched for where the noise was coming from, it slowly died down and the room was suddenly silent. Then someone was on the stage, I felt Niall tense and curse under his breath, glaring at the very man standing on the stage, I don't know if Niall had known this man, but it definitely wasn't a glare for ruining our moment, no, this was something much more.



Chapter 7 is finally up! sorry for the long wait but i hoped you liked it ---- cliffhanger! please comment for any suggestion, i would love to hear from you! fan vote and like! thank you! bouts it out ;) xxxx

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