When did this take place? **(Niall Horan Fanfic)**

Eloise, your average teenage girl, is ready to graduate high school in just one year. Though catastrophe strikes as she is told she and her family must move all the way to Ireland because her Dad landed a new job, leaving behind all her friends, her last high school year and memories. Though as she notices her Dad's business partners nephew, blond hair and the most irresistible blue eyes, can she finally stand for a change?


6. Chapter 6

I looked into my appearance on the mirror. My hair was curled into beachy waves, my face applied with mascara, smokey eyeshadow and a hint of eyeliner. My lips were covered in soft, shiny, clear lip gloss and I had a small amount of blended blush on my face. I wore a mid thigh lengthed dress, which was a light baby blue, strapless and had a small bow on the waist. My feet were covered with some silver ballet flats. I heard a knock on my door and I spun around. "Come in!" I called. The door opened to reveal my mum, she was dressed in a light purple dress, very formal and had her hair tied in an elegant bun. "Ready Lou? You look Fantastic." She smiled at me. "Yeah finally"
"Come on! we are going to be late for the dinner!" I heard my dad call from downstairs. Why are we always running late for things? "We'll be right there!" My mum called back. She made her way down stairs as I followed, remembering to bring my purse. We all climbed into the car, Charlie dressed in some light blue jeans and a checkered shirt, Dad similar except darker colours. We were dressed perfect for a dinner, not too fancy and not too casual, as I heard the restaurant we are going to is very expensive, though Tim insisted to pay. The car stopped and we climbed out, Dad guiding us to the door. As we walked in we were greeted by the counter, who asked for a name.
"Tim?" My dad asked
"Ah yes, down the back, number thirteen." The lady which happens to be named 'Lisa' by her name tag enquired us. We nodded in thanks and made our way down to our table. We were greeted by Tim and his wife, "Glad you made it! Sit, sit" Tim encouraged. "Thankyou" both my parents said with warming smiles. We all sat down and became comfortable, looking through the menu for an order, "Oh everyone, I'd like you meet my nephew." Tim said with a smile, in came a blonde boy who was handsome, in fact, he was actually really attractive, around my age. I studied his face as I noticed his blue piercing eyes, he looked very familiar, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. His blonde hair was styled into a neat quiff, he wore dark washed black jeans, a plain white v-neck shirt and a navy plain blazer over it, he looked pretty spiff.
"Nice to meet you all" He smiled showing off his braces, his rough Irish accent rang through my ears, then I realised I have indeed seen this boy. Half naked.
"I'm Niall by the way" he greeted to everyone. Niall, such a nice name. wait oh yeah I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS HERE!
There were no more empty seats except right front of me. Ok, that's ok. I thought. Niall went over to sit down, once he saw me he winked, and pulled out his hand for a shake. A hand shake? really. oh well. I pulled out my hand and greeted him with a smile "Eloise, or you can call me Lou." I said with a warming smile. We separated our hands and continued looking through the menu, then I heard the Irish voice come to my ears once again, "You know Lou, you seem very familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it." He declared as he put his menu down and put his hands together, resting them on the table. I immediately felt heat rise to my cheeks as I tried to think of an explanation "u-um I-I don't thi-ink I've seen you a-anywhere." I stuttered. JESUS! WHAT A GIVE AWAY!
"I think I've heard..." he started with a concentrated face.  "That's right! your the girl that barged open the door when I just finished my shower!" He finally said, a bit too loud. Ugh. I looked around encase anyone heard, gladly no one did.
"Um yeah I was." I said feeling so much heat rise up to my now crimson red cheeks.
"Awe hey, don't be embarrassed, it was my fault I didn't lock the door." he pointed with a full on smirk on his face. I immediately covered my face with my menu.
"Any drinks?" The waiter came by.
"Yes thankyou. Some cordial for the younger ones and a bottle of wine for us." Tim said smiling.
Niall, on the other hand, had the most weirdest, disgusted, helpless look on his face, "Cordial?" He gestured to Tim in disbelief, almost a choked out whisper. "yes." Tim replied blanky. Niall gave up and his face was still shocked as if he just missed the all time biggest bands concert or something. I couldn't help but laugh. I laughed so hard a few people turned their heads to look at me, as I started to turn my laughter down a bit, Niall looked at me with an amused expression, "what is it?" he asked. " y-your, your face" I said in between laughs, this time he blushed. I smirked.
"Well what? Cordial? Seriously? there is nothing descent at this restaurant." Well, I have to agree with him, after a while the waiter was coming with our food but I felt the need to go to the toilet. hehe. 
"Excuse me" I said towards the table as I made my way to the toilets I stepped inside and I saw my self in the mirror, I looked...good. I did my makeup really well and I was glad because Niall was here too, wait no, he's just a friend. I made my way to the sink and washed my hands. As I went out of the toilet just as I turned around from closing the door I bumped into to very hard wall, at least I think it was a wall. I looked up and saw Niall grinning like a big goof.
"Want to go some place fun?" He suggested almost a whisper.
"Like?" I whispered back heat was all over my body.
"Like, somewhere with no cordial?" He smirked. Okay. I can't just leave to a pub with him. I look into his blue popping eyes filled with hope. He hestitanly brought his arm up and stroked a piece of hair out of my face and popped it behind my ear. Soon he immediately blushed as he realised what he just did. "s-sorry" he stuttered. He looked so innocent. So admirable, so.... "okay" I said. "what?" he asked, confusion filled in his voice. "Okay. lets go some place fun" I said with a grin. Wait...what did this boy make me get into? before I could change my mind his eyes lit up and dashed outside. I groaned. Why, oh why does he have such an affect on me?

Niall's POV.
As she said she would come I immediately felt SO EXITED. Now I wouldn't have to stay here and drink boring old cordial. Plus, here is not all you can eat. Where's the fun in that? 
before she can change her mind about about coming, I quickly went out to think of an excuse to tell the parents, it better be convincing. Then, I thought of the perfect plan.

Sorry its a bit short but there you go! chapter seven will be up soon! hope you liked it. vote fan comment share whatever and thankyou!!! bouts is out;) xxxx

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