When did this take place? **(Niall Horan Fanfic)**

Eloise, your average teenage girl, is ready to graduate high school in just one year. Though catastrophe strikes as she is told she and her family must move all the way to Ireland because her Dad landed a new job, leaving behind all her friends, her last high school year and memories. Though as she notices her Dad's business partners nephew, blond hair and the most irresistible blue eyes, can she finally stand for a change?


5. Chapter 5

Its been almost three days since we arrived here In Ireland. It's not the same. Home is where my whole life was, I still haven't been settling. Everyone here is different from Australia. Just not the same. But, I'm trying to cope.

My door suddenly opened and out popped my mum. "Hey Lou, do you want to come pick up Katie and her mum from the airport with me?" She said as she gave me a warming smile. Katie's plane got delayed, a day late f your wondering why she hasn't arrived yet.
"Yeah of course! Let me just quickly get changed." I said to mum as she nodded and shut the door as she went out. Quickly I stripped of my pajamas, and barged into my wardrobe looking for something descent, finally I found a floral, pink, flowy tank top and some baby blue knee shorts. I put my hair into a messy bun and quickly applied some mascara on my eyelashes which made my bright blue eyes pop even more. Then some light pink lip gloss came across my lips, I decided that would be enough make up for this occasion. I quickly slipped my feet into a pair of whole, shiny flats as I grabbed my bag and went downstairs to become greeted with my mum. 
"Ready?" she said
"yup" I replied, popping the 'p'. We both scrambled into the car because we realised we were running short on time.

Sooner or later we arrived in the airport. We went over to the arrivals and watch the doors open to reveal Katie and her Mum, Ashley. "Hiiiii!" Ashley's jumpy attitude exclaimed to me and my mum, Katie's the same, "EL! HEYYYY its like I haven't seen you days!" 
"Its true! three days!" I laughed as I went in to hug her. 
"We ready to take you guys home?" My Mum signalled to Kates and Ashley. "Yeah of course!" Ashley said while she rolled her suitcase behind her.
We all popped into the car with the GPS guiding us to Katie's new home to be. Ashley was making conversation with my Mum while Katie and I were making our own conversation. 
"So El? Anything exiting happen while I was still back In Aussie?" Katie said. I was thinking over the past few days, me grieving in my 'new room' about missing Australian accents instead of Irish accents and just dopeing around with Charlie staying In our 'new home'. But then my mind wondered across when I accidentally walked into the bathroom beholding the half naked very attractive blonde haired boy when I still didn't get a name, I blushed.
"ARE YOU BLUSHING?!???" Katie exclaimed. I cussed under my breath for not controlling myself better. "LOU!? YOU HAVE BEEN SEEING SOMEONE?" I rolled my eyes.
"No! Its not like that-" "Then what!" Katie interrupted, clearly amused. 
"look, just as we arrived we decided to visit dad's new business partner, I needed the restroom, and I ended up..bumpingintoaboythatwashalfnakedthatjustcameoutoftheshowerandhewasprettycute." I said all in one breath.

"O EM GIII !!! Was he like their son or something?" Katie said, I was surprised she understood what I said. "No I don't think so, when they were talking to my parents they said both their children have graduated and are out travelling the world so, no. And I'm glad because he makes me feel..... weird."
"awe bummer I wanted to see him. seems like we wont see him again." Katie said with a frown.
"Yeah he was probably just staying the night, a friend of Tim's or something" I said, but a part of me did want to see him, ask for his name, where did he come from, a part that wanted to get to know him, though I just brushed it off.
"We are here!" My mum said
"thanks Martha. would you like to stop by for a bit?" Ashley said with a warm smile, "Thanks a lot Ashley, but we better get heading home I need to cook lunch" My mum said with a reassuring smile. 
"Ok Ill see you soon then!" Ashley waved goodbye as her and Katie walked through their new front door.

As we drived along the road we finally reached our house. I climbed out of the car as my mum and I walked infront our front door. As we barged inside, I went to walk  into the large spacious living room  where I found Charlie watching TV. Mum and Dad walked in soon enough, "Hey kids, remember when we visited Tim and his wife? well, they invited us to dinner at the Oplay Restaurant, tomorrow, make sure your ready ok?" He said and he walked out of the room along with my mum. Well ok then. Its just gonna be me my family, Tim and his wife, what could go wrong? I went upstairs to pick a dress for the dinner tomorrow until mum called me to go downstairs and have lunch.

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Chapter five is finally up! sorry is it was a bit boring but the next chapter is going to be the dinner, be prepared!! bouts is out ;) xxx

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