When did this take place? **(Niall Horan Fanfic)**

Eloise, your average teenage girl, is ready to graduate high school in just one year. Though catastrophe strikes as she is told she and her family must move all the way to Ireland because her Dad landed a new job, leaving behind all her friends, her last high school year and memories. Though as she notices her Dad's business partners nephew, blond hair and the most irresistible blue eyes, can she finally stand for a change?


4. Chapter 4

Do you ever get the feeling, how everyone is feeling happy and ready to start something new, but your the complete opposite? And, do you ever feel like you never want to leave, and you planned to stay, to finish where you started, but it just doesn't go that way? And do you ever get the feeling that your exited but then curse yourself for feeling such an emotion when you want to show that you don't want to go to this place? And do you have those times when you when you have mixed emotions and you just don't know what to do and you just sit there. Well I know I just rambled but that's me, right now.

I sat on my bed, staring at the photo of me, Katie, Alyssa, Claire, Toby and Jake sticking our tongues out and pulling faces at the camera. I've been looking at it for the past hour now, reading every comment on the frame signed by everyone in our year, each with a special goodbye. They gave it to me yesterday, and a similar one to Kates to. We had a huge goodbye party that was held at the hall down the road from our school, Katie and I got to say a speech as well since we couldn't be here to graduate.

I finally shoved the photo into the stuffed suitcase and zipped it up, my room, it's so bare. Empty like me. I heard my mum call me from downstairs, I said one last good bye to my private space that I stayed in for the last 13 years now leaving and going to a place to other side of the world. Other people might think it would be great to experience something new, but not me. I don't want to move anywhere. I was taken from my thoughts when i heard my mum's call again, more like scream, piercing through the house, "LOU! We need to leave now or else we'll be late for the flight!" 

"OK! I'm coming!" gee. Why such a hurry. I walked down the stairs, and out the door, met with my mum, dad, and Charlie. Katie was taking a different flight in another hour with her mum, they're still packing. I threw my suitcase into the open bout, went in the back of the car and slammed the door shut. Like I said, I really didn't wan to leave. Sooner or later everyone else came in the car looking like they were ready for an audition in the "Amazing race". Charlie had his Safari binoculars and Dad had his bucket hat, seriously it's Ireland not Africa. At least Mum got the hint because unfortunately, she was wearing a top with a huge four leaved clover picture in the middle, her red hair resting upon her shoulders. "We all ready!?" Dad asked enthusiastically.

"ugh, whatever" "YUP!" Charlie and I said together. I groaned, Charlie, as you figured was excited, meeting new friends, and also, there's still COD and Battlefield over there so, he can play online with his old friends. But why was he gone so fast after dad told him the news you say? He went to go pack. yeah. Soon the car started and we were on our way to the dreadful airport.


Once we got there we quickly got our carry bags, went through the security and ran to get to our plane, yes we were already late, what a bad start.


"Seat 23 to 27 is ours" Dad proclaimed to us, glancing at his ticket. We were walking beside the columns of chairs looking for our seat number, finally we found them, Mum and Dad's and Charlie's were in the middle, when I was on the side, next to an old lady, that was sleeping. Well at least she wont be annoying me for a while.

I put my carry bag in the slot above my head and sat down, plugged in my headphones and blocked out everything with the sweet sound of Ed Sheeran.



I'm out of touch, I'm out of love,

I'll pick you up went your getting down,

and out of all these things I've done I think I'll love you bett-

"Excuse  me, Hey little girl can you see if this yoghurt contains strawberries? I'm allergic." Who would interrupt someone in their sleep listening to my Ed? I turned my head and notice the old lady. Great. It's 2 in the morning, she probably slept too much through the day and couldn't sleep at night when she was SUPPOSE TO. She was holding up the strawberry yoghurt in front of my face asking if there was strawberries, well then, this is going to be a long flight. I put on my best smile and said, "Sweet, it's a strawberry yoghurt, yes there is strawberries don't eat it, I don't want anyone throwing up." I know, I shouldn't have been that rude but I'm just not in the mood to be nice. Anyway, she seemed to take it, "Oh! Silly me! Thanks little girl!" The old lady said. Ok I'm 17 NOT a little girl. I put my headphones back in my ears hoping that once I wake up we would finally be in Ireland.

I woke up not to a sound of a screeching old lady, but to the sound that our plane has FINALLY LANDED! Finally. The seatbelt signal was gone and we were soon getting out of our seats, getting our bags to get out of the plane. Soon we were in the loading bay to collect the rest of our luggage, Dad picked up the Five large suitcases and the rest of us followed him to the Taxi.

"We will be going to my new business partner's house for a while since he is six houses down from our place just to let him know that we have arrived." explained Dad. Great.

We stopped in-front of a large wealthy house, two stories high. We got out of the Taxi and grabbed our suitcases, we debated that we would just stroll them along with us after we visited while we walk back to our house since its just six houses down. Dad knocked on the large double oak wood door, suddenly home sick strikes me. A man with black hair a few strands of grey in between, with dark midnight blue eyes opened the door and greeted us with a smile, "You must be Bruce and Martha, with your kids! I'm Tim.  Come in, come in!" He exclaimed. Yeah sorry I didn't say before hand, those are my parents names. We walked into the grand home and looked around at the erotic sight of the vintage furniture that filled the house. We were all guided to sit down in the living room. Tim was speaking with my Dad about work while, Tim's wife, Leanna spoke with my mum. Charlie was playing on his iPod. Since I just came off the plane I asked if I could go to the toilet, "Ah of course, its down the hallway to the right." Leanna said. I nodded and thanked her, making my way down the hallway, turned right and found the door that had "bathroom" written on it, well here it is.

As I opened up the door the mirror was all the foggy, then I realised I wasn't the only one in there, before stood in front of me a a half naked boy with a towel wrapped around his bottom half, Wah...Wah "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" I said as I looked up to see his face. I was speechless, his dyed blonde hair was wet, water dripping onto his face, then, I saw his eyes. They were so attracting, a popping baby blue that would make any girl swoon. 

"Well don't worry about it, at least you didn't come in earlier! Remember to knock first" He said with a smirk plastered on his face, his rough Irish accent made me jelly in the knees, "I- I um..ok I w-will." I stuttered and quickly cursed myself for doing so, why does this boy have such and effect on me? I quickly dashed out the door and didn't mention anything to anyone inside.

I do not want to encounter with this boy again, he's already made me more uneasy about this trip.


There chapter 4!!!!!! sorry for the wait, hope you liked it! comment Like and vote and fan! thanks :) bouts is out ;) xxxxxxx

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