When did this take place? **(Niall Horan Fanfic)**

Eloise, your average teenage girl, is ready to graduate high school in just one year. Though catastrophe strikes as she is told she and her family must move all the way to Ireland because her Dad landed a new job, leaving behind all her friends, her last high school year and memories. Though as she notices her Dad's business partners nephew, blond hair and the most irresistible blue eyes, can she finally stand for a change?


3. Chapter 3

From researching about 50 websites i could NOT find some good facts! 

"What is up with these teachers! They give us the most dumb thick weird as questions!" whaled Katie.

"Your not even RESEARCHING ANYTHING I have to do BOTH SUBJECTS!" I answered remembering to emphasise 'both'.

"Ok, ok whatever." Katie said. She still hasn't told me whats up, it must me something personal. It's now about quarter to 6 and we still haven't finished.

"Hey Kates, since its a Saturday tomorrow do you want to stay the night?"

"Yeah! that's a good idea!" she said with a smile across her face, i need to know whats wrong with her, though now that she's happy, I feel a bit better.

After a while we finished some of the work and it was ten past six..... dad should be home by now.

"Darling I'm home," I heard my dad call to my mum from downstairs. I swear I heard Katie pull out a small hesitant gasp, but i brushed it off. 

I snuck down the stairs and just put my ear against the room they were in, I heard some shuffling and mumbles from both of them, ok, this must be really important. I couldn't hear much from the stupid very think oak wood door, though finally heard them slightly but their voices were very low,

 "we need to tell them soon.........i know its her last year but...." What? What are they talking about last year? Wait my school?

"at least she still has her friend.........about 2 weeks....tell them now"

..OKAY, two weeks for WHAT? What do they have to tell me? I heard shuffling coming closer to the door I was leaning against but before they could open it I sped up the stairs at sat on my bed, hoping they didnt suspect i was eavesdropping. As I suspected I heard Dad's voice calling everyone down to the rumpus room. Me and Katie walked down the stairs, Katie looking very deep in thought, as we approached the rumpus everyone was eyeing at me and Charlie, okay, I feel like EVERYONE is keeping a BIG secret from me, and Charlie. Mum and Dad both sat on the small couch against the wall while the rest of us sat on the floor, Dad ran his hand nervously through his bold thick black hair, his grey eyes looking at me and Charlie, then glancing at Mum and Katie. 


"You guys must be feeling lost and don't know where we are going with this," he continued "Me and your Mother, we have... something very important to tell you two"

"um yeah? i think i figured that one hah!"I tried making a joke, but it didn't turn out like dad took it, he just intensely looked at me, so i shut up, Charlie just looked at him blankly, he probably didn't notice everyone acting weird today since he was 'hypnotised into the COD game thing'

"Remember I was talking about that new Job promotion, at Industry records? Well yeah I got it." THATS ALL WTF. 

I put on my best smile and said "Dad! Thats great!" Then, he said this "Thank you, well the thing is, it's held in Ireland and you guys wi-" I stormed up from where i sat and yelled at his face, with the most shocked voice I have ever had, "WHAT THE FUCK? IRELAND? WHAT? JUST WHAT? REALLY? I DONT KNOW ANYONE THERE? IT'S MY FUCKING LAST YEAR EVER AND WE HAVE TO LEAVE AT THIS TIME? COULDN'T YOU TELL ME ANY SOONER?" It still hasn't registered in my head, ALL my friends, ALL my memories  I cant even stay for graduation for CHRIST SHIT SAKES! I looked at my Dad, he just sat their, unable to move, mum was quiet and Charlie, was gone.

"Look Lou please, listen there's still good news." Dad said.

"Really OUT OF WHAT would make it better?"

"Katie?" He said as he glanced toward her way, 

"Um yeah.... well, Listen El.." she's only allowed to call me El, she tends to do it when I'm in a bad mood. "As you know...... my mum, is your Dad's assistant" yeah duh of course i know. Then, it hit me.

"Oh my god." was all I said. 

"Yeah im coming too." was all she said. And I just hugged her. Because she's probably feeling the exact way as me, and I know it's a big change but we will go along each step, together.



Sorry its a bit short but there you go! KATIE IS COMING WITH HER YAY! vote and please comment for any ideas! thankyou! xxxxxxxxxx Bouts is out ;)

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