"Remember when we were little, we used to always walk down this road? We only did when we ever wanted to be alone," he said.
"Yeah. So much has changed since then."
"I miss that feeling."
"So do I."
Sydney Edwards never wanted to fall in love. She always believed that a relationship could slow her down, not being able to spend enough time with her friends. But that was 5 years ago, when she was 13. Now, she only has one last summer before she goes to a 4-year college school without coming home.
When she arrives at her family's lake house for the first time in 5 years, she begins to hang out with her long loss friends. But she realizes...her best friend Niall has gotten 5 years cuter. The best friend she's been looking for her whole life has finally turned to her...the one she left behind.


5. Chapter Five

I practically forced myself to start walking again. 

I don't want a long distance relationship with anyone when I leave for college. I tried that with my past boyfriend Derek, but I had to break up with him because I never saw him and I always couldn't handle the feeling I had when he was gone. He had moved all the way across the country to LA, so that made it even worse. And I'm not in the mood to go through that again. I'm not getting a boyfriend this summer.

But Niall's lips on my cheek...they were so soft. It felt like a pair of warm clouds. 

I can't like him, though. I just can't. But that doesn't mean I'm going to reject him. I'm pretty sure tonight's going to be some kind of date, and I can't help that tingling feeling I have in my stomach right now get the best of me.

I started to fast walk. I should decide what to wear. Something cool and not to fancy. I'm not just going to wear a t-shirt and short shorts, because I wear that practically everyday in the summer time. I should wear my pink, floral shear top with pink short shorts. Yeah, I'll wear that.

When I got home, I ran to the bathroom and laid out my outfit and set out all of my makeup and hair products. I quickly took a shower, changed into my floral top and pink short shorts, blow-dried my hair and curled it into big, bouncy ringlets. I put a darkish-tan color eyeshadow on with mascara and a little bit of eyeliner to finish it. I went a little light on makeup today, just to make it look natural.

I sprayed hair spray in my hair, with my 'Ocean Breeze' perfume all over me. By the time I was done, it was about 5:00. I should start walking now.

I checked myself in the mirror one last time and smiled to myself. I for once actually feel pretty.

"Where are you going all dolled up?" My mom asked with a smile.

"Niall invited me over for dinner."

"Oh, have fun. Do you know when you'll be back?"

"I'll text you when I'm walking back."

"Ok. Bye! Love you!"

"Love you too!" 


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