Harry Styles and Rose Andrews are falling in love... but what happens when she forgets who Harry is? Do they get back together? Do they become enemies? Or does Rose find another man?
*** Sorry guys I'm done writing this one because it's way too time consuming with homework, but you are welcome to still read it until the end (: - awk0wallflower xx ***


5. The Mysterious Curly Haired Man

I was in my living room doing my homework when the bell rang. "I'll get it Mum," I yelled. I opened the door and the same guy with the beautiful curly hair from the hostpital was on the doorsteps! "What do you want," I asked him. "Look, I know you don't remember me, but please let me explain everything," he replied. "Fine, come in. How did you know where I lived? Anyways, come in quietly. My Mum's in a video conference upstairs." He walked in very awkwardly..

"So, spill it," I said as I was about to sit down. "Did your Mum tell you how you got in the hostpital," he asked. "My name's Harry Styles by the way," he added. Harry. I liked that name. "Yeah, she told me I was hit by a motorcyclist in the freeway," I replied.

"WHAT?! Love, we got hit by a drunk man who broke into a car and hit us! Not the freeway!"

"Her story was way different, Harry."

"Rose, I would never lie to you!"

"I just don't know," I said as I felt the stiches in my head and started crying. "How could my mother lie to me," I thought to myself.

"Believe me. Ask your nurse or your doctor. But can you atleast give me a chance?"

"Perhaps. But how did you know where I live?"


I couldn't stop smiling! This Harry Styles man seemed like a charmer. I couldn't let a brilliant guy like him slip away.

"Where shall we have our second-first date," I asked.

"There's that smile. You know, that smile was the thing that got me through the day. The thought that I could see you at the end of the day is already rewarding enough. Okay, I'll pick you up at 5:30PM tomorrow!"

"You got a deal," I said with a smile. I wave "bye" to him as he drove off.

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