Harry Styles and Rose Andrews are falling in love... but what happens when she forgets who Harry is? Do they get back together? Do they become enemies? Or does Rose find another man?
*** Sorry guys I'm done writing this one because it's way too time consuming with homework, but you are welcome to still read it until the end (: - awk0wallflower xx ***


6. Over Again

I woke up, did my normal morning routine, and got home from school. The bell rang, it was Harry! "Rose!," he yells as he gives me a hug. "You give the best hugs babe," I replied. Awww he was blushing! "Are you ready," he asked. "Let's go." Our date was at his house. "Hi darling! I'm Anne and this is my daughter, Gemma," she said as she shook my hand. She was very pretty, black hair, fairly tall, and a great smile. "Mum, don't embarass me," says Harry. "Oh, I'm sorry Hazza! He gets embarassed easily," wispers Anne in my ear. I giggle. "Harry cooked this "very special" spaghetti dinner just for you and him," says Anne. I walk over to the dining room and Harry pulls the chair for me. "Oh Harry, you are too romantic," I say. "A special dinner for a special girl," says Harry. That was too kind! I feel like I don't deserve him. After hours chatting with him, it was time to go home, which was my least favorite part. No man in the world would be able to replace Harry. Rose Styles has a good ring to it, haha!

"Don't forget me," jokes Harry.

"Trust me, I would never!"

I heared crickets cricketing, and then he leaned in and kissed me. His tounge had a slight meat ball taste to it, haha! We lean against the walk as he held my hips. It started raining! "Harry we're freezing out here," I try to say. "Don't worry," he replies as he quickly takes my hand and we make a mad dash down the street. We both start laughing. Moments like this I hope I don't forget ❤. He picks me up and we twirl. He gave me the most passionate kiss I ever had as he touched my cheek and we touched noses! "Rose," I hear a familiar voice yell. Unfortunately, it was my Mum. "I'll see you tomorrow," I tell Harry and run off to my house with soaking wet clothes.

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