Harry Styles and Rose Andrews are falling in love... but what happens when she forgets who Harry is? Do they get back together? Do they become enemies? Or does Rose find another man?
*** Sorry guys I'm done writing this one because it's way too time consuming with homework, but you are welcome to still read it until the end (: - awk0wallflower xx ***


4. Give Me My Name Please


"Bye darling," says Mum as she waves and I go to college. I never really liked taking a Doctor's scholarship. I was interested in art. Yes, art! I've secretly had a passion for it for a while now. Mum doesn't approve of art, but little does she know that I have a secret art galary in the back of my closet.

"NANDOS," yells a blonde haired boy. "Oh grief, Niall! You know I hate it when you sneak up on me like that," I tell him.

"Sorry, I just really like teasing ya Ree Ree haha!"

"Niall bear is forgiven hahaaha!"

We walk back to class together and he puts his arm around my waist, which was strange because we weren't dating.

"Rose, I believe you've met my roomate," Niall pauses as his roomate interupts and says,"Zayn Malik, Bradford bad boy," as he shakes my hand. He was quite charming and funny if you asked me. Later we catched up with my brother's best friend, Liam. He had a liking for Disney movies, which was what I found attractive about him and of course, there was Louis (Lou for short). Those 5 guys were really nice chaps, so was Eleanor. I would always call her Elle, she's my bestfriend!

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