Harry Styles and Rose Andrews are falling in love... but what happens when she forgets who Harry is? Do they get back together? Do they become enemies? Or does Rose find another man?
*** Sorry guys I'm done writing this one because it's way too time consuming with homework, but you are welcome to still read it until the end (: - awk0wallflower xx ***


10. An Old Friend


Harry's P.O.V. -

"I'll get it, Rose," I yell. It was Niall! I haven't seen him since we worked in a bakery together! "What's up lad," I say as I open the door. "Nuttin much, how's Rose? She called me but I guess she hung up...?"

"She is upstairs, I'll go get her," I reply as I take off my "Kiss The Cook" apron. "Niall is here love," I tell Rose as I kiss her on the forehead. "Can you please stop! I'm very busy! Just please, leave," she yells. I am so confused. She never got this angry before! "I-", she says. "I'm sorry," Rose adds while she pushes back her chair to go to the living room where Niall is.

"Niall," yells as she goes in for a hug. God! I was so jealous. I knew she had a thing for Horan..

It was almost dinner when I heard two people in our bedroom

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