Harry Styles and Rose Andrews are falling in love... but what happens when she forgets who Harry is? Do they get back together? Do they become enemies? Or does Rose find another man?
*** Sorry guys I'm done writing this one because it's way too time consuming with homework, but you are welcome to still read it until the end (: - awk0wallflower xx ***


11. A Second Lover

Rose's P.O.V

Damn! Niall was a good kisser as he slipped off my bra, making me feel wanted. Harry was great and all, but Niall was really good at tounging. Yes, tounging. His touched mine, I never wanted it to stop. The only thing he left on me was my thong. His body was perfect. A 6 pack. Tender lips. Great, fine hair. Suddenly, I heard someone's footsteps coming. The door opened. It was Harry! His face was in complete shock.

"Rose! Niall," said Harry. He ran towards Niall and pinned him toward the wall and threw a punch one time. "You fucking prick," he yelled. "Harry stop," I cried. "Not until a drop of blood comes out of this fool!" Niall was helpless. If I shouted more, Harry would've hit Niall harder. I paniced and rang 911. I heard sirens. The ambulance and the muskers were here. They barges into the room shouting, "Down down down! Get on the ground!" They arrested Hazza and took Niall to the hospital as fast as they could. I was sitting right beside Niall as the ambulance drove very fast toward the nearest hospital. I held his hand carefully and gave a little smile. The machine went BEEP *pause* *pause* BEEP *pause* *pause* *pause* *pause* BEEP and the pauses all came in after that. I cried,"no no no no!!!" But it was too late...

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