Death Call

I'm Natalia or Talia for short. This is the story about me, my brother Nick Groff (Yes from Ghost Adventures) And his team Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin. We're in a lockdown over in the Winechester mansion. I have a death call, it's where i can see and feel ghosts more that the average person, predict when someone/something is gonna die, and warnings of something dangerous is gonna occur. That's me! this is what I look like (


3. Never ment to start a war

                  Zak's P.O.V

 I got out of my bed and padded down the hall when I heard a window break and a feminine scream. Talia! I run outside and see her held at gun point. "Let her go!" "Otoydi , i ona ne budet bol'no !" "What?" "Otoydi , i ona ne budet bol'no !" "...the hell?" "Zak!" (A/N Btw "Otoydi , i ona ne budet bol'no !" means "Stay back and she won't get hurt!") "Zak help!" I heard her screech. The guy threw her to the ground and aimed the gun at me and pulled the trigger, I flinched but it clicked. No ammo. "YA obmanul ty etogo ne sdelal ya ?" "Ostav'te yego v pokoye !" Talia shouted back at the guy. I was so confused. A guy pressed a loaded gun on my chest and said "Take the girl and run before I shoot both of you." I ran towards Talia and grabbed her wrist and pulled her along with me. I ran towards an alley and peered around the corner then turned back. I saw Talia on the ground, bleeding. I looked up and I found myself looking down the barrel of a gun. Then I woke up. I jerked forward. I looked at the clock. 2:00 am. I look over at Talia, sleeping soundlessly. Thank God it was just a nightmare. Talia slowly woke up and sat forwards. "What's wrong?" "Bad dream that's all." "Oh, okay." She pecks my cheek and went back to bed.

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