Death Call

I'm Natalia or Talia for short. This is the story about me, my brother Nick Groff (Yes from Ghost Adventures) And his team Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin. We're in a lockdown over in the Winechester mansion. I have a death call, it's where i can see and feel ghosts more that the average person, predict when someone/something is gonna die, and warnings of something dangerous is gonna occur. That's me! this is what I look like (


2. It's just getting started

              Keira's P.O.V

   I am kinda like the cupid with the broken wing, or for this matter aim. But I got the two together, so... my work here is done! *Victory dance and slips* OWWW!!!! Okay back to talia...Owww


              Talia's  P.O.V

  I heard tap dancing and something slam into the floor. "Did someone just slip? Or start dancing?"

"None of us" The light were off so it was pitch black from my point of view . I tripped over some equipment but Zak caught me right before I hit the ground. "You really need to watch where your going. You could hurt yourself or one of us very badly." "I know I know. But sometimes I can't see through pitch black!!" "Whatever" I rolled my eyes and got up. "But really you need to watch where you're going" "Don't you think I would if I could?!"

                                     ~3 hours later~

      "It's 6 o'clock, I'm tired, hungry, and I have to pee!" "Hold it in!" "I can't! Girl bladders aren't as strong as guys', at least I don't think." "Well we're packing up right now." "Thank god!" I think to myself.  Zak brings up the lights as we're leaving so we don't become accident prone.


     "Home at last!" I took off for the bathroom but the door was locked. "You Buttfaces!!!" Zak, Aaron, Nick, and Billy Were laughing so hard. "I will get you back, and when I do, you won't ever forget it." I ran into my bathroom and slammed the door.

            Zak's P.O.V

    "Oh god." "What?" "When Talia pulls pranks on us they're kinda extreme for a fragile girl." "Like what?" "She replaced my water with straight alcohol. I was sick for three weeks."

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