Allergic to Allergies

Riley Sanders isn't exactly the "all-around" type of girl in her town of Gainesville, Florida. You'll usually hear girls blabbering along about One Direction or Pretty Little Liars, but Riley isn't like that. When One Direction is brought up, all she can think is, "disgusting". But what happens once Riley meets an un-expected savior?


5. Chapter 5 - Lost

*Niall's POV*

I slowly shuffled across the chipped concrete, passing billions of faces and not grabbing one persons attention. It felt about normal, to walk freely outdoors; but I did have my hood dangling over my head to seal my face.

"That's something there, but you know what's more interesting? At the popular boy band, 'One Direction's' last concert, they were missing a well-known member who, as the others said, was in critical condition due to a severe car accident!"

I stopped dead in my tracks, feeling rage build up inside of me as I turned to face a local electronic supply store. A TV was presenting the daily news in the display window, residents gathered around to listen just for a moment and then get back to their daily lives.

"Wow, critical condition?" a man remarked as the weather forecast switched off to a commercial. "Probably was drinking heavily and wanted to be in style."

"That's how all boy bands work," a woman responded. "I hope he has learned his lesson." The crowd chattered along, soon drifting away one by one after meeting a new "friend" or two. After I had heard all the commotion I needed to hear, I slid into a nearby alley and sat myself onto the dirty ground and tears began to slowly swim down my rosy red cheeks. What was I thinking? We fight a lot, but that was just too far Niall! What are you going to do, everyone thinks that you're dying. 

"You enjoy hiding here too?" a masculine voice popped in. "And I guess sobbing out your troubles?" Slowly looking up, I searched the man's body and identified him closely. Awful haircut, black hair, ripped jeans along with a buttoned jean jacket and some cinnamon colored loafers.

"I don't need any jerks in my life, I already got a few." I told him, then staring back down at the lifeless pebbles and rocks that lay before my feet. 

"God damn man," he replied, kneeling down next to me. "You don't got to bring all your stupid feelings onto me."

"Sorry, I just haven't had the best few weeks." I mumbled, moving my hand up to rub my eyes that were now swollen from my tears.

"We all have," he told me with some desperation in his voice. "A bet my issues aren't as bad as yours." I looked at him and shook my head, feeling a bit bad for over-exagerating. 

"My father is dying from cancer and my mother is in a deep depression," he sighed, roughing up his hair. "She's having thoughts of suicide and the doctor won't get her into rehab unless we have the kind of money for it."

"Nothing close to mine," I smirked, shrugging my shoulders. "I wish I could help, but I'm out of money also." Once I was kicked from the band, Zayn had convinced all the other guys that they shouldn't give me any cash to at least help me start a living for myself by saying that I would use the money against them, for suing or hiring a secret assassin; which to me sounds like a bunch of bullshit.

"That's nice, but I've heard that too many times to know or not if it's true," he laughed, rising himself from the alley ground. "I gotta' get going back home, ya' know, keep my mom in order." I lifted my body from the ground as well, nodding to him.

"I'll see you around Mr. Horan," he grinned at me, chuckling. "You can just call me Benny." I watched in glee as Benny trudged out of the alley, laughing all the way. Man, what a smart-ass.


As the sun was starting to set, I wandered through the same streets I had been waltzing around for hours, trying to pass the time. Humming one of the band's popular songs, I was making my way for the twentieth round of circling the area when I heard cries from behind the bakery shoppe. I stopped humming and snuck over to the corner to spot out a man and a young girl having an argument; though the young girl was full of tears.

"You tell your mother, I swear to fucking god," the man spat at her, jabbing his finger into her stomach. "I will murder everyone you've ever loved and make sure you never see daylight again!"

"I p-promise!" The girl stuttered, sniffling as she did. She seemed awful familiar, like I had met her before. I squinted my eyes at her a bit more, and realized it was Riley, the girl I had met the night of my last concert.

"No you don't!" The man screeched at her, reaching into his back pocket. "You're lying!" He flashed out a long, black pocket-knife, the ones you would believe that were fake. She began to sob louder, only making the man angrier. Of course I was dumb, I didn't think, I just bolted right at him and tackled him to the ground. I heard the sounds of twigs breaking as we both hit the ground, making me cringe. Giving a few punches to his face, I began to see red blots flow out of his nose and mouth, letting me know I had made him bleed. I had never hurt anyone that bad, never in my life; I was usually soft when it came to fighting or being myself individually, which was unusual for most guys to be. I then quickly snatched the pocket knife and glared at the man, who was still breathing and not knocked out. 

"Get off of me!" He squealed, wiggling around like a worm.

"No!" I screamed at him. "Not until you promise you'll leave her alone!" The man glanced over at Riley, then back at me for a few times until his eyes landed back on me.

"Fine." He growled, still shimming around below me. 

"Liar!" I spat at him, then giving him a blow right into the jaw, harder than the one I had given Zayn. That was it, he was knocked out. I removed my bulky-self from him and tucked the pocket knife deep into my back pocket. 

"N-Niall?" Riley murmured, staring directly into my eyes when I turned to look at her. "What are you doing here?"

"Saving you." I breathed out heavily, wiping the sweat from my forehead. She then sprinted up to me and hugged me, tight. So I wrapped my arms around her and we stood there together for a few minutes until she let go and gave me a sudden kiss on my lips. A few moments later she told me, "We have to get out of here, now."






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