Allergic to Allergies

Riley Sanders isn't exactly the "all-around" type of girl in her town of Gainesville, Florida. You'll usually hear girls blabbering along about One Direction or Pretty Little Liars, but Riley isn't like that. When One Direction is brought up, all she can think is, "disgusting". But what happens once Riley meets an un-expected savior?


4. Chapter 4 - Following the Suspect


*Riley's POV*

A few weeks had passed from the day I had met the boy band member Niall Horan in the crisp, dark dawn; and honestly, I dreaded the days that I didn't see him. He was so cool and collected, nothing like anyone I've ever met. But seriously, him in One Direction won't work out, so that's why I just try to ignore it. 

The Sunday morning sun rose from the valley scenery and beamed through my bedroom window. Groaning, I rolled out of bed in a slump and violently closed the curtains shut.

"What time is it?" I thought to myself. 

I glanced over to my bedside alarm clock and gasped at the sight.


I suddenly heard the floorboards creak from the living room, realizing that Barry hadn't left for work yet, and was probably in a rush. Peaking out from my wooden door, I crept down the stairs as quietly as I could, sneaking into the kitchen.

"Shit, shit, shit!" he whispered, checking his silver Rolex watch and adjusting his tie. I crouched down below the island that lay in the center of the kitchen and watched as he clutched his briefcase and hurried out. With no hesitation, I hustled over to the door and swung it open to watch his car already down the road. The car came to a jolting stop once a red glow flashed upon the stoplights; warning me that it was my chance to go after him. I rushed over to my bike that sat on the lawn and popped myself up onto the wet, frost covered seat. Switching the gears, I quickly applied my feet to the pedals and forced my toes to push my over towards the car. As I approached Barry's vehicle slowly, a green light flared; sending Barry at full speed to take a graceful right turn.

"What? The mechanics is straight then left, what's going on?" 

I shook my head and began to use all my strength to stalk my step-father's car, and find out what he was up to.

                                              *                 *                 *                 *

Wandering into a un-known driveway, I hopped off my bike and let it drop to the ground and create a big thud. Barry had already gone inside and I had recognized his automobile along with his license plate in this driveway. I snuck past the front door and spotted two windows on the side of the home with a recycling bin that was sturdy enough to stand on. Bending down, I slid the bin over and plopped my feet on-top of it, trying to be as quiet as a mouse. On my tippy-toes, I peered my eyes across the window ledge and wandered my eyes around; finally seeing an awful sight. Barry, my step-father, my mother's true love, was locking lips with another woman, one who was much younger than my mother and seemed that she could be a hooker or a stripper of some sort. I just knew it though, all this time he was a cheater, a liar, and a thief; a thief of my mom's dear old heart.







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