Allergic to Allergies

Riley Sanders isn't exactly the "all-around" type of girl in her town of Gainesville, Florida. You'll usually hear girls blabbering along about One Direction or Pretty Little Liars, but Riley isn't like that. When One Direction is brought up, all she can think is, "disgusting". But what happens once Riley meets an un-expected savior?


3. Chapter 3 - Booted

*Niall's POV*

"Where the hell have you been?" Harry greeted me, swinging his head to the right and fixing his bouncing curls.

"I went out and bought some snacks," I shrugged, walking right past him and dropping myself down onto the sofa. I slowly sunk down into the comfortable cushion and threw my hat off the top of my head.

"What's gotten into you Horan?" Zayn's voice interrupted, sounding very hoarse. 

"Nothing's gotten into me," I sharply told him, flicking my neck to face the two. "I just like to let go more than you all do."

"Well it's not cool," Harry responded, nodding towards Zayn." Zayn and I think you should be practicing more if you want to stay in the group..." My mouth dropped wide open, leaving me aghast. 

"Are you being serious, Harry?" I sputtered out, rising up from the sofa. Harry shook his head and slowly strut out of the room, leaving Zayn to explain to me.

"You just haven't been focusing," Zayn hesitantly explained. "The last few concerts, you've been forgetting the words and goofing off."

"Oh yeah?" I sassed at him, stuffing my hands into my pants-pockets. "Prove it."

"Well, last concert when we sang 'Kiss You', you forgot your simple part and let the audience sing your whole part," Zayn pointed out to me. "And it's simple logic that you just don't do that."

"Shut your fucking mouth, Zayn." I raised my voice, glaring at him with ice in my veins. "We all do it!"

"We all do it for a good period of time," Zayn said, a bit of snobbish in his voice. "And we don't waste our solos."

"Well you guys get all the bloody solos!" I began to shout. "And if I ever get one, it's short and simple!" Thumps echoed the hotel room as Louis and Liam pounded around the corner.

"What's going on?" Liam asked us, rubbing his eyes free of all the crust.

"Yeah, we're just sleepin' away when we heard you two blabbering about." Louis yawned, scratching at his head of hair.

"Niall is complaining again 'bout solos." Zayn lied, giving me a playful but hard whack on the head.

"Lier!" I screeched, placing my hands on his chest and shoving him against the wall. "Him and Harry are shoutin' at me for not practicing enough, which I do!" Liam gave a quick glance at Louis and shrugged.

"Well ya' do kind of lay off the work a bit." Liam mumbled. I barley heard him, but my whole body inside went up in flames when I made out his words.

"You can't kick me from this band!" I yelled, spit bursting in little drops from my angry mouth. "Know why? 'Cause I'm quitting!" I turned on my heel, but couldn't control myself. Charging at Zayn, I swung a punch and nailed him in the jaw, hard. After that, he put all his might into his upper-body and charged into my stomach, pushing me back far into the other side of room. A small 'oof' escaped my mouth as all the air was shot out of me. Screaming filled the area, but I couldn't hear much because Zayn was beating me guts out. 

"ENOUGH!" Harry broke the chaos, entering back into the living retreat. "Niall, get out!" My eyes looked up at him, wandering his face for a piece of guilt. None; so I stood up, nodded towards the boy and exited the hotel room with my pride still with me. I sighed once the door shut behind me, knowing that I had been booted from One Direciton.




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