Allergic to Allergies

Riley Sanders isn't exactly the "all-around" type of girl in her town of Gainesville, Florida. You'll usually hear girls blabbering along about One Direction or Pretty Little Liars, but Riley isn't like that. When One Direction is brought up, all she can think is, "disgusting". But what happens once Riley meets an un-expected savior?


2. Chapter 2 - Home

*Riley's POV*

Niall had finally agreed to leave, even though a part of me was biting to tell him to stay. I knew that my mom would have someway gotten "the juice" out of him, but also she'd be a bit creeped that I was spending my time out in the bad part of town with a random guy. As I stood there waiting for my mom's Volvo to pull up smoothly, I began to ponder a lot on One Direction and Niall. Were all the guys apart of the band that relaxed and collective? Did all of them feel the way Niall did about the band? I had so many questions, One Direction was the only thing on my mind. Wait, was I becoming a fanatic about them? Gross, this can't happen. I will never, ever like that band, ever! But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy Niall Horan as a individual person. I bit my lip and began to smile to myself; did I also like Niall in a certain way? Na, he probably has some superstar girlfriend and just thinks of me as a friend. An obnoxious horn entered my head and made me focus back into the real world. I started to trudge over to the black vehicle awaiting me and swung open the passenger door, shivering wildly. 

"Use your head, if a Volvo comes up to you and your family member is at the wheel; don't just stand there."

"Thanks for getting me, Bryan." I quietly thanked my other older sibling, clutching the door handle and slamming it shut. The car then took of with speed without any notice, the force of wind pulling me tight against the leather seating.

"Put your seat belt in, I don't want to get another ticket." he gruffly ordered me to do, staring straight ahead. I gave him a quick glare, grabbing my seat belt and snapping it into its holder. 

"You're really an idiot sometimes Riley," he pointed out to me, clicking his left blinker on. "You should've brought your phone to a stupid concert, don't you get bored at those anyways?"

"Yeah, but I just forgot it, ok?" I whined, slumping back into the seat. I heard Bryan let out an annoying sigh as he roughly took the sharp left.


About twenty minutes later, Bryan bopped the car up the gravel driveway. He immediately twisted the keys out of the ignition, swung the door open, stepped out and slammed it shut in a heartbeat. I shook my head in disappointment, kicking open the car-door and sliding carefully out of my seat. Shutting the door softly, I spun around and already saw Bryan had entered the household, so I followed along. When I stepped through the doorway the rest of my family greeted me rudely. 

"You were in the bad part!" my mom shrieked, waving her hand continuously in-front of her face to cool herself off.

"And you didn't even get us the protein shake!" Karen cried, patting her stomach like it was the size of a boulder. 

"I had plans tonight but I had to cancel them 'cause of you!" Bryan spit in my face, wiping off his mouth after completing his sentence. I stood there, feeling pretty bad about myself.

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again." I hesitantly replied, removing my dark, brown hair from it's lifted ponytail.

"You won't be, remember how you told me I would be giving you your punishment at home?" my mom looked at me right in the eyes. I quivered, shuffling myself back a few steps. Whenever my mom stared someone down, you were in huge trouble; you could tell a lot from my elderly woman.  "You're punishment is staying inside this house for the rest of the week!" She then marched up the stairs in her fuzz-filled slippers, mumbling words to herself. All that was left in the living room was Bryan, Karen and I. 

"Guys, I'm truly sorry that you were dragged into this." I told them in my best "little girl" voice.

"Oh give it up Riley," Karen groaned. "You're seventeen, you should be more mature than forgetting your phone at home or even getting a driver's license for god sakes!"

"Karen's got a point," Bryan shrugged. "You're gonna' be turnin' eighteen in a few weeks, why not start acting like it?" Karen and Bryan nodded in sync, then stormed up the stairs to their separate rooms. I sighed, slouching over to the kitchen area. Was a really still acting like a child? I mean, Karen was twenty and almost done with college while Bryan was twenty-five and was only here to help my mom out with finding a job. 

"Anyone home?" a masculine voiced rang throughout the home. Footsteps creaked against the wood floors as a man glided into the kitchen.

"Hey Barry." I murmured under my breath. Barry Diggins, or should I say Barry Sanders. Barry was my step-father, the man in my mom's love life. Honestly, I hated his freaking guts; even though he helped earn the money in the family. He was tall, bold, had long strawberry-blonde hair and had some muscle on him. For my mom, he was a real good catch. But I always felt something was fishy with this "catch". He left for work every morning at 5:00, but it was just down the road at Crawhills Mechanics©, and his work never started 'till 7:00. No one in my family seems to care though, so I guess I shouldn't care either. I shouldn't even care...




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